Hello and a quick question.

Posted by: Unclesalty

Hello and a quick question. - 02/17/10 12:38 AM

Hey Everybody,

I've been bowling since '88 with house balls and "thumb out"
Feb.4th I got my very first ball. It's a Brunzwick Power Grove Reactive. I talked to my local pro shop guy (Jeffs Pro Shop Simi Valley, Ca.)and decided on this ball because of the price and the hook potential. The whole reason I wanted my own ball was so I could learn to throw a hook with my thumb in the ball.
So far it's been great. It's really does help your control when your thumb is in.

Anyway, my question is about shoes.
I'm thinking of getting Brunzwick Manu bowling shoes.

And I'm wondering has anyone used this shoe and if so
what did you think?

Thanks for the help
All opinions are welcome
Posted by: beefers1

Re: Hello and a quick question. - 02/17/10 12:41 AM


You should get shoes that are hand specific, i.e. that only have one slide sole on the foot opposite of your bowling hand. Get something decent and it should last awhile, at least longer than a basic bowling ball.