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#74705 - 01/06/09 07:06 PM Effect particle has on hook.
asdfg68plus1 Offline
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Registered: 01/03/09
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I have a question. How much of an affect does a particle coverstock have on hook compared to a solid coverstock?

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Registered: Fri Aug 27 2004
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#74708 - 01/06/09 07:20 PM Re: Effect particle has on hook. [Re: asdfg68plus1]
Jay R. Offline

Registered: 05/03/08
Posts: 1300
A/S/L: 21/M/Tacoma, WA
I believe particle is really an additive, not a coverstock. Particles are added to either solid and/or pearl coverstocks. There's Solid Particle, Pearl Particle, and even Solid/Pearl Particle covertocks. Particle adds more traction and is said to smooth out over/under reactions.

#74709 - 01/06/09 07:23 PM Re: Effect particle has on hook. [Re: asdfg68plus1]
J_w73 Offline

Registered: 05/08/08
Posts: 1032
A/S/L: 37/M/Northern CA
depending on the particle cover a particle ball will generally hook more IN the oil. It will also hook earlier compared to a similarly drilled (/core) non particle ball. Generally you need ALOT of oil(or speed) for a particle cover to work the way it should. I usually use a sanded particle cover when nothing else will move for me.
I think particles got a bad wrap when the bulk of them came out because they were used on too dry of conditions. When used for what they are intended they are a great asset to have. Just on a typical house shot there isnt enough oil to get the ball down the lane. If you are playing on soup that is when you want a particle ball. It is not recommended but I used a polished Goliath particle from brunswick for my first ball out of my bag for a while. Tossed it in the lusterking.. After the polish wore off a little this ball was a monster.. would get down the lane and make a huge turn on the back end.. this was drilled at leverage too... I got rid of it because I bought some other so called heavy oil balls.. I'm so sorry I got rid of it that I am looking for another one to drill up..

I think the ultimate particle ball for heavy heavy oil is the AMB Blue Centaur Particle drilled with a 4 1/2 to 6 inch pin to pap(depending on rev rate). All the ball wants to do is hook.

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#74739 - 01/07/09 01:55 AM Re: Effect particle has on hook. [Re: J_w73]
Rack Wrecker Offline
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I have a low load particle ball, the Ebonite Predator, and I believe it is sanded. However, some sites say that the ball comes sanded and others say that the only one made was the Red Sparkle. Ebonite's own site seems to say that there was a sanded. The big difference from what I noticed was the color of the logo. The reason why is because even though the sparkle is obviously more polished, and possibly a pearl, the previous owner of the ball liked to buff the finish off of all her balls. That would take the surface similar to the sanded if I'm not mistaken, I would just look at the logo color being that the sparkle was yellow while the sanded was white, but over time, the ball no longer has a color on the engraved logo. So I'm stumped. it reacts pretty well if it were once a pearl but at the same time being low load particle, it still tends to hold line for a bit longer than most particle balls. Still, the backend can be jumpy when used on my THS just because it likes to cut into the pocket a bit deeper sometimes.

The particle will indeed make a difference in hook. but if the lanes are too dry, which lately most house shots I've been shooting have been, the ball just either cuts too much on the backend or rolls out due to not finding enough oil in the heads. Particles stopped being such a large issue in the coverstock I believe because more ball manufacturers were able to create powerful hooks without the additive, which in most cases, I think was silica, but don't quote me on it. Seeing as how so many house shots just weren't very friendly to particles, the market for them mostly died out and high oil balls took over. Some companies, like lane #1 still make a decent number of them if I'm not mistaken, but most companies seemed to have shied away from them lately.
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