Videos of the Motiv TR2, TX1, and QZ1

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Videos of the Motiv TR2, TX1, and QZ1 - 12/20/09 07:21 PM

I'm finally feeling a little better so shot some video with each of these balls. I rolled some shots over my normal line, and tried to roll some a little inside and a little outside to show what each will do for my style (stroker). I started on a fresh 42' house shot and bowled a full game with each ball, first my TR2 (strong), then the TX1 (medium), and finally the QZ1 (medium-light).

I am by no means a great bowler, I know my weaknesses and continue to work on them, but I am fairly consistent with my current style. I made these not for critique, they are in response to a request from another thread.

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Re: Videos of the Motiv TR2, TX1, and QZ1 - 12/20/09 09:40 PM

It seems the TX1 and QZ1, in fact are not oil balls, as they skidded and had trouble finishing. A little skiddish on that shot.

The TR2 held a tight inside line and came back with energy from a little outside. Could be useful on that shot.

How does each compare to the GT1, I think it is named? I know how that rolls, as a teammate rolls it successfully.
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Re: Videos of the Motiv TR2, TX1, and QZ1 - 12/21/09 01:17 AM

I don't own a GT1 so don't have personal experience with it, though a couple guys in my league bowl with them. I do know the GT1 falls between the TR2 and TX1 in coverstock strength, and has a lower flaring weight block. The two guys who roll the GT1 both get the ball down the lane pretty far with a strong move at the breakpoint. They both play a deeper shot than I do, one has medium-high revs and a medium ball speed (about 15-15.5) and swings the ball a bit, the other is around 300rpm with a medium high ball speed (15.5-16.5) and swings it even more.

The TX1 and QZ1 at a medium to higher ball speed definitely skid in the oil, though the TX1 also works well with a duller surface and will start to grab earlier with a lower ball speed (another guy in my league has one and plays a bit more inside, but also rolls a good 1mph+ slower than I do and has a slightly higher rev rate). Right now mine has a polish on it but I usually use the Motiv Scuff compound and with that surface it rolls a little earlier, I will likely go back to that surface in the near future as that is my preferred reaction. And the layout is 55* with a 2 1/4" pin to PAP, so it could be drilled stronger.

The QZ1 has a 65* angle and 4 1/2" pin to PAP, plus it's a pearl which is why it gets down the lane better and finishes a little stronger.

The TR2 I think was somewhere around 60* and 4" with the pin below my ring finger, don't remember exactly.
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Re: Videos of the Motiv TR2, TX1, and QZ1 - 12/21/09 06:54 AM

Thanx for the info. I was looking for a ball for a specific use, and was intrigued by the Motiv GT1. Your TR2 seems to fit me also. I was also looking at Visionary New Breed Particle as the roll looked similar for the intended use.

Our lanes use a heavy viscosity oil with our 5-man teams. I roll a fairly strong ball in game 1 over 15 to 10, and move as the oil does. But, by mid game 2, this ball is just too strong. This is when I need to change. I think one of these balls could be the "move to" ball rather than moving so much on the lane and pushing the shot.
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Re: Videos of the Motiv TR2, TX1, and QZ1 - 12/21/09 01:44 PM

Here is one more video I put together that is all three balls thrown at the same time. I'm not a great video editor and with the lighting not being very good it is kind of hard to make out which ball is which once they get down the lane a little, but I still thought this turned out ok. I think a higher angle would have probably worked better for this shot...maybe next time.

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Re: Videos of the Motiv TR2, TX1, and QZ1 - 01/03/10 07:43 PM

I think your videos are very nice. Maybe a higher angle but I could see the arrows and the line you were playing. What was your rating on these balls after making the videos?
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Re: Videos of the Motiv TR2, TX1, and QZ1 - 01/06/10 11:52 AM

I will be sure to do a higher angle next time. The tripod I use is a cheapy that was given to me, it doesn't get very high, but I have a Bogen tripod I use for photography that gets up to a bit over 6' so I will use that next time.

What kind of rating are you looking for? I like all three balls, my intended use for each is; heavy or long oil to use the TR2, medium or slightly broken down shot use the TX1, and light or really broken down use the QZ1. The only possible hitch in that is that I think the QZ1 is a bit too strong to be a true light oil ball, I think it's more medium to medium light oil. It does get down the lane a bit better then the TX1 when thrown in a dry-ish area, but it's not that different and I wonder how much of the difference is because of the longer pin to pap I used on the QZ1. The biggest difference I see between the two is that the DIFF is a fair amount lower on the QZ1 so it has less flare / hook potential (.043 vs .052). Granted in this case I drilled the QZ1 with a stronger layout and have since been wondering if I should have stuck with the same or at least similar layout as what I used on the TX1 (smoother rolling / less overall hook). I haven't had the chance to use it on really dry lanes yet so can't say if it will fill that void or not, and I still have my Mars at the ready in case I need a weaker ball.
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Re: Videos of the Motiv TR2, TX1, and QZ1 - 01/06/10 05:35 PM

your ball seems to hook a lot for a 42' pattern and 240RPM's

are you sure your RPM's are not higher?
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Re: Videos of the Motiv TR2, TX1, and QZ1 - 01/06/10 11:27 PM

Pretty sure that's about where I'm at, last time I taped my ball and shot video that was my rev rate. I've been working on a stronger release and felt pretty good that day, but didn't really feel like I was getting too much more reaction than normal.

I know there are a few things that help me out, my ball speed was only about 15.5mph - 16mph when I shot the videos so the balls had enough time to work, another is that the pattern tapers off quickly to the outside and down the lane. Past about 31' there is only about 8 units of oil from 10L to 10R, and only a few units outside of 10. So while the 42' is a bit long, the way it is laid out still gives balls plenty of dry boards to work off. Plus the backends are usually pretty clean and snappy.

If I ever get my thumb figured out I might actually develop the release I'm striving for, and will shoot some more video with tape on my ball to see where my revs are at.
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Re: Videos of the Motiv TR2, TX1, and QZ1 - 01/07/10 03:02 AM

ok okay, i was under the impression that in america the oil was more flat across the lane instead of less to the outside like in belgium.
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Re: Videos of the Motiv TR2, TX1, and QZ1 - 01/07/10 11:36 AM

Most leagues here still use the typical house shot, heavy oil in the middle of the lane and not much oil outside (at least once you get past the heads). There are a lot of leagues that offer Sport and / or PBA patterns, which lay the oil out flatter, but despite growing in popularity those leagues are still in the minority for now.