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More Two Handed Bowling - 12/21/11 04:03 PM

This is a video of some recent footage from a tournament. All of the shots are on sport patterns. I have an average ball speed of about 20 mph, but I throw one handed at almost 30 for some one handed shots (check out the spare shot at 2:51). Please excuse the fact that this is not a “serious” video, I wanted it to appeal to both bowlers and non-bowlers. Any comments or critiques would be appreciated.
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Re: More Two Handed Bowling - 12/23/11 06:52 AM

Gret bowling mate, well done...
20mph??? Perhaps 17-18 maybe, I don't think 20mph though, at least on what I have seen...
Game looks great.. Noticed unlike some 2 handers (will use Belmo and Osku as an example) your a little more upright, not a lot but noticeable... 206 sports ave, sweet smile

2 hander myself, considerably slower, and forever trying this and that to get it right.. Today for first time in 3yrs of 2 handed bowling, I incorporated a slide rather than plant into delivery, encouraging results...

I like your game, obviously u are consistant, which is the name of the game..

How long have u been 2 handed?

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Re: More Two Handed Bowling - 12/23/11 04:56 PM

It looked like you throw a pretty good ball, but i noticed 3 things specifically that could be improved:
1. Your head at release moves too much. If you can keep your head steady throughout your approach and finish, you will hit your target much more consistantly. It probably comes from another thing i noticed...
2. That you pop up out of most of the shots. Having leverage at the bottom of the swing is key, and that means getting low with your body and letting your knees/legs producing most of your power. When you come out of it like you do, you lose considerable potential revs and speed.
3. Lastly, your followthrough looks a bit cut-off. That isnt always bad (Stu Williams makes it work), but if you followed through toward your target, you will see more consistency and you will elbow it less.
And remember, take these with a grain of salt, you throw a pretty solid ball, these are just little tweaks that you dont have to try.
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Re: More Two Handed Bowling - 12/23/11 06:12 PM

Different song would be nice
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Re: More Two Handed Bowling - 12/31/11 04:38 AM

I have been bowling two handed for about 19 months. I agree with all of the points given especially my head moving. I am pretty sure that the ball speed is at least 19 mph. Also, I am sorry if you disliked the song, please try to concentrate on the bowling.
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Re: More Two Handed Bowling - 01/22/12 04:46 AM

I have been working on being a bit more balanced at the line, obviously don't succeed all of the time, but I think that it is getting better. Consistency is also better with a bit slower approach like Jason Belmonte has gone to.

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Re: More Two Handed Bowling - 01/22/12 06:25 AM

Hi there, your approach speed appears that bit slower in this video, don't know whether its my eyes but from 1.15 on, it seems like u have slowed approach down, and look a bit more stable at fouline (not falling off shot).. Nice ave on a sports shot mate...

Is your center in Gotenburg? Looks like a boutique kinda bowling centre?
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Re: More Two Handed Bowling - 01/22/12 06:36 AM

Thanks for your reply. That center is actually in another city called Mölndal. You are dead on with the balance thing. The clips are in order of when they happened, and at first I was very unbalanced. The start of the fourth or fifth game I left a split and then a rare ringing ten and I realized that I really just needed to slow down and concentrate on being more balanced. I then shot ten in a row and had a nice 275.
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Re: More Two Handed Bowling - 01/22/12 07:54 PM

Wow, Impressive and yes I agree the balanced post shots looked much better timing looked much better as well. smile
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Re: More Two Handed Bowling - 02/02/12 05:16 PM

I believe one of the reasons you rear up at the line and lose balance is because you are not using your legs as well as you could. You are bending quite a lot from the hips as opposed to allowing the knees to flex and getting a little more "sit" into the shot as opposed to "bend over".

It is obviously working quite well but if there is anything I was going to work on that would be my first thing, sitting on the shot so that you do not end up out in front of your slide leg, causing you to bounce up and out of the shot.
Posted by: TheDemolitionMan

Re: More Two Handed Bowling - 02/02/12 07:23 PM

I think you're biggest problem may be that you are actually trying to do too much behind the line. Bowling a sport where less will more often than not yield more for you.

What I noticed is that the difference between your well balanced and timed up shots and the not so good ones were two things.

1) You are losing your hand position too early and as a result you may or may not be aware of it, but you are trying to tear the cover off of the ball to get it to hook for you.

2)It looks like you are charging the line some and need to slow down your foot walk. Most of the time this happens from some late timing, eagerness to rip the hell out of the ball, or thinking that you need to do more to get the reaction you want.

If you've ever bowled in a more traditional style of play before. I'd recommend instituting some smoothness and balance from that especially at the bottom of the swing into your style of play. I find that when I roll with your style it makes it much easier on the body.

Hope that helps,

The Demolition Man