a new one!

Posted by: Muggel

a new one! - 02/16/10 04:13 AM

Here is another Video for you. What do you say?
Posted by: spectral

Re: a new one! - 02/16/10 05:57 AM

perhaps a bit more knee bend smile
Posted by: Reconbbs

Re: a new one! - 02/16/10 06:22 AM

I agree with spectral, your leg is pretty much straight. Allowing more knee bend=more leverage at your release which = more power on the ball with minimal effort. =]
Posted by: sk8shorty01

Re: a new one! - 02/16/10 09:39 AM

I also agree that a little knee bend wouldn't hurt. The other thing I noticed right away is that you are gripping the ball, or at least your swing and release seem to depict that. You can see in your setup that your forearm is tense and it also shows in your release because the ball is coming off your hand at a different angle to the floor every time. That is typically an indicator that you are having to let go of the ball instead of the ball releasing itself from your hand.
Posted by: mikhial66

Re: a new one! - 02/16/10 10:04 AM

I'm just curious- what pound ball re you throwing?
Posted by: Muggel

Re: a new one! - 02/16/10 10:27 AM

Thatīs my brother in that video heīs playing a 15 pounder!
Posted by: mikhial66

Re: a new one! - 02/16/10 10:44 AM

The reason I asked was because you muscle the ball up and down (and grip it) as if it were a very light ball. That's the biggest thing that needs to be addressed. From the back, it looks like you have no push off at all. Not having a good pushaway is forcing you to bring up the ball in your backswing yourself, instead of letting gravity do the work. You're either going to have to bring the ball higher is your stance and/or push up instead of just dropping it. That will allow you to be free, then you have to work at actually being free.