This is a damned shame

Posted by: Dennis Michael

This is a damned shame - 01/22/20 11:44 AM

I have been on this site for a lot of years. And, I feel I have witnessed an old friend DIE.

there have been many useful comments, recommendations and great comradery.
I've met a few from here and they were just as friendly in person. I currently bowl with one. Have been since we met.
Posted by: BOSStull

Re: This is a damned shame - 01/24/20 07:53 PM

Still here Dennis. Yeah most have migrated to Facebook groups. I still jump on here a couple times a week to see if any new post. I am going to urge my team members to join this week. I would like to see a little more activity.
Posted by: Mkirchie

Re: This is a damned shame - 01/26/20 05:10 PM

I still pop on from time to time too. It is a shame, I feel like there is more than enough going on in bowling at all levels to talk about here.

Posted by: champ

Re: This is a damned shame - 02/24/20 06:12 PM

I still check in to see how everyone is too. I bowl so rarely, now, it slips my mind, but I used to spend so much time on here studying and learning, that even if I'm not bowling much, I still think about you guys.

This weekend I did drive the 400 mile round trip to bowl in the Tucson city tournament with my old team mates from several years ago. Always nice to see old friends, and the city I used to call home.

And despite not having thrown a single shot in months and months, and only owning one ball now (a Purple Hammer) I did manage a 216, 256, 268 for 740 in doubles. That's my best ever tournament series. My team mate added 610. I think 1350 will net us a nice finish in the scratch finals. (I don't have a book average anymore, so no handicap for me.)

The other series were more in line with what I expected. 556 in Team, and 488 in singles. Yikes.

Now I'm starting to plan the trip to Reno for Nationals this year. This will be my 7th consecutive, and I really can't wait. I'll be the guy walking down center isle with a purple hammer and shoes in hand. Keep it simple.

Hope everyone is doing well.
Posted by: BOSStull

Re: This is a damned shame - 03/17/20 07:43 PM

I feel like I am posting to myself again
Posted by: 82Boat69

Re: This is a damned shame - 03/17/20 07:48 PM

You're not. Most just monitor this sight unless something really interesting comes along. COVID-19 has everyone's attention right now.
Posted by: looseleftie

Re: This is a damned shame - 05/31/20 08:48 PM

Hi Dennis and others, interesting post...

I agree, there use to be many posts put up daily across many of the different message forums here.. Is this just the state of the popularity of bowling? Or people finding other pursuits and hobbies? Covid-19 certainly hasn't helped frown..Also other forums for bowling discussion (Facebook ) may well have contributed to declining posts also.
We are also dealing with a society, that can click on You Tube and get countless videos on bowling.. For many, this is easier than taking the effort in a real discussion.. We have a very apathetic society I'm afraid..

There was a time where I was bowling two to three times a week, regularly checking in daily on this wonderful site.. Now, it's the "regulars" here I see who are still here.. I have had starts and stops over last few years with bowling, I also have other hobbies cycling and golf which keep me quite busy, but start of this year came back to it, bowling once a week to get started again, then Covid came along and sidelined that..

For ALL of you who have posted on this forum, I thank you, I perhaps don't get involved as often as I perhaps could, or should!! However it would be sad to see this become like a few other bowling sites that I have seen decline.. It is YOU who keep people coming back, and YOU who will help encourage others to sign up and ask questions. This site has given me countless suggestions and help when I have asked. A lot of nice genuine people here as well..

Please stay, keep involved with posting, encourage others, spread the word in your leagues... I will do what I can, for my part..

Dennis, I remember reading your posts when I first started on here, always intelligent, honest and helpful advice/discussions... As are all the above posters on this discussion, who I have seen their names/posts many times before.

My own national bowling forum site, is a shell of what it use to be! Sad frown

Keep the faith, keep the posts up.. The time and effort that all of you put into posting and creating interest on this site is appreciated..Respect
Posted by: 82Boat69

Re: This is a damned shame - 06/01/20 01:13 AM

I think most people are counter-punchers. They respond to a post but never lead with one.

Where I bowl, Steve Cook's Fireside Lanes, they've used this shutdown as an opportunity to install newer lanes, gutters, approaches, ball returns and settee areas. They're also remodeling the house-ball racks.

I think because the profit margin is so narrow for bowling, it's tough for owners to do what's necessary. As a result many bowling centers get run down which adds to the poor public image that bowling has developed over the years.

When I watch bowling from other countries, I'm astounded by house modern the bowling centers are compared to here.
Posted by: Mkirchie

Re: This is a damned shame - 06/01/20 06:49 AM

I know that my center also took the opportunity to do work. I'll be curious to see what they have done other than what they said about fixing equipment as they have been secretive about other changes in appearance. I'd like new ball returns with storage for spare balls under the return.

I'm really looking forward to the PBA starting again on Saturday if even for a special event.

Posted by: BOSStull

Re: This is a damned shame - 06/20/20 05:09 PM

Still posting. Dennis has not been on since January. Hope he is still OK.
Posted by: VFF57

Re: This is a damned shame - 06/30/20 06:19 PM

Hey everyone,

It's been years since I posted. Up in until this past March I've been consistently bowling one night a week in a mixed league. Mostly for a night out with some bowling buddies and not so much for competition. My game went down hill after having shoulder problems and not practicing so I haven't had much to talk about concerning bowling.

Before this COVID mess came along I was thinking about getting back into the game more and see if I could get my old average back. Well so much for that now with all these restrictions. Wouldn't be much fun for me bowling with a mask and dealing with social distancing. Defeats the whole reason for going out.

Anyway, what brought me here is I wanted to see how the rest of the bowling world is coping with the closings and restrictions. The lanes in my area will be opening up soon that's if they're still in business.

Hope all is well Dennis and yes it is a shame.
Posted by: 82Boat69

Re: This is a damned shame - 06/30/20 06:42 PM

Here in Kalifornia houses are beginning to open up, but without bars and snack bars, it's tough. Thirty pages of rules for the bowling side and 30 more for the drinking/eating side.

I'm going to bowl tomorrow for the first time since the shutdown began. Should be interesting.

What kind of shoulder issues you having? I had arthritis build up and eventually create a tear in my rotator-cuff. What they do is remove the arthritis by cutting the collar-bone back about 3/4" creating a permanent separation. The collar-bone is stabilized at that point by a tendon. Never had a problem after. Painful breaking it loose the first time, but with PT, I was back 30 days later.
Posted by: VFF57

Re: This is a damned shame - 06/30/20 07:39 PM

What kind of shoulder issues you having?

Mostly tendinitis that would come and go from an impingement. Bowling in pain really throws the game off.

There's some PT's on YT that helped me out a lot! I'm not much of a going to the doctor person so I figured I would try their exercises first before making an appointment when it got to a point where I couldn't bowl. Within a short period of time I felt much better. Unless it's something like you had most shoulder problems are treated with PT anyway.

I've been feeling good now for the past couple of years but my game didn't recover much. My swing isn't consistent because of reflexes that are still trying to protect my shoulder. It will take some practice to work that out of muscle memory.
Posted by: BOSStull

Re: This is a damned shame - 07/03/20 04:30 PM

Welcome back 57. Very few of us left on this site. Boat is the pretty much the sites knowledge base Now and I will be here to make conversation. Hope your bowling gets back to where it was. Age is taking the toll on all of us but luckily it hasnítí affected my bowling yet. I will enjoy it while I can.
Posted by: 82Boat69

Re: This is a damned shame - 07/03/20 10:05 PM

My return to bowling was short-lived. Only 3 frames. I was bowling at a place called Rocklin Bowl. Started with urethane expecting lanes to hook because I'd be old and slow. They hooked out of my hand. Tried my hard plastic spare ball same result. Walked up to the foul line and looked for oil and didn't see any. Knelt down and used my finger and they were bone dry. Got a refund and left.

Here in CA, Sacramento County had to shut down all of the bowling alleys in that city/county. Rocklin Bowl is in Placer County.

I told the person at the desk the lanes were unplayable and asked if they were oiling them. They said they were oiling them at that very moment. I looked up and down and didn't see another employee or a lane machine.

I suspect they're just open for whatever drops in but plan to expend as little cash as possible. I won't be going back until I hear from a reputable source they actually have a shot on.

As for this website, without anyone actually out and bowling, conversation will be limited to what might have been. I'm afraid most places will close their doors.

In CA of everyone tested, only 5% tested positive and only 2.7% of those who tested positive died. Shutting down the whole state seems an overreaction.
Posted by: BOSStull

Re: This is a damned shame - 07/05/20 03:17 PM

Boat my first day back was at practicing at Stars and Strikes . They were doing the social distancing every other lane. We got there as they opened up, They were bowling on all the even lanes. They must have been doing the evens for a couple of days . They were trashed hardly any oil but yet the odd lanes fresh oil no usage at all. I asked the desk person can we bowl on the odd lanes with fresh oil. The answer was no we were told to use the even lanes. So there you go. You would think someone at S&S would of thought about swapping lanes at some time. Well have not been back to take a chance on if i am going to get oiled lanes or not.
Posted by: VFF57

Re: This is a damned shame - 07/05/20 09:17 PM

Welcome back 57.

Thanks BOS. I noticed my equipment list is really dated. Most of it I either gave away, traded, or cracked from sitting. I've been using mostly DV8 and the Hammer Vibe remakes (blue/red) now.

I'm with you guys I hate dry lanes. From what I read July 7th is when Centers should start to open here in NJ. I haven't bowled since March so maybe I'll give it a try soon.

I don't see leagues happening this fall with lane spacing rules and capacity restrictions unless something changes. Probably many people won't want to take the risk anyway. The USBC will really feel the pain.
Posted by: 82Boat69

Re: This is a damned shame - 07/05/20 10:18 PM

Without a vaccine, we could be seeing the end for a lot of businesses. Those that own their capital assets can close and wait. Those leasing are in deep doo-doo. Unless........... they can arrange some kind of wait til it's over deal.
Posted by: djp1080

Re: This is a damned shame - 07/09/20 11:07 PM

Got to bowl the last three weeks. Even picked up a Storm Tropical Surge ball to play with. Shiny, Cherry and Black, great cherry smell. Beautiful ball going down the lane. Not as much pop on the backend as other balls I have, but it's pretty controllable which should prove to be a very good thing... smile
Posted by: goobee

Re: This is a damned shame - 07/15/20 01:00 AM

Hello all,

My winter league was cut short due to Covid-19 and disbanded in mid-March. Finally in June, CA relaxed things a bit and houses outside of LA County began reopening. June 19 we started a new league, I shot 680 (193 231 256) which as pretty darn good after a 3 months layoff. Sadly, a week later the governor shut things down again. brickwall

I doubt we will be bowling again any time soon in CA.
Posted by: VFF57

Re: This is a damned shame - 07/28/20 06:51 PM

Nice series. Sometimes taking a break helps more than practice. Clears out recent bad habits and resets the good muscle memory.

Lanes are open in NJ but I haven't bowled yet. Maybe I'll go when it cools down somewhat. The heat/humidity has been brutal. The local house doesn't have very good AC and I don't want to start off by going head first down the lane.

Not sure what's going on with fall leagues. Even if leagues are allowed how's that going to work with the distancing rules the house has to follow?
Posted by: Mkirchie

Re: This is a damned shame - 08/06/20 06:48 AM

I spent most of July frustrated with the constant heat and humidity with no break. We really needed a cold front to come through and break that humidity. Of course when the cold front finally came, it sent a tropical storm up to us like a rocket. Hope all is well where you are.

Posted by: VFF57

Re: This is a damned shame - 08/08/20 03:08 PM

Hope all is well where you are.

Hey Mark, thanks for asking.

I had pieces of tree limbs all over my property but fortunately no real damage. I have a heavily wooded lot so I hate when we get these storms with significant winds. We lost power for a few hours which isn't bad compared to other areas.

I hope this is it for the year. The almost daily thunderstorms are bad enough.
Posted by: Mkirchie

Re: This is a damned shame - 08/08/20 04:33 PM

We're heavily wooded here too and I hate these storms too. Towards the end of last summer, we had some large trees taken down that would have done some severe damage to my house if we had problems. I had mostly small twig like bunches come down with leaves from the woods on and near my property and from my neighbor's trees. We were out of power for 28 hrs, 89% of my town lost power so we qualify as one of those other areas. I have people in my neighborhood still without power today who should be getting it back today.

I got a generator after Sandy. This was the first time we've been out of power long enough since then to use it to save the food in the fridge, so I have been lucky.

I heard from one of my teammates today who is the league president. Lots of changes for league coming our way. Should be interesting, but they are supposedly happening.
Posted by: BOSStull

Re: This is a damned shame - 09/26/20 10:16 PM

What is this had to post again. Hey at least i am posting. Hey do my post Suck?

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Re: This is a damned shame - 10/11/20 05:03 PM

Posted by: djp1080

Re: This is a damned shame - 10/17/20 08:32 PM

Your posts are great most of the time...
Posted by: BOSStull

Re: This is a damned shame - 11/01/20 02:42 PM