Posted by: rdh771

practice - 03/29/10 06:19 PM

taken from phone. sorry for the quality and me playing with windows movie maker slomo effects.

i'm an occassional bowler playing on a league with handicap system. happy as long as i don't dip below 150. plays once a week on league sessions but started adding practice games after a night with an awful 120 average. practice 1 & 2 went slightly left of target, 3 was on target.

Posted by: JackZ

Re: practice - 03/29/10 09:16 PM

What I see right off the bat is you're not always starting the ball with your 2nd step of your 5 step delivery. When you start late, you'll tend to pull the ball through and that can cause the ball to go left of target. I think if you become more consistent with the ball and the 2nd step working together will cause your scores to go up.
Posted by: sk8shorty01

Re: practice - 03/30/10 10:20 AM

I agree with Jack that your starting the ball very late. The ball should move with your first ball side step, for you that would be your second step which is the first time your right foot moves. The ball should also have a little bit of push away, as you want some shape in the ball motion. This means to start the ball somewhere near your right hip, as the right foot goes forward the ball should go forward about that same amount. This will put you into proper timing and allow you to let gravity to swing the ball as opposed to using muscle to pull the ball as you are now.

Hope that helps.
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Re: practice - 03/31/10 12:29 PM

thanks guys. appreciate this a lot. i thought i would be able to practice yesterday but tonight is already the last session of our league for this season and i'm torn between inserting a push away or not. i guess i shouldn't be changing anything on tournament play. i'll definitely try this after.

my league average 5 weeks ago was 150 and now it's 159. i'm hoping to average at least 175 tonight so that i can bring it to 160.
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Re: practice - 03/31/10 06:51 PM

ok. averaged 178 so i'm happy. i do need the push away i think. i didn't exactly add it on my approach but just positioned the ball forward as if slightly pushed away and it did help on the swing.

thanks guys.
Posted by: JBB817

Re: practice - 03/31/10 07:22 PM

I'm glad you bowled well at league. You should watch the videos at this site:

Particularly videos 1 and 2 for now, although all of them are great. I'm still working on learning everything and perfecting my own game, and right now freeing my armswing and developing good timing are my priorities. By getting the ball started with a properly timed pushaway (properly timed meaning exactly what the others have said: in sync with your right foot's first step) you set up your overall timing correctly so that you can take some of the muscle out of the shot.