ijohn83 (02-27-11)

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ijohn83 (02-27-11) - 02/26/11 06:58 PM

Working on keeping over the ball & not recoiling to the left at release.

Always working on not helping the down swing.

Still get on the side of the ball too soon.

Need more knee bend.

No Video shots from the side to show

Right side shots with back-up ball.

Last shot on clip would have picked up a 7-10. Been practicing my single corner pins to get them to come up on the deck - just in case.

Any comments? I feel like I am closer but then I look at my Video & it looks the same.

~ John
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Re: ijohn83 (02-27-11) - 02/27/11 12:13 AM

I'm not a coach and am far from being perfect but I just noticed something. On your spare shot, you seem to be guiding your arm towards the left on your follow thru. Shouldn't it be palm up towards your target? Just curious.
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Re: ijohn83 (02-27-11) - 02/27/11 01:43 AM

John, I see improvement, definitely! You're not pulling the ball down near as much... and yes, you are coming around it a bit early still. Knee bend is ok, just try not to stand up out of your bend until the ball is past the arrows.

You are close. Look at your hand at the point of release on your back-up ball spare shot.... your hand is in the perfect strong, work-the-inside of the ball position. It's right there for you. You've already got it! Now, instead of sweeping your hand up the left side of the ball... from that back-up ball position, bring it right up the back of the ball. Don't even try to turn it at all for now. With your fingers under the ball at 7:00, bringing them straight up the back will automatically give you a few degrees of rotation.... enough to engage the core. You should see more revs, but maybe not a lot of hook, yet. Later on, you can experiment with more rotation... when you're used to not turning it early.

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Re: ijohn83 (02-27-11) - 02/27/11 05:24 AM

indeed, your spare shot looks more like what you want to achieve then your strike shot. You are still unloading the wrist too soon and turning too soon.

Your timing looks ok to an untrained eye like mine, if i were you i'd work solely on keeping your wrist in a strong position for a while, because that is what's keeping you from a strong delivery
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Re: ijohn83 (02-27-11) - 02/27/11 06:29 AM

First: My opinions are not "Coach Opinions"
Said that....

The way I see it you have made a lot of improvements.

Good things.
1.You keep the ball under your head almost all the time.
2. Your timing looks ok.
3. Steps look good.

Bad things
1. Your swing plane has some issues. Sometimes there is a little loop on the back.
2. Post the shot. Don't have the tendency of getting up. More knee bend.
3. During your first 3 steps I don't see your other hand. It could mean that you are forcing the shot.
4. The hand rotating TOO early.
5. You break the wrist back at the point of release, most probably because of the added force you are applying there, by standing up and forcing the arm.

If early rotating the hand is an issue to you:
Try to think of it not in terms of hand. But instead involve in your imagination also the forearm. Keep your forearm (and wrist) pointed to your target and forget about the hand. If you do it properly, after releasing the ball, your forearm should hit your face (literally speaking).

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Re: ijohn83 (02-27-11) - 02/27/11 07:20 AM

I nominate Vini for honorary COACH status.
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Re: ijohn83 (02-27-11) - 02/27/11 07:38 AM

hahaha (lol) - thnx 10PinGaloot
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Re: ijohn83 (02-27-11) - 02/27/11 10:31 AM

You need to fix your timing. You have early timing. The ball should be just past your right knee as your slide foot stops.The ball is almost off your hand as you finish your slide.You have fast feet trying to catch up to the ball.This is why you cannot get into a proper finishing position at the release point. you have 3 options

1)Instead of you starting your pushaway on your 2nd step start it at the beginning of your 3rd step.

2)You could try to start the ball chest high.

3)In your pushaway push straight out (keep it at belt height).
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Re: ijohn83 (02-27-11) - 02/27/11 10:39 AM

Thanks all.
I am in the process of practicing thinking back-up ball, back-up ball, back-up ball, strike ball on my swing. I cannot score well doing this at this time, but I can feel the quickness needed to do this. Also, my speed jumps back up to 19.5 & I feel my shoulder and arm doing the accelerating not my wrist. As my swing has loosened up some I have notice my back swing is about a foot lower & my speed on the over head is around 16.5. When I get excited, I have to really remind myself not to help the down swing or my speed jumps back up to 19 mph. Need to get the wrist operating independent of the arm.

Will post a Video from the side ASAP.

~ John