Video of my friend.

Posted by: Reconbbs

Video of my friend. - 02/10/10 02:26 AM

My friend has been in a funk lately. I'm thinking it has to do with his timing, but I'm not sure what to tell him to do to correct it. Thanks in advance for everyone's help.

Posted by: CoachJim

Re: Video of my friend. - 02/10/10 07:23 AM

Your friend is moving the ball before he starts moving his right foot. Have him move the ball with his right heel, when the heel touches the floor, the toe drops and the ball drops into the swing at the same time. Have him do just this and post another video.
Posted by: mikhial66

Re: Video of my friend. - 02/10/10 08:04 AM

Jim is right. He also muscles the ball and runs to the line- which both could be products of pushing off too early. Fixing the pushaway should help, but not completely fix those two problems. Work on the pushaway first, then muscling and running to the line. Other than that, he can work sliding on his last step. He plants and then slides about an inch and a half.
Posted by: Reconbbs

Re: Video of my friend. - 02/10/10 08:08 AM

ok, thanks for the input. I'll tell him what you guys said. Greatly appreciated =].