This is a damned shame

Posted by: Dennis Michael

This is a damned shame - 01/22/20 11:44 AM

I have been on this site for a lot of years. And, I feel I have witnessed an old friend DIE.

there have been many useful comments, recommendations and great comradery.
I've met a few from here and they were just as friendly in person. I currently bowl with one. Have been since we met.
Posted by: BOSStull

Re: This is a damned shame - 01/24/20 07:53 PM

Still here Dennis. Yeah most have migrated to Facebook groups. I still jump on here a couple times a week to see if any new post. I am going to urge my team members to join this week. I would like to see a little more activity.
Posted by: Mkirchie

Re: This is a damned shame - 01/26/20 05:10 PM

I still pop on from time to time too. It is a shame, I feel like there is more than enough going on in bowling at all levels to talk about here.

Posted by: champ

Re: This is a damned shame - 02/24/20 06:12 PM

I still check in to see how everyone is too. I bowl so rarely, now, it slips my mind, but I used to spend so much time on here studying and learning, that even if I'm not bowling much, I still think about you guys.

This weekend I did drive the 400 mile round trip to bowl in the Tucson city tournament with my old team mates from several years ago. Always nice to see old friends, and the city I used to call home.

And despite not having thrown a single shot in months and months, and only owning one ball now (a Purple Hammer) I did manage a 216, 256, 268 for 740 in doubles. That's my best ever tournament series. My team mate added 610. I think 1350 will net us a nice finish in the scratch finals. (I don't have a book average anymore, so no handicap for me.)

The other series were more in line with what I expected. 556 in Team, and 488 in singles. Yikes.

Now I'm starting to plan the trip to Reno for Nationals this year. This will be my 7th consecutive, and I really can't wait. I'll be the guy walking down center isle with a purple hammer and shoes in hand. Keep it simple.

Hope everyone is doing well.
Posted by: BOSStull

Re: This is a damned shame - 03/17/20 07:43 PM

I feel like I am posting to myself again
Posted by: 82Boat69

Re: This is a damned shame - 03/17/20 07:48 PM

You're not. Most just monitor this sight unless something really interesting comes along. COVID-19 has everyone's attention right now.