Newbies & Lurkers...

Posted by: Coach04

Newbies & Lurkers... - 12/27/04 11:02 PM

You know you are enjoying this site, and your dying to get some questions off your chest. Why wait until someone else asks them...???

If your not signed up, then sign on up and come on in. It doesn't matter if you bowl 80 pins or 800 series, we welcome everyone to join in and participate.

On this site there is no need to be shy or ashamed of your game. Unlike some other bowling sites, no one here will ever attack you, call you stupid, or look down on you for your average. We are all bowlers actively participating in the act of advancing the sport.

The moderator here does an outstanding job of keeping the rules, and the regs are friendly and courteous. We are here to help disseminate true and accurate information to anyone who asks. No matter if it is a beginners question or a pro's question.

We welcome everyone equally, and treat every question with the respect it deserves. So remember, the question you are waiting to ask is probably the same question several others could use an answer to....
Posted by: Angel

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 12/28/04 05:48 PM

OK, Coach, the question I've always wanted to ask, and no one seems to be able to answer, is

where do all the socks go when they seemingly disappear from the dryer? wink

Seriously, Happy New Year to posters and lurkers alike!
Posted by: Coach04

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 12/28/04 07:58 PM


You need to watch the cartoon network, a show called Danny Phantom.... they explain where everything goes that is lost.... wink
Posted by: Atochabsh

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 12/28/04 08:03 PM

I don't know about Danny Phantom, but in our house the CATS take the missing socks. I'm positive of it. Proof? None, except an occasional reappearance by a missing sock. I'm sure there's a cat sock storage area somewhere in this house. Just haven't found it yet.

Posted by: Angel

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 12/29/04 01:58 AM

Guess it's good we don't have cats. If I finally tossed the lone sock, only to have the partner reappear, I'd get fried. wink

And I have seen Danny Phantom--just not that episode I guess. With a 14 year old and a nearly 4 year old, I think I'm familiar with every cartoon available on cable.
Posted by: Coach04

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 12/29/04 02:58 AM

The episode where he thinks his parents are getting divorced, his dad forgets his anniversary, the mom leaves for her sisters, the dad goes after her but leaves the anniversary gift behind. The gift gets drawn into the chamber and Danny has to go in after it.
Posted by: ACK

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 01/15/05 01:46 PM

Yeap same here Atochabsh. If the 3 yr old does not take them then its the cats.
Posted by: 802dave

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 02/13/05 11:35 AM

I have four Siamese cats; socks are great toys according to them and so are hair scrunchies! My one Siamese loves to swat her favorite scrunchies under the dresser and then alternates looking under the dresser and at me until I pull the bottom drawer out and allow her to retrieve them.

Posted by: TMorgan

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 03/10/05 12:44 AM

George Carlin explained where the socks go. He said there is a huge pile of "STUFF" just missing "STUFF". When something disappears it goes to that pile of "STUFF" and then someday it leaves that pile of "STUFF" and shows up in the vicinity, but not WHERE it originally was.
Posted by: Bowling Gal

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 03/20/05 06:32 PM

Maybe the underpants gnomes are stealing your socks.
Posted by: Rusty 279

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 05/01/05 12:36 AM

I'm convinced there is a black hole between my washer and my dryer....Rusty279 thumbsup
Posted by: Brandan Orcutt

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 05/04/05 10:38 PM

I used to think my cats were taking all the socks untill one day we had to move the dryer and wadda ya know, the socks had fallen through the crack in the tumbler next to the door into the hollow spot under the dryer. Needless to say the cats got their long overdue apology. LOL

Posted by: Smooth Stroker

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 05/07/05 02:12 PM

Our socks disappeared before we got a cat. Now that we have a cat, I'd be happy to blame the cat ( dog person here). Does anyone here remember the married with children episode where Al attempts to answer the missing sock question. I believe there were aliens taking the socks.
Posted by: Horrorphile

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 05/20/05 07:56 PM

I bet coach04 never thought his topic would turn into a discussion about socks. lol
Posted by: Coach04

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 05/21/05 02:04 AM

You're right.... but what the heck, keeps it active... thumbsup
Posted by: Horrorphile

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 05/21/05 03:33 PM

that is true!
Posted by: IronMaiden756

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 05/22/05 01:01 PM

If you buy a mesh laundry bag with a zipper and put the socks in there, it's hard not to have one go missing. Just count them before you put them in the bag laugh
Posted by: Horrorphile

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 05/22/05 05:43 PM

nice way to look at it
Posted by: Jock

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 06/01/05 07:57 AM

Hello everyone,
I just thought that I'd like to introduce myself. I'm a scotsman actually living in the south of France and recently returned to bowling after a fiteen year layoff. Everything has really changed so much it's just as if I'm starting from nothing. I was glad to see someone on the forum who admits to a 153 average, I was begining to think that I was the only person in the world who averages less than 200! I've got a lot of questions to ask, but this is just not the right place. Like somebody said somewhere else on this forum "kinda thirsty for knowledge"
Posted by: kagekikr

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 06/01/05 08:36 AM

Hey there Jock! Welcome from a fellow newbie to the site! Come on in and soak up the knowledge!
Posted by: Jock

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 06/01/05 09:31 AM

Thanks for your welcome, Kage!

I've just got to agree with you about the full bottle!!
Posted by: Darrell

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 06/08/05 06:02 AM

Jock Welcome to the Forum. I finished my first season back after an eight year hiatus. I am looking forward to chatting with you on the Forum.
Posted by: Filos

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 06/08/05 06:17 AM


Welcome and good to see you posting.

I'm also sure you'll see a few honest averages posted on the site.

Posted by: Jock

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 06/08/05 07:34 AM

Hello Filos/Alf,

Thanks for your welcome. I think this is a very good site.

I'm having a hard time trying to improve my game, I need help and can't find it (at least here in France)

Maybe it is an idea to find a bowling camp anywhere in the world (but hopefully not too far away!) and use my annual holidays to go and learn!

But I'm sure that this site will help me a lot.

Posted by: Jock

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 06/08/05 07:41 AM


Thanks for your welcome, too.

I'm looking forward to chatting with you, also.

I must take this opportunity to thank the people who originally started this.

Where else could you get bowlers from all over the world chatting together end helping each other? It's just great stuff.

Posted by: Flamenco

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 06/15/05 02:06 PM

Welcome back to bowling Jock! Hope you will find the advice here useful. Take care.
Posted by: HardHead

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 08/04/05 07:28 PM

Each and every one of my four ferrets is a sock fetishist, each has his/her own stash spot and guards it. The smellier the sock and the shoe or boot the better!
Posted by: Sp710lit

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 02/12/06 01:58 AM

I thought this thread would be the easiest place to say hello. Sooo, Hiya

A little about myself:

I just got into bowling about 2 months ago. The only experience I had with the game before was birthday parties when I was little... and a few three week courses in gym. They did nothing to really teach me anything about the game.

Now since I actually started to seriously look into this game... I found out that I have one **** of a coach/teacher/grandfather on my hands. Dude used to be one of the best bowlers in Akron.

Dude's so good he jumped my game from a high game of 136 to a 215... not only that but my high series jumped nearly 100 pins in one week. From a 451 to a 549... I'd also like to mention that he also had to correct some bad muscle memories errm... I used to throw a backup ball...
Posted by: luisistaz

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 02/12/06 10:50 PM

I got a mesh laudry bag for my I can't find it (realy!, it's true!)
Posted by: Dawnhere

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 02/16/06 09:17 PM

I'm LMAO reading the "off topic" stuff here! Too funny smile So glad I joined. While we're sock talking.... We too have cats, and a new puppy and 4 rambunctious ferrets that love to steal socks or Barbies. The ferrets prefer white socks. The puppy and cats like any sock. Barbies are great as long as they still have long hair. My little girl gets so mad. We have yet to find the hidey hole where the Barbies go to.
Posted by: Nuppers

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 03/11/06 08:19 AM

you guys are crazy
Posted by: RonLaf

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 04/29/06 09:08 AM

Hey guys and gals. I felt that practice was a great thing to do..... however, league nights (fresh oil) versus non-league practice (dry lanes, stripped for re-oiling later that night) are definitely DIFFERENT.

OK... I use a ball that hooks pretty strongly on oily lanes. The only times I can practice other than the few minutes of warmups we get on league nights, are those dry lane-type times. You just about dislocate your shoulder and elbow trying to keep that viscious-hooker on the dry lanes! Even my straight ball that I shoot spares with hooks on dry lanes. What practice you get under these circumstances is definitely not conducive to good bowling behavior or reaction on league nights.

I bowled practice games with that spare ball, with fantastic scores. Anyone else have these problems?

By the way, static guard helps find the missing socks, which always seem to wind up inside a shirt or pants leg....... LOL
Posted by: Stone8_nightmare

Re: Newbies & Lurkers... - 05/02/06 09:15 PM

RonLaf, I know exactly what you are talking about. Personally, I have to change my line when I practice on the dry. It's not totally a waste because I might need to use that line somewhere down the line in a tournament, or even league. I also used my spare ball for strikes on these conditions, but I found that I was burning a track in the ball, so I avoid doing that now.

The other alternative is to just purposely miss getting strikes in order to practice picking up spares.