Practice - 2011.02.21

Posted by: lmfcoa

Practice - 2011.02.21 - 02/23/11 10:33 AM

Hey everyone, I headed out to the alleys the other day and took some video of a friend. While there I decided I would do some recording of my own as well. I haven't been practicing much (which to me seems obvious, but oh well) so I'm looking for any and all feedback.

There are 4 different views in the video and here are the timestamps

Behind 0:00
Release 1:04
Side 1:20
Down Lane: 3:01

And finally the vid link:

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Re: Practice - 2011.02.21 - 02/23/11 01:51 PM


There are three things I notice with your game I think would be worth fixing first.

1 - Your timing is late due to your late push away. When your third step touches the ground the ball should be behind your ball side hip. Right now the ball is still in front of the hip by about 8-10 inches. By pushing the ball forward with your second step, instead of the hesitation like there is now, it will get you to better timing. Also notice as your fourth step touches down the ball should be at the top of swing, yours moves up still as you are coming into your slide, causing you to have to pull the ball to your release point in order to help get closer to being in time.

2 - Your balance leg is very stiff at the line, this is probably because your timing is late as well, I assume that fixing the push away issue will also help alleviate this to some degree.

3 - Your third step is very short, which in turn makes your fourth step very long. This is actually backwards. Your third step should be your longest step, the fourth should be the shortest. You are losing leverage and power because of the elongated fourth step which puts the body into an off balance position. You want to torque the body against itself to create power, with a long step this is simply not possible.
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Re: Practice - 2011.02.21 - 02/23/11 02:34 PM

To me, your first two to three steps look pretty stiff. Some knee bend and relaxation might help an overall smoother delivery.
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Re: Practice - 2011.02.21 - 02/23/11 02:55 PM

I kinda-liked the sound tracks... thumbsup