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Last Online 10 days ago - 06/15/19 06:00 AM

?? Just had to post something, I am still here.
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Re: Last Online 10 days ago - 06/15/19 06:33 AM

I'm still here too. Going to be bowling in my association's tournament for league champions later today. I hope we do better than we did 6 years ago.

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Good Luck Mark.
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I think a lot of folks are still here, just not much to talk about thee days. If they're notified of postings by email, they just wait for something interesting to come across.
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Oh! I didn't know you could do that.I think I may do that also.
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Well I think I figured it out. If I did this wrong let me know. There may be another way but went into Watch Forums and had email set to when new post created. Let's see if it works for this post.
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Re: Last Online 10 days ago - 06/15/19 09:32 AM

When the flow is as low as the last few weeks, email is the way to go. Summer is always slower, everyone is outside playing.

I would have thought all the rule changes would have caused more discussion but that didn't happen.

My latest interest is for 'Specto Bowling'. That's the tracer system you see on PBA events. I'm in Northern CA and there's a place in Southern OR I think I might visit.

I've been trying to determine how much it costs, but haven't received a response to my email. It must be expensive based on the low number of centers who have installed it. For me, just having an accurate picture of what I actually do versus what I think I do would be helpful. As we age, we don't get stronger so we must get smarter.
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That's how. You can select as many of the forums as you like. I have them all selected, but I've never received a notification email for some. I think 'user groups' on other social media platforms are where most people have gone. I was on Facebook for awhile and there were dozens of user groups for bowlers in every area of the country.
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It may heat up when the changes go into effect with the use of liquid cleaners this year and especially with weight holes next year. I still putting off filling holes until just before then. I have my 2 Hy-Roads to do out of the current balls that I am using so not in a hurry.

Specto bowling looks looks interesting.
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Re: Last Online 10 days ago - 06/15/19 01:22 PM

I've already had all my balance holes filled. I did a lot of experimenting with dual angles and have tried some new layouts based on Mo Pinel videos I've watched on YouTube.

I'm a high track player and avoided some layouts because I feared they would hook too early or roll out, but that hasn't happened. I bought a Roto Grip IDOL and drilled it with a 4 inch pin to PAP and a 40 degree VAL angle. It works well except from deep inside. I'm going to take one of my old Hy-Roads and drill in with a 3-3/8 inch pin to PAP and a 25 degree VAL angle and see what happens.

I'm finding I can buy weaker coverstocks and drill them stronger if I want the ball to go longer or buy aggressive coverstocks and drill them weaker if I want them to read the lanes earlier. I was a
50 x 5 x 50 person but now everything I own is less than 4 x less than 40 degrees.

I would think that any center that installed 'Specto' could charge enough to pay for the system. However, based on the number of centers who have it, there must be something else that's making proprietors stay away. I'm assuming cost, but it might be something else. There's not a single center in CA with it.
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Re: Last Online 10 days ago - 06/15/19 03:34 PM

Hi Guys,
I've gotten my balance holes plugged, too. Had a couple balls where I had all the holes plugged and redrilled.
You got an Idol and I picked up an IQ Tour solid. It rolls very nicely, smells great and after quite a few games shined up really well.
The IQ Tour gives me more control. The Code X I have covers about as many boards but provides a little more pop on the backends and I can keep moving left with it if needed.
Glad to see you folks posting... Have a good weekend...
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Re: Last Online 10 days ago - 06/15/19 04:07 PM

A friend gave me an IQ Tour Nano. Works pretty nice. Anyone tried the IQ Emerald?
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Re: Last Online 10 days ago - 06/15/19 09:13 PM

I've got to get my stuff to the pro shop, I want him to match the fit of my other equipment to the Hy-Road Nano I got a few months ago. I'd been planning to get them done over the summer and haven't gotten around to it yet. No balance holes in any of my equipment to worry about.

The tournament went OK, but I lost my reaction on the left lane the 3rd game and it kept me from a decent series. There were also a few high average teams in the tournament and we had no chance. It's a 5 person per team format and if you won a league with less than 5 bowlers, you get to choose who else from the league can join your team. I think that it give them an advantage. Before it started, we got to vote to possibly change it to a 4 person per team format. We voted to keep it 5, but our league is one of the only two leagues in the whole association with 5 person teams so I figure most everyone else voted for 4.

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Re: Last Online 10 days ago - 06/16/19 09:43 AM

Boat. You are right in line with the way my balls are drilled. Almost all VALS are 25-35 3.5 to 4 in pins.

I just had a Radical More Ca$h drilled 65/4/30 with a deep thumb hole last week based on MOs new drilling for no weight holes. I had a very similar layout that MO suggested with a GURU but with the weight hole. Got a good deal on the More Cash NIB for 60$ a couple of months ago. Just now got around to getting it drilled.

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Re: Last Online 10 days ago - 06/16/19 01:38 PM

I tried the deep-hole drilling but didn't really notice that much difference. In fact, I'm coming to the conclusion that how I drill my ball has very little to do with it's overall motion.

I can drill a ball to go straight, but if I want, I can make it bend out of the building. I can also drill a ball to bend out of the building, but make it go straight.

The USBC ball motion study shows that ball-surface and lane-surface make up 85% - 90% of a ball's motion. The rest comes from whatever RPM's, rotation and tilt the bowler can put into their release.

I'm pretty versatile, so I stay away from the high-end nose-bleed surfaces and stay in the 175-200 range on the 'Perfect Scale'.

If I was bowling competitively, it might be a different story, but for a THS, unnecessary.

A perfect analogy to describe the new balls, is that of an old person driving a 2 ton car with power steering, power brakes and radial tires. Then have a deer jump out in front of the them :-) Their chance of controlling the car is practically zero :-) The same applies to new bowling balls.

I think most bowlers at the professional level would all be using balls made years ago if they didn't have contracts with a manufacturer.

I bowled better with middle-of-the-road numbers like 50 x 5 x 50 than I ever have using 3-3/8 and acute VAL's. The simple answer is control. If I was 41 instead of 71 I'm sure it would be different.

I'm friends with the lane guy where I bowl. He likes to keep the pattern a secret. Generally speaking though, it's a 39 foot XMas tree. He hasn't changed it in years. As I hear other bowlers complain about the shot, only 2 variables have changed; Their age and their equipment. If their average is dropping, they either need to find a fountain of youth or an old Hy-Road :-)
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Re: Last Online 10 days ago - 06/18/19 04:45 AM

Wow, glad to see some still here. I felt I was witnessing the death of a site.

I too have plugged a couple balls, getting rid of the balance holes. Weird, but I notice very little difference. I thought they would be weaker then they were.

I'm bowling in 2 leagues at 2 different houses. Tuesday afternoon Senior League, which I use for competitive practice, and an open Wed night 4-man league with 34 teams.

The shots are completely different. The Sr League is at my old Brunswick house, which has now been renamed Bolero. It's a 38 foot shot narrow Christmas tree. A lot of dry outside of the 10 board. I actually can't use any of my equipment there as I no longer have the speed to keep the ball outside. And, the balls all gain friction early at any angle.

The second league is at the House I moved to a few years ago. It's more to my liking with a 42 foot shot and a good amount of oil. The balls I use at the old B house, just don't work here. So, I carry 2 complete sets of balls, one for each house, as I still carry all my equipment in the trunk of my car.

I'm not interested in any newer equipment, as I feel a surface change to my older stuff is sufficient for me. Besides, I feel the newer equip requires more speed to take advantage of the ball dynamics.

My re-start is going slowly. I wanted to take advantage of the Summer to recover from 5 months of no bowling. But, in week 3 of the Summer, I pulled my groin muscle which sidelined me for a couple of weeks. Now, I walk very gingerly. I'm elated when I see my speed at 12 mph.

So far, at the weaker house, with weaker equipment, I'm averaging 201. And, at the regular house with regular reactive equipment, I'm averaging 17X. Gotta get the 170 up to the 200 to consider this a satisfactory attempt.
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Re: Last Online 10 days ago - 06/24/19 10:30 AM

I've been laid up for awhile with health issues, and only went out to bowl a few games last week. I have but one ball with a weight hole, and I doubt I'll plug it. With the new no rules at all on lane oil now, I'm seriously thinking of just resurfacing my 4 year-old Hy Road Pearl and having a one ball bag. We just lost one center entirely this summer, and the other one just ripped out their pro shop. Hard to be too serious in this climate.
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Re: Last Online 10 days ago - 06/24/19 08:17 PM

Hey Dennis.
The centers I bowl at are just the opposite from yours. Longer pattern at Bolero and shorter at S&S. Good to see you back bowling.

Boat. Still not getting emails when there is new post. Looks like it is set up right but?
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Re: Last Online 10 days ago - 06/24/19 09:49 PM

Go to 'My Stuff'. From the dropdown list, select 'Watch Lists'. Select all the forums you want to receive emails for.
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Re: Last Online 10 days ago - 06/25/19 09:58 AM

Oops! Go to 'my stuff', select 'Watch lists', over toward the right, click on 'Edit watched forums', select the ones you want and then 'update'.
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Re: Last Online 10 days ago - 07/01/19 01:17 AM

I didn't bowl a league this year, and probably won't next year either, but I'l try to check in more to say hi. A few years ago I was on here every single day.

But I'm in my hotel room at South Point right now, waking up and bowling Team event at Nationals tomorrow at 11:00. This is my fifth year. I've done zero prep or practice, couldn't care less how I bowl...just glad to be here with friends and family, keeping the tradition alive.

I'll report back tomorrow.
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Re: Last Online 10 days ago - 07/02/19 11:06 PM

Well I said I'd report back, so here I am.

For starters, this was the most fun I've had at Nationals. Can't put my finger on exactly why. Maybe it was just good to be back on the lanes. But I had a blast, and so did most of the team.

I took two balls with me. A green Quantum and a blue Vibe. I used the Vibe for 8.5 games and felt perfectly comfortable using only it. I left the Quantum behind when we packed up after D/S.

Team event seemed somewhat easy to me, after the first few frames. It broke down quickly, and consistently. There was plenty of free angle, but a definite out of bounds. I shot 549, with a clean 210 last game.

Doubles and singles played much tougher for all of us. Much more oil, that didn't break down nearly as quickly. We didn't execute a gameplan, and paid for it, with each game getting tougher. I shot 525 and 527 with a 208 last game that started with a four bagger.

I had 1601 for the tournament which is slightly better than average for me. I think it will cash in standard division All-Events, if only for $20. I'm pleased considering I'd thrown exactly zero games in the previous 14 months.

I really like South Point and am looking forward to it returning in the future. But before that, its Reno next year! I'm looking forward to it already.

Hope you guys are all well. I'll be sure to check in more often though I doubt I'll have much bowling related to talk about. Take care.
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Re: Last Online 10 days ago - 07/13/19 10:08 AM

Good to see you back posting again CHAMP. If you can't have fun bowling then why bowl.
Posted by: Joe Bowler

Re: Last Online 10 days ago - 08/07/19 06:12 AM

Hi guys. It's been a while since I have posted. I hope you are all doing well. I have not picked up a bowling ball in a couple years. I have been online even less. It started with a knee injury, and then re-focusing on work, and saving for retirement. I still hope to make a return to recreational bowling someday in the future.

In the meantime, I caught the news that a 16-year old won $3 million in a Fortnite championship. It occurred to me that one win would be enough to place him in the top 5 PBA CAREER earnings. Second place in the same Fortnite competition earned $2 million, which would place the player in the top 10 PBA CAREER earnings. Together, first and second place alone are equivalent to the entire $5 million USBC Open Championship prize fund. By comparison, the total Fortnite prize fund was $40 million.

If I understand correctly, Fortnite has only been around a couple years. The world has certainly changed. Bowling sadly, not so much. It's still better to bowl for fun, than for money.
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Re: Last Online 10 days ago - 08/07/19 11:33 AM

It certainly has changed. This post reminded me of something, back in 1990 when Nintendo dominated the video game market they held a world championships.

There were city championships that were held earlier in the year of 1990, the winner in each age group got $250.

In the national finals, each age group winner got a $10,000 savings bond, a 1990 Geo Metro Convertible ($9,740 MSRP), and a 40" rear projection TV (Hard to research price exactly, but I'm figuring around $2500 based on what little I found online.) So that's a total of $22490 for each winner (I'll assume they waited on the savings bond to mature to face value.) Adjusted for inflation, that is $44,085 per winner. Way less than 3 million even if you consider the total given to all 3 winners.

For some more perspective, 3 million is around the average salary in the NHL and more than the prize payout at this year's PGA championship.

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Re: Last Online 10 days ago - 08/10/19 10:03 AM

Welcome Back Joe. Keep posting.

Might have to download the free version of Fortnite to see what it is about.