Posted by: General Pounder

HI!! - 01/16/19 10:18 PM

Anyone still here?
Posted by: 82Boat69

Re: HI!! - 01/17/19 03:07 AM

Yes, but just monitoring. Participants come and go, but mostly go. Its been awfully quiet for a month.
Posted by: djp1080

Re: HI!! - 01/17/19 11:56 PM

Yes, I'm here.
Enjoyed the holidays as our family had fun together.
Visited the Burnt City brewery in Chicago and not only enjoyed the beer, but they have eight wood lanes operating. Used their shoes and found a ball that almost fit. Rolled a 140 game I think. The next day my fingers hurt pretty bad as I likely had to squeeze the ball to keep from dropping it... smile
Had a great time though anyway. Good brews...
Posted by: 82Boat69

Re: HI!! - 01/18/19 07:07 AM

Whenever I take trips by car, I always pack my bowling balls. I love to stop at small places in Quonset huts I might discover. I also like small places in unusual locations or buildings.

There's such a place in Quincy, CA., a small town in North-Easter CA. Eight Wood lanes with A2 pinsetters. The place is run by an elderly retired couple.

A friend and I were bowling there one morning and the wife explained if something went wrong we'd have to move to other lanes because her husband wouldn't be available to fix the problem. My friend mentioned that I was a pin-chaser as a kid and could probably take care of it.

Sure enough, due to filthy turn-around pans a pin headed to the turret, top first versus bottom first. The machine just idles until that's fixed.

No problem, I head to the back and discover that climbing up between 2 machines at age 69 and a 100 pounds heavier than when I was 16 is a real trip :-) Fortunately, it was a simple fix and I looked like a hero.

Bowling on wood lanes that haven't been dressed with reactive resin balls is impossible. Had to shoot with an old Columbia Blue Dot I use for spares. Made my whole trip worth while.
Posted by: Richie V.

Re: HI!! - 01/18/19 01:34 PM

Still posting my bowling, but there was a two-week stretch when I didn't bowl due to ailments.
Posted by: Mkirchie

Re: HI!! - 01/18/19 04:55 PM

I'm still checking from time to time too. The holidays were very busy for me and work has been hectic. Getting ready to see whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at us in the northeast tomorrow afternoon.

Posted by: Dennis Michael

Re: HI!! - 01/19/19 09:01 AM

Hi all. Been away.

Had heart attack Dec 12 and spent about 2 weeks in hospital. Needless to say, I'm not bowling for the rest of the year.

Good lock and good bowing to all.

Posted by: djp1080

Re: HI!! - 01/20/19 04:36 PM

Dennis, I'm very sorry to see this post from you.
Several years ago I experienced some pressure in my upper body when I went for a walk. I'd go for 2 or 3 miles at a time and this tightness began at around the 1/2 to 3/4 mile distance. I'd stop for 15 or 20 seconds and continue on with no more issues. Finally I called the doctor's office and they had me come in for a stress test. Had to go for more tests a week or two later and ended up on the table for stents. No issues following that.
Guess the bullet missed me.
Hope your recovery goes well and you're back on the lanes...
Posted by: 6_ball_man

Re: HI!! - 01/21/19 06:13 PM

Sorry to hear it, Dennis.
My heart attack was 20 years ago, so I am officially a survivor. If you smoke, stop. Eat right, and do the exercises.
Mine worked out, but each case is different.
Posted by: BOSStull

Re: HI!! - 02/16/19 09:46 AM

Hate to hear about the heart attack Dennis.
Hope your back to bowling now.
Posted by: champ

Re: HI!! - 02/22/19 04:20 PM

I still check in from time to time, but its been a long time since I posted.

After moving from Tucson a few years ago, and bowling a small town casino bowling alley, that absolutely sucks, I've pretty much learned to hate bowling.

I did just book my team for Nationals however, so I'm starting to come around again. Might have to practice soon. Haven't thrown a ball since May 2018.

Dennis, sorry to hear about the heart attack. Hope you're improving rapidly.

Hope everyone else is doing well. Stay warm.
Posted by: 82Boat69

Re: HI!! - 02/22/19 04:34 PM

You need to embrace the challenge smile Places that suck will expose those areas where you're weakest. Take the opportunity to remove those weaknesses.
Posted by: champ

Re: HI!! - 02/23/19 12:20 AM

Originally Posted By: 82Boat69
You need to embrace the challenge smile Places that suck will expose those areas where you're weakest. Take the opportunity to remove those weaknesses.

I tried to work with that attitude for about four years, but you can only beat your head against a wall for so many weeks in a row and still call it a hobby. I crossed that line, and now I find more enjoyable ways to spend my time.

There are worthy challenges in bowling. My favorite is the USBC Open, and I'll be returning for my sixth consecutive appearance this year. Probably won't bowl great due to rustiness, but I'll get to bowl with friends and have fun. I've gotten to a point where that's good enough.