Good morning everyone...

Posted by: djp1080

Good morning everyone... - 11/10/19 10:36 AM

Not much action here lately. Thought I'd wish everyone a good morning and hope your bowling is going well.
Bowl in two leagues. Accomplished one thing that's good in some respects and not so good in another. Left 19 ten pins this past week and picked every one of them. Left a few seven pins and got them, too. Guess I shouldn't have continued to leave so many ten pins though.
Now that I've found how to shoot these two pins pretty well, I have to work on the remaining ones.
I recall several years ago I read about the Triax spare system by Rolf Gauger. The system didn't work for me very well; however, it did get me to thinking about making spares in a new way and that is to have an idea of where to stand and to have a target at least for the most common spares.
Posted by: Mkirchie

Re: Good morning everyone... - 11/10/19 09:52 PM

This season, I wish I was shooting at more corner pins for my second ball. My carry % when hitting the pocket is not my problem, the splits I have left are my big issue.

Our team hasn't really been firing on all cylinders and we unfortunately lost a teammate due to his work schedule changing. We do have someone to fill the spot and the other night in league we finally put it all together. We shot 1174 scratch the first game and beat the team we were bowling by 300 pins including the 70 pin handicap they got from us. I don't think I've ever seen that very often.

Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: Good morning everyone... - 11/17/19 12:39 PM

Hi guys, been a while. My teams are both struggling. 2 are up and 2 are down. And, it's a diff pair each week.

Last Monday, we bowled the 2nd place team, who shot a new scratch high game of 1176 against us. Only beat us by 30. But, then they set the new high in game 2 of 1225. Then the topper, another new high game in game 3 of 1250.

Just can't win with those scores. We took 3 of 33 points.

My H2H opponent, with a 180 average shot 724. I lost all 3 games. I'm shooting a respectable low 200 while he is shooting 260's.
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Re: Good morning everyone... - 11/17/19 12:50 PM

Dennis, Sounds fishy to me... Sandbagger extreme...