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#7519 - 06/22/06 06:02 AM Having a good team...
Silent Mike Offline
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Registered: 12/27/05
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makes all the difference in the world. My Winter league was MISERABLE. 2 people quit for various personal reasons and the one girl who stayed was too busy being a mom and wife to care about bowling. I constantly had to get her to the line and very rarely did I get to enjoy the sport or focus on my shot rather than screaming kids.

Fast foward to the Summer league. I have 3 team mates that come ready to bowl. We seem to pick it up when one of us is off and like last night at times we can pour it on (for a mixed league). As a team we shot 2495 scratch which isn't record breaking but good for a team with only one 200 average bowler. Personally I am having THE best Summer season ever. I've always been a 200-208 bowler but with the new team, a new ball and enough practice to choke a horse I threw my 2nd 700 (724) of the Summer with a 246-222(split in 10th)-256. The 256 game was extra nice because I needed the last 3 in the 10th (6 straight) for the tie and got it. We took over 1st place after coming in with a 3 way tie. I also pushed the average to 222.3 which is uncharted territory for me.

No more joining leagues without setting up a team first. I absolutely enjoy my Weds., this is what I was missing all Winter. I learned a good lesson this Summer about what a good team can do for you.
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#7520 - 06/22/06 02:23 PM Re: Having a good team...
luisistaz Offline
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Registered: 01/04/06
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A/S/L: 49/male/Tijuana, Mexico
A good team.... so what's a good team?. Well, in the first place a good team (that's jus my point of view)consists in friends as well as players, if I'm not confortable with my partners, I'm not going to play well. Secondly, a team (specialy if it's a handicap league) has to be balanced for average and handicap. My team is very average heavy, so, every night we end up "giving" our oponents an average of 100 pins diference in handicap, and several teams even up to 250 pins diferance, that meand added preasure for all of us (witch I don't mind myself, but some of my guys do).Still, we are in good shape as a team, simply because we lift each other up.

#7521 - 06/22/06 04:38 PM Re: Having a good team...
Silent Mike Offline
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Registered: 12/27/05
Posts: 998
A/S/L: 39/M/Poconos PA
A good team to me is very basic. Come ready to bowl, don't skip weeks or if you have to then pre/post bowl, don't get behind in $ owed and keep your head in it. I agree it's always best to bowl with friends if at all possible. Since my move to a new state last year I got enough exposure to put together "good" teams or to be asked to part of one already established.

As a contrast I'm only averaging 200 at another house on Fri nights. I joined blindly just to vary my game and got stuck with 3 other people without a team. One guy is an awesome bowler the other 2 well, to be nice they have challenges.

I think scratch leagues will be more to my liking but I enjoy mixed for what they offer. I plan on doing both this Winter and luckily I know all the people I'll be bowling with before hand. No more moving for me lol
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#7522 - 06/22/06 10:19 PM Re: Having a good team...
Lefont Offline
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Registered: 01/14/06
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To me having a good team is
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#7523 - 06/24/06 07:56 PM Re: Having a good team...
BillinPhilly Offline
Action Bowler

Registered: 11/06/05
Posts: 264
A/S/L: 50 / M / Malvern, PA
A good team. Yes. This is the first time in all my years of bowling that I finally have a good team.

I joined a company league last year and at the start, we had two ladies on the team who weren't good bowlers, and we had a vacany (4 person teams) Out of the first 5 weeks, each of the 2 ladies managed to show up once and not in the same night. Then after week 5, the one lady, who was captain, by the way, sent an email and said she quit. She joined another team a few weeks later and told us we couldn't use her blind anymore after leaving us 2 bowlers short, but that's another story. Then right after the first lady quit, the second lady quit, too.

So it was me and the one other guy. We forfeited a few games because the other guy had to miss a couple weeks. Then we added another guy. When these 2 guys joined, one had his own ball, the other didn't. The guy who did have a ball had a very old urethan ball that didn't work well for him. Both were relative beginners, but both quickly improved - especially after they got more modern equipment. One of the guys turned out to be a great bowler by the end of the season, actually won league Most Improved.

We added a fourth guy a few weeks later. We bowled quite a few weeks during this with two bowlers, the weeks we didn't forfeit for only having one guy. We had a few real bad weeks where these guys were adjusting to new bowling balls. And despite all this, we were in the running right up to the end. We finished 3 games out of first. If we'd had this team together from the start, we'd have blown that league away completely.

So we stayed together for the summer, and we're planning on going back next year. I personally can't wait. Yes, its great to finally have a good team. In all my years of bowling, I never had a good team. No friends who bowl. I always got put on the team with the kid learning to bowl who threw every other bal lin the gutter and the old lady who could hardly make it to the end of the approach.

This is really different, and I'm loving it. What a difference. Makes you really enjoy the game more and makes you really want to show up and bowl. I don't know how I made it through some of those other leagues. Well, some I didn't. But yeah, having a good team makes a real difference. Who wants to show up every week with a team that doesn't want to bowl knowing they're going to lose every week and have all kinds of problems, etc? Not me.
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