All bowling alleys independent business?

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All bowling alleys independent business? - 02/21/10 04:42 PM

Are bowling alleys independent businesses, and owned by a single person alone? Bowling alleys may never be franchised, or run by corporations, and CEO's. Business like Chuck E. Cheese's, McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, K-Mart, T.J. Maxx, etc., that stretches out all over the country and the world. Chinese restaurants must be independent businesses too. I heard on the internet, that there are some people who own more than one bowling alley. But they're probably independent businesses. Just like there are two Greek restaurants called Demos that are in Watertown, and Waltham, Massachusetts. But I think they are owned by the same owner.
Posted by: Calvin Pistorio

Re: All bowling alleys independent business? - 02/21/10 06:05 PM

Many bowling centers are ran by corporations in my area. There are more than 10 AMFs where I live and they only have managers that can be moved from center to center at the regional managers discretion. The same is true for the three Brunswick centers in the state of Maryland. There are a few independent centers, maybe even a few owned by the same people but they aren't part of a bigger chain.

Also many Mcdonalds, Burger Kings and other similar fast food chains are franchises that are owned by individuals but they have agreements with the corporations about the promotions and pricing since they do have to order supplies through the corporation.
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Re: All bowling alleys independent business? - 02/21/10 07:05 PM

The major corporations that operate bowling centers represent only about 23% of the centers in the US. Bowling is fragmented and family owned for the most part.