Annoying 7-pin

Posted by: Vini

Annoying 7-pin - 02/20/11 06:16 AM

I was practicing yesterday and I had a lot of 7-pins.

As you can see in the videos

These are 2 examples of the 7-pin.

I believe this is called "Ringing 7 pin" ? Or is it flat-7 pin.

Anyway can someone explain the terminology of both and how to cure them.

For exp. For ringing 7-pin - you need wider angle to the pocket....

Posted by: Calvin Pistorio

Re: Annoying 7-pin - 02/20/11 06:28 AM

The first video posted looks to me like a flat 7 pin. It goes in the gutter and just sits there. The second one is kind of both. It's not completely flat, but not a strong ringing 7. I think it's closer to being a ringing 7 thought.

Flat 7s for lefties the 4 pin will sit in the gutter, the ringing 7, the 4 pin flies up and around the 7. Like the 10 pin for righties, there are multiple adjustments for each, and they are a similar just mirror images.
Posted by: spr3wr

Re: Annoying 7-pin - 02/20/11 07:36 AM

The 1st shot was a light hit the 2nd was a better shot.It looks like the ball could be rolling out. Both shots the ball is deflecting towards the 8 pin. The ball should roll off the back of the pin deck between the 8 & 9 pin. you need to learn to watch your ball reaction.

Moving 1-2 boards left or a stronger ball to drive between the 8-9 pin would be my suggestion.
Posted by: Rocket

Re: Annoying 7-pin - 02/20/11 10:14 AM

I usually adjust a half a board for this, then again I am not that good so weird things seem to work for me. In all seriousness though if I am stringing a lot of them and like was mention my ball is rolling off the deck weird the half a board seems to change my angle just enough.
Posted by: spillup24

Re: Annoying 7-pin - 02/20/11 01:47 PM

They were both flat 7 pins. You can tell because the ball leaves the pin deck over by the 8 pin. When it goes through the pocket it is deflecting over to the 8 pin which results in flat 7's. The ball should exit between the 8 and 9 pin to give you the best chance at striking.
Posted by: DocLogic77

Re: Annoying 7-pin - 02/20/11 07:09 PM

You have a very nice swing. I am a beginner so take what I say with a grain of salt. But, your line seems similar to mine. I would agree with spr3wr. It looks like your ball is rolling out a bit. It could partially be because of your line. You are hitting those deep outside, drier boards a bit early. It's allowing you to get to the pocket but I think it's losing quite a bit of energy early.

When I am having problems with 10 pins (I'm a righty) and I believe I'm hitting the pocket flush, I adjust my speed. I will start with my ball just a bit higher, and possibly adjust my line just a bit. It almost always cures my 10 pin woes. Adding a bit of loft seems to help as well...especially if the lane isn't fresh.
Posted by: greggas

Re: Annoying 7-pin - 02/20/11 09:14 PM

the 1st ball, judging by the movement of the white dot (tape?), looks like it still has a lot of tilt when it hits the pins. could that have any effect?
Posted by: Badam

Re: Annoying 7-pin - 02/21/11 10:20 PM

I'm with Rocket. A half board usually does the trick when the 7 won't carry for me. For the record, I'm a fellow southpaw and I HATE the 7 pin too!!!!
Posted by: Vini

Re: Annoying 7-pin - 02/22/11 04:10 AM

thnx guys

I will reflect the changes in my game.
Posted by: mmalsed

Re: Annoying 7-pin - 02/22/11 11:09 AM

Take a look at the extensive discussion among us Righties trying to deal with the 10 pin.

Physics for us are the same as the 7 pin is for you . . . just mirrored. . .
Posted by: evilash71

Re: Annoying 7-pin - 02/23/11 12:05 AM

Im one of the few RIGHTIES that hates the 7 more than the 10!