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sony vegas - 02/19/10 06:56 AM

since this forum has some experienced sony vegas users i thought i'd post my question here.

I've been experimenting some with sony vegas the last few days/weeks. I can use slow motion and zooming (which is pretty much all i need).

Yet i seem to have a little problem.

To make a certain part of a movie go in slow motion (for instance the release only) i cut my throw into 3 parts, the approach, the release itself and the follow through/watching what the ball does. So i make 3 subclips of that one movie.

The seconds subclip (the release) i set in slow motion and zoom in on the hand.

The movie plays and does what i want but in between subclip 1 and 2 i get a quick black blink on the screen. I noticed when creating subclips it adds a black frame to the end of the subclip, how do i get rid of these?

Extra question: how can i make a movie go slower then 0.25, i find a lot of movies on youtube that go slower then what i can create
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Re: sony vegas - 02/19/10 11:03 AM

Vegas shouldn't be creating a black frame (or any frames) between clips, I think what might be happening is that your clips are not linked together (touching each other). If you drag the 2nd clip even 1 frame away (to the right) of the 1st clip it will create a gap in the movie, and there will be a black frame during that gap. Make sure you have all your clips butting up against each other, if you click on clip 2 and drag it towards clip 1 it should snap to it once it gets close enough and there will be a black line with a blue glow that extends up from between the two clips where they are meeting, letting you know they are touching each other.

As far as I can tell there isn't a way of going slower than .25 in a single step in Vegas. Basically what you will need to do is slow motion the clip you want, render it out as an uncompressed AVI, bring that AVI back into your timeline and slow motion it again. Keep in mind that you can only slow motion it so much before it becomes jittery / stroboscopic, as you only have so many real frames to work with. There are some programs that will interpolate frames so that you can get a smoother super slow motion but it does so by making up frames that don't exist, so the results aren't always realistic. Some of the results I've seen are really cool, some are so-so, and from what I've read it is a very long, semi-complicated process.
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Re: sony vegas - 02/19/10 12:17 PM

No i'm sure they are touching i've seen the blue line and such.

But when i drag my subclip to the trim window and i go to the very last frame there is always a black screen added to the end.
I tried trimming the subclip again (make another subclip out of that subclip) and thus removing the black frame at the end but when i drag that new subclip into the trimming window it added yet another black frame to it...
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Re: sony vegas - 02/19/10 03:53 PM

I don't use the trimming window, I'm not that familiar with that tool and have always been able to do what I wanted just inside the timeline. Is there something specific you are trying to do in the trimming window?

I've found what works for me is to create the clips in the timeline, then while holding the CTRL key click on the end of the clip to be slowed down and drag it until it stops (in your example you will need to move clip 3 down the timeline as well, otherwise clips 2 and 3 will overlap). This does in one step the same thing as selecting the clip, going into properties, setting it to .25, clicking OK, then dragging the clip out to the little arrow that designates the end of the clip.

If you are still having problems with it creating a black screen I'm not sure what it could be. Try heading over to and asking in their Video Editing section, some one there should know.
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Re: sony vegas - 02/20/10 05:59 AM

the reason why i use the trimming window is because i want a certain part (the release) the be in slow motion while the rest processes normal.

So the approach at normal speed, then it slows down to 0.25 giving a good view of the release and then it goes back to full speed for follow through and ball action.

I did not find any other way to speed up the middle 10 seconds of a movie while the rest remains at full speed.

I never had any problem with overlapping video's, it's nothing like that it's just that when creating subclips in the trimming window it always adds a black screen as the last frame which gives me a quick blak blink in between clip1 and 2
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Re: sony vegas - 02/20/10 12:59 PM

I'm still not sure what to tell you about the trimmer adding a black frame at the end, but here is a quick tutorial video of how I have done in-line slow motion before.

(1280x720 WMV, 21mb)
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Re: sony vegas - 02/20/10 01:29 PM

oh great thanks smile