Need some help here please!

Posted by: DanF

Need some help here please! - 05/22/11 01:17 AM

Hi guys. First, I wanna start this topic by saying thanks to many very nice and excellent members of bowlingcommunity, especially Jim Coach, for continously providing support for us, bowling lovers.
Long story short, I started bowling last June and joined a league to be serious about it in September. I average now at 170s. It's now off season so I want to correct my swing and release to get more leverage and revolution. The funny thing is that I did not know I had a swing behind my back sometimes. It's getting very annoying and it (in my opinion) affects my balance at foul line as you can see from the videos I posted here. I am sure ball fit is one of the problems too. A thumbhole a bit large and a span that goes wrong.

Also my driller never bothered to check my PAP which happens to be different for every bowler, right? I asked him and he told me that there's safe zone to drill my ball so I ok'd it. So my questions are:
1, Is my ball driller right about the PAP fact?
2, Is my span too long? (for middle finger, yes i think so, but for ring finger, it's ok?)
3, What can I suggest my ball driller to do to correct it?
4, What can I do to correct my back swing so that it does not go behind my back? It affects my accuracy and balance.
5, I have always blamed the poor ball fit for not getting enough revolution on the ball. But I have noticed in the videos I turned my wrist too early?

The videos are taken on 3 different days. First one being in April. Sorry for bad quality and cosmic bowling. I always forgot to record it until cosmic bowling.

I know this is a long post, but please bare with me so the helpless and frustrated me can get some help. Thank you everyone!!!!!
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Re: Need some help here please! - 05/22/11 01:33 AM

In that first photo of your hand on the ball. Is your thumb inside the ball? all the way?
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Re: Need some help here please! - 05/22/11 01:36 AM

You need to get a coach. Because ball fit, while very important, is not the end all be all of every bad example of bowling execution.

In a perfect world you would get a perfect fit and a perfectly drilled ball. But you still have to have the proper fundamentals and skills to deliver the ball. But on the other side of the coin, having a perfectly fit ball will not ensure that you are now going to deliver the ball perfectly. It is a good place to start eliminating things you can fix easily thought, which is why I asked you about your thumb in the ball or not.

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Re: Need some help here please! - 05/22/11 01:40 AM

YOu fall off balance because your slide foot is not under the center of our body and you are not concentrating on setting yourself up for balance on the second to last step. YOu almost have it, but you have to fight for that balance. Once you find it, it will be easier and easier to keep it. You have a bit of chicken winging going on, trying to hook the ball and turning it early.

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Re: Need some help here please! - 05/22/11 02:22 AM

The span looks way stretched on the middle finger.

Pap is used to do specific layouts, but not necessary for all layouts. Also beginning bowlers tend to have a severe lack of consistency where the pap will be different day to day even shot to shot.

I agree with Erin, you need to work on your balance, in addition it seems like your turning your hand too early. The backup ball drill might be a good place to start.
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Re: Need some help here please! - 05/22/11 02:29 AM

thank you for the advice, and yes the thumb is all the way in the thumbhole... what is the backup ball drill? I do notice a little bit chicken wing and doing too much to try to hook the ball....
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Re: Need some help here please! - 05/24/11 08:21 PM

any more advice please?? should I get some forward pitch in the thumbhole to get a more relaxed grip? Now I am feeling the urge to grip the ball since the span is off and the thumbhole is a bit too large. Also I got tendonitis at my right wrist after bowling for about 2 months. I wonder if that is caused by a poor ball fit or incorrect posture?
any more drill I can make use of to eliminate the poor back swing, improve balance at foul line and reduce the "chicken wing"??
I need more suggestion please. Thank you very much!!
Posted by: Atochabsh

Re: Need some help here please! - 05/25/11 02:21 AM

Use grip tape to get the right fit in the thumb hole. YOu have to use it all the time. Take tape out, put tape in etc.....

Get the span fixed. But be aware that your falling off balance is not even mostly caused by your bad fit. Its you. YOu are going to have to fight for it and work on not falling off the shot. A good fit is not going to miraculously fix your balance problem. Get your sliding foot under the center of your body and remember at your second to last step to set yourself up for balance at that time. SLow your feet down. Your body will remember the rest.