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#88173 - 04/16/09 08:53 AM Re: Had an argument with the House tonight [Re: Dennis Michael]
Dennis Michael Offline
Virtual League Champion

Registered: 12/11/05
Posts: 9820
A/S/L: M/Barrington, Ill
I accepted the VP job because it was a do nothing job. The Rule book says I would act in the absence of the Pres. So, other than waiting for him to die, I had nothing to do. But, this year has been a real headache for me. All problems/complaints were to be funneled to me for action. And, with the repeated oil spread mess earlier, I had 10+ people complaining to me every week for two months. And, the managers of the house were not very accommodating, always making excuses, and at times lying. This was compounded by the fact that we have had 3 managers of this House in this year, and each new one knew nothing of the problems.

I feel that I was a buffer for the officers, cause I fielded all comments. I haven't enjoyed this year, and it has taken a toll on my bowling. I needed a night out, and I didn't need the headaches that came with it.

I am out of this league, and this house. Position Night, rolloff, and I am done.
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Registered: Fri Aug 27 2004
Posts: 10100
A/S/L: Mountain View, CA
#88190 - 04/16/09 09:43 AM Re: Had an argument with the House tonight [Re: Dennis Michael]
General Pounder Offline
3x Virtual League Champion

Registered: 03/28/06
Posts: 3398
A/S/L: 40/M/Midlothian, IL
When I was Sec/Treas, I would go through the envelopes each week and check who paid, and who didn't. When a bowler was 2 weeks behind, I would put a note in the envelope (there wasn't a league rule about money). Last night, the vacating Sec/Treas was telling my about people being late on money. Now, we pay the last 2 weeks of bowling within the first 5 weeks. So, 3 weeks ago, we get a note in our envelope stating that as a team, we owed $72 for the rest of the year (3 bowlers paid out for the year the previous week). Now, there were times when I was goen for a couple of weeks and our team was $ behind. Nothing. Falls directly on the Sec/Treas. You can do one of 2 things. Make the teams responsible for the money or make the individuals responsible. Basically, 2 weeks behind, you don't bowl. Or, as a team, $100 behind, you don't bowl. Either way, needs to be addressed in the league meeting BEFORE week 1 of bowling. It isn't in our rules but it will be next year.

Truthfully, I didn't know who our Pres and VP were until last night. Pretty sad. They know nothing about the payouts, they know nothing about anything that is going on, they know NONE of the rules. They all were given USBC rule books. The Pres and VP said that they threw them out cause the house has a copy. Week in and week out, the Sec would come to me with rules questions. I would tell her to look in the league rules and USBC rules. If there was a ruling to be made, go to the other league officers.

There has been a lot of drama in my league that was completely un-necessary. It was due to lack of knowing the job by the Sec, lack of help from the other officers, and bowlers trying to get away with things. The league payout schedule should have been in place as of week 4 (that late due to fluctuating team numbers). The "prize committee" never met until late Feb and then they passed out 2 different schedules to vote on. One was top heavy and the other was very balanced. Since the places were pretty well set, the balanced one won.

Rules need to be in place as well as procedures. We are losing bowlers because of incompetence. Not with the house, but with the officers. This won't happen again.


Sounds like your Sec/Treas needs a kick in the pants as well as the house. Too many issues. Sucks to leave a league. It is always a pain when others don't know what they are doing.
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#88198 - 04/16/09 10:14 AM Re: Had an argument with the House tonight [Re: General Pounder]
Domokun Offline
Virtual League Champion

Registered: 01/13/09
Posts: 898
A/S/L: male/DC Metro
Geez, sorry about the mess, Dennis, but I'll be taking your experience with me as I'll likely be my singles league prezzie next season. This season already had some USBC rule infraction drama--basically, our league got the smack upside the head for all our association's leagues given our rule-sharing. Got tattled on by a last-minute quitting, non-paying bowler, but we're the bad guys.

Thanks for the heads up, but sorry that you're out over this.
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#88685 - 04/19/09 04:01 PM Re: Had an argument with the House tonight [Re: Domokun]
Coach04 Offline

Registered: 04/21/04
Posts: 1000
A/S/L: Male/Texas
USBC clearly states that league finances are entrusted to the President and Treasurer of the league, not the house. The President and Treasurer are charged with auditing and signing off on the league finances monthly. They must both sign off on any expenditures such as "office supplies".

If you have a discrepancy you go straight to your president and demand an answer. If one is not given, the USBC should be notified.

As Vice President you have neither the responsibility nor the authority to go to the house questioning the league finances. The one exception would be if the President had failed to perform his duties and you replaced him. A second would be if the President assigned you as head of a committee to investigate the discrepancy.

From what I am reading you are volunteering to accept responsibilities that are not intended for your position as an officer. Including complaints from bowler's, all problems are the responsibility of the President. He is to handle them himself or appoint a Grievance Committee. As long as you allow other bowlers to bring complaints to you, and you accept responsibility of dealing with those complaints, you are circumventing the system set up by the USBC. At this point you become part of the problem, not the solution.

All officers receive a Handbook, and a rulebook. All of the responsibilities, all of the actions, and means of resolution are spelled out in them. You should be directing your bowlers in accordance to the guidelines set out by the USBC.

#88690 - 04/19/09 04:55 PM Re: Had an argument with the House tonight [Re: Coach04]
Dennis Michael Offline
Virtual League Champion

Registered: 12/11/05
Posts: 9820
A/S/L: M/Barrington, Ill
Jim, it is common that banking responsibility is passed to the House. Yes, the Treas and Pres have the responsibility for the accuacy of the payments, collections, and the exactness of the collected funds. We don't have a monthly financial review, but did have a half year review, where we found an $80 descrepancy between our records and those of the house.

The Pres has passed the task to me to handle all grievances. Neither he nor I anticipated the problems we would have with the oil in this house. Or the complaints that we would get.

If you read my original post, I went to the Treas and had him accompany me to the house mgmt to find the problem.

But, as a former business exec, CPA and VP of Finance, it is natural for me to identify a monetary problem and quickly fix it. That is where I reviewed the reconciliation procedure of the Treas.

Yes, the Handbook and the Rules state that the VP has responsibility for nothing, but, does act in the absence of the Pres, who was not there that night. So, I was within my authority.

The other thing that is in my favor is that I know the players on the side of the house very well. Much better than the Pres, who is basically a mole. They recognize my interest and that I had the authority, and responded appropriately.
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