Am I still too fast? (akt22's log 8/11/10)

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Am I still too fast? (akt22's log 8/11/10) - 08/10/10 02:57 AM

Since many people have suggested, I decided to focus on my footwork. In this practice I was focusing primarily on the speed, particularly on slowing down. Here are my results for now:


Side (forgive my poor camera work: I was in a bit of a hurry)

Once again I know my swing isn't straight or the stride length isn't right but I want to work on this step by step and until I get the speed of my footwork down, I won't work on anything else. In addition, do I have to increase my foot speed at the last 2 steps or keep the tempo constant?

Also I apologize for posting constantly but I don't know where to turn to. I've been to many coaches, but none have given me the right blue print that really solves most of my problems or my achillies heel: ball speed.

I hope you can have the patience to help me through this because I'm willing to listen and work hard on this.

Again any suggestions are welcomed from my game to posting vids for critique.
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Re: Am I still too fast? (akt22's log 8/11/10) - 08/10/10 06:31 AM

Two things first I don't want to see another video of your pushaway going off to the right. If you want to do this step by step you need to learn to coach yourself along the way and not keep posting the same video over and over. Both of the behind videos watch where the ball is at the end of the push away, it is off to the right of your head, the ball should be in line with your head. I don't care if you bash your leg with the ball just do it and post another video when you have this down then we can take the next step.

Second from the side you can see your third step is a baby step which is causing you to finish 2ft behind the line, take a longer than normal step here. To figure out where to take this step, take some blue painters tape and mark where each step is by having the piece of tape in your head and take the first step, stop look down and put a piece of tape there at the end of your toe, then take the first two steps and stop and put another piece of tape at the second step, then start from the beginning and do the same for the third and fourth and mark where you slide.

To take a longer third step look at the piece of tape for your third step and see that you want your heel to be 4 to 6" past the end of that tape, take your starting position with the ball, look down at your feet and tape and go, do your normal approach while looking down at your feet not the target, do this until you are 4 to 6" past the third piece of tape and then look to see if you aren't closer to the foul line and post another video when you have practiced this enough to do it without looking and we will go on from there.
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Re: Am I still too fast? (akt22's log 8/11/10) - 08/18/10 02:26 PM

I agree that the footwork is hard to obtain a good feel for if the swing is out of alignment like that. The two have to work together in order to become proficient in either.

If you watch your swing, you will notice that the push away goes to the right as CoachJim explained, because of this the ball comes behind your back and to the left of your head as its coming up to the top of swing. At the top of swing the ball moves to the right, in a figure eight motion, and then begins its decent. This causes the ball to pull across your body at the foul line creating your body to have to turn in order to get out of the way of the ball path.

By fixing the push away problem you will allow the swing to get more under the shoulder, causing the body to get more into position and in turn allowing the body to begin to fix the footwork some. Right now your footwork is not great, but its not terrible either, it just cannot get much better without bringing the swing along with it.

Do as CoachJim suggested and then post another video and we can help you out from there. And don't be afraid to ask questions, that is how we all began in this game and we all had someone we could turn too. We are always here to help when you need it.
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Re: Am I still too fast? (akt22's log 8/11/10) - 08/27/10 05:08 PM

I knew a guy who was 6' 8" tall, we went bowling, and he took four steps starting between the first and second sets of dots. He didn't look too awkward (and he usually looking like a wounded stork in any sport he tried).
So...try this: leave the ball on the rack and walk to the foul line. Turn and face the seating area. Starting at about 4" in front of the foul line, walk 5 paces (since you take 5 steps), then stop and turn around, to face the foul line. That is where you need to start.
Now, with the ball in hand, set up at the PROPER distance from the foul line. Put your hand in the ball, then put the ball in your LEFT hand, the left hand should have all the weight. Now, take the first step, get the ball in motion and push it away in the second step, dropping the ball as your right foot touches down. Let the ball swing, walk past it and release it at the foul line. Remember, the pushaway is with the left hand, the right arm/hand is just going along for the ride...
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Re: Am I still too fast? (akt22's log 8/11/10) - 08/28/10 01:44 PM

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Re: Am I still too fast? (akt22's log 8/11/10) - 09/02/10 02:18 AM

Jim, being new I am a bit confused about your advice. I thought the pushoff is supposed to be towards your target. I would assume if you start from a position left of your target this would be part of the process. Are you supposed to pushoff towards your target? If so, how do you do so without the ball going right of your head?
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Re: Am I still too fast? (akt22's log 8/11/10) - 09/02/10 08:24 AM

This advice was directed solely at akt22, if he feels like he is starting the ball at his target, and he is off to the right, then starting the ball to the left of target should put the ball in line with his target. Many of the top pros start the ball to the inside of their target line to get their swing plane back on track if they are having problems. Once he gets used to starting the ball "to the left" then he realizes he is actually in line then he can change his feel for how he starts the ball to where what used to feel to the left of the target line is actually in line with it and he can recalibrate his brain to learn to feel what in line feels like.
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Re: Am I still too fast? (akt22's log 8/11/10) - 09/03/10 04:49 PM

Since CoachJim and sk8 got to the big issues like the pushaway being off to the right, the ball being out of the swing plane i.e. behind you back, and the footwork. I'll hit a few other things that I saw.

First I think you could really benefit from learning to walk the tightrope or what's called the cross step. You kinda do it on your second step but you really wanna get your right foot over in front of your left foot on both your 2nd and 4th steps. This will help keep your hip and body out of the swing slot/plane which is usually the subconscious reason most bowlers pull their swing behind them. You may simply have taken it a step further and started with the pushaway.

Second, bend them knees. Get some power out of your legs, they aren't just there for walking. Actually use them to get low and generate some Ummph. If you watch you are look like you are try to but never really get there and at the last minute you bend at the waist and super drop your swing side shoulder.

Using your legs may help with some of the balance issues you are having as well, help keep your head on a level plane which increases your accuracy. Because of that bend and dip you do, you have about...maybe a half a second for your eyes to adjust to tell the brain what your body needs to do to get the ball where you want it to go. That's way too fast for an adjustment that is governing so many muscles. Also, you won't pop up sometimes or lose your balance because your center of gravity will be lower to the ground and the momentum will be more evenly absorbed throughout your body.

Third, and I know it is overlooked often, but your balance arm. It comes off the ball and limply goes out to its intended position. Not the best way to use one of your tools. I mean it looks like it's not helping all that much. You wanna keep your balance arm down in front of you after it leaves the ball, for a step, maybe two and then exstend it out in front of you. This will allow your swing shoulder to open more and may help you swing straighter. Then on or more like in between your power step (4th for you) and slide, since you have your balance arm exstended in front of you and the ball is coming forward you use the countermotion to act like a whip. As your swing arm comes forward your balance arm goes out to the side. This will get your shoulders realigned, preserve the momentum gathered by the ball, and allow you a better more balanced and smooth finish position because the countermotion created by it will act against the force exerted on your body by the swing.

Well I hope that helps,

The Demolition Man