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#7308 - 03/07/06 06:47 AM Re: What a ****** league experience (so far)
hstephens Offline
Bumper Bowler

Registered: 02/15/06
Posts: 3
A/S/L: 34/F/Midwest, baby!
It's odd, the Monday Night men's league is having trouble with people quitting too. It seems like nobody wants to bowl anymore. Maybe it's because of the handicap leagues and not having a scratch league, I don't know.

Sorry Pin Bomber, that was kind of off subject. We had a whiner on our mixed team a few years ago. It was horrible, she brought the whole team down. Just hang in there and chalk it up to a learning experience.
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Registered: Fri Aug 27 2004
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A/S/L: Mountain View, CA
#7309 - 05/24/06 09:52 AM Re: What a ****** league experience (so far)
BillinPhilly Offline
Action Bowler

Registered: 11/06/05
Posts: 264
A/S/L: 50 / M / Malvern, PA
Yeah, I've been there too. I'm fortunate to be on a good team right now bowling with 3 other great guys from work every week. We all get along and have alot of fun. But I can remember being on alot of teams where it wasn't like that.

I think we've all been through this. Most of the leagues I've joined in my life, I joined by myself or maybe with one other friend, because I don't have friends who bowl. Then you get put on a thrown together team with whoever else happens to sign up.

Some of the teams I've been on have been great and we had alot of fun. Others weren't as much fun - like when I was put on the team with the young kid learning to bowl, first time in a league, throws every other ball in the gutter and averages 110, and the 85 year old lady who can barely make it down the approach, throws the ball at 3 mph, and averages 75.

I never bowled a scratch league, because I hear they're way too serious and way too much "cheating" goes on with subs and other rules manipulations. I know enough of that stuff goes just in regular handicap leagues to tick me off, so I don't need that.

I'd like to try a sport league sometime - except that no center in my area does one right now that I'm aware of. I'd think the cheaters wouldn't be interested in those leagues, and they're probably less likely to draw the kinds of bowlers described above.
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#7310 - 05/25/06 10:22 AM Re: What a ****** league experience (so far)
Brian Longo Offline

Registered: 05/23/06
Posts: 1393
A/S/L: 37/M/Jacksonville, NC
I kind of went through the same headaches that Pin Bomber was going through with my Thursday Night team. It was a mixed league where at least one bowler had to be of the opposite [censored]. I bowled in this league for the past 3 years - everytime trying to hold together a team.

2 years ago, our leadoff bowler just up and quit towards the end of the year because her son was playing baseball. 3 of us were left and one of the 3 was a new bowler "who knew everything" and would try to tell me how to bowl. Here I am one of the 2 people to average 200 in the league being coached by someone who could barely hit 200 for two games. Needless to say I was happy to be done with that team. Couldn't tell you how we finished because I didn't care. I only put up with it because I just wanted to bowl since it was the only league I bowled in that year.

Last year, one of the gals from the previous year's team and I stuck together. I brought in a friend of mine (another "know-it-all") and we picked up a 4th bowler who was new to the area. He said he wasn't a great bowler. I didn't care. 6 weeks into the season the girl quits for whatever reason, so it's 3 of us again bowling with a female vacancy. In February, my friend hurt his shoulder so it was just me and the other guy. I wasn't too upset because my friend was trying to "coach me" - him and his 160 average and me, again, with my 200. My friend gets hurt and is out 6 weeks. No coincidence that I go on a tear averaging 231 while he's out because he's not in my ear. He comes back, I'm back to struggling to break 600 again. We did finish first for one of the halves, though, which was both good and bad.

This year, the 3 of us were back together (why I agreed to it, I don't know) and picked up a girl for the 4th. She carried a 173 from a synthetic center near Atlanta. I told her she'd be lucky to be around 10 pins less than last year, and would probably be 15 because of the wood lanes at this center (she finished at 157). I tried helping her, she didn't listen because she knew what she was doing wrong. Whatever. :rolleyes: My "know-it-all" buddy didn't help, either. He kept yammering in my ear as well all year long about the poor shot or how I was doing this or that. If the bowling center served alcohol, I'd have been drunk every week.

Around Christmas time, I got mad at the girl because she went nuts over the fact that the team we were bowling had 3 people who weren't there, 2 of which were always late and I said we would wait. She got all bent out of shape because "she didn't want to get home late". Shoot, she lived 10 minutes from the bowling center. I lived 45 minutes away. Anyhow, I cussed her out and nary spoke a word to her for the rest of the season. I don't like people who get all up in arms over starting 5 minutes later than normal. Big deal. Get over it already.

About 2/3 through the season, my friend had to quit because of work, so I had a "revolving door" of subs come in to finish the season. Again, without my friend, I bowled much better and finished the season at 208 and we came in first for one of the halves.

Next season, I'm not bowling in that league, that bowling center or with my friend. I got fed up with the bowling center and most of the bowlers in that league. It got to the point that, despite the fact I bowled well through the year, I didn't even want to show up. What's worse is that we paid $14 a night and $9.25 of that was going back to the house for lineage. So even though we made first for one half, we only walked out with $215/head which didn't even cover our freakin' lineage!

My point is: what's the point of bowling if you're not going to enjoy it? Whether it's scratch our handicap, find a team you enjoy bowling with because all of you are stuck in it for the long haul. Bowling good and winning prize money is nice, but for me it's about (trying) to have a good time. I'd rather bowl with 3 other people who are decent, but not great bowlers who don't openly complain about lane conditions, or their ball works better at such-and-such center, or whatever else than 3 "scratch-level" bowlers who are nothing but primadonnas.

I'm not saying that I'm some sort of saint, because I do get upset about poor and otherwise unplayable lane conditions expecially when I'm forking over that kind of money to the house, but I don't throw a fit about it or complain to my teammates about it. My attitude got so bad this year because I was so mad or irritated that I now need to readjust my head and pull it out of my behind. Yeah, I bowled well, and we took first, but at what cost? Sanity shouldn't be a price you pay for bowling.
"There are no magical balls, just magical bowlers"

#7311 - 07/17/06 02:12 PM Re: What a ****** league experience (so far)
Rollin' Cowboy Offline
Bracket Donor

Registered: 01/02/06
Posts: 192
A/S/L: 39/M/Atlanta
Got one even better. A couple of years ago, we had a woman that came in and joined our team just long enough (21 games) to get a book average for tournaments and then she bailed.

Cal Russell

It takes balls to play this game.

#7312 - 07/17/06 02:24 PM Re: What a ****** league experience (so far)
Atochabsh Offline
USBC Bronze Coach

Registered: 02/13/01
Posts: 6567
A/S/L: 50/F/California
That happens all the time Rolling. Even worse is that in some leagues subs bowl for free. So they sub enough to get their 21 games in and basically get a book average for free. All they have to do is buy the USBC card and they're set.


#7313 - 07/17/06 02:58 PM Re: What a ****** league experience (so far)
Tyveil Offline
Team USA Contender

Registered: 10/20/03
Posts: 463
A/S/L: Kansas
Bowling, like so many other team sports, is all about connections, who you know. If you don't know a lot of bowlers who enjoy bowling as much as you I suggest either subbing for other leagues to build connections and/or play leagues with smaller teams (singles or doubles) until you have the connections to build the team you want.

I don't know why you have to bowl scratch to be competitive. We have a Monday night league that handicaps 80% of 230 and it is very competitive. Averages are generally in the 180-230 range, with most bowlers falling right around 200.

I've also had my share of nightmare experiences with teammates. My first year in the Monday night league we were made up of 5 bowlers who didn't know each other. We had our original captain quit after 8 weeks due to health problems. Our highest bowler (anchor - 210 average) was very unreliable, we never knew week to week whether he would show up or not, and he never called. Another bowler was always angry, cussing out how he bowled like **** even when he was bowling 20+ pins over his average. He committed some serious felonies and went to prison for 50+ years about 2/3 through the season. Finally our 4th bowler, the lowest average, didn't seem to care at all. He'd get angry any time you tried to give him advice. At least he was reliable and showed up every week.

So.. wow.. anyways, by the end of the season there were 2 good bowlers on the team plus myself (yea I know that adds up to more than 5.. we actually had like 9 bowlers on the roster with all the moving around)... So we have a core of 3 good, reliable, high average members to start next year. And I met some employees at the house over summer league that are good bowlers, reliable, and fun to be around. So next year should be a great 5-man team. I think I just had to suffer through that first year circus.
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#7314 - 07/25/06 06:15 PM Re: What a ****** league experience (so far)
Rollin' Cowboy Offline
Bracket Donor

Registered: 01/02/06
Posts: 192
A/S/L: 39/M/Atlanta
They still have free subs here too Erin. I personally would rather just bowl with an absent than bring in a sub. You never know what or who you are getting. You may have to give up 10 pins per game but if there's a handicap, you are getting that absent's H-cap at full value.

Cal Russell

It takes balls to play this game.

#7315 - 07/25/06 08:14 PM Re: What a ****** league experience (so far)
Silent Mike Offline
Hall of Famer Contender

Registered: 12/27/05
Posts: 998
A/S/L: 39/M/Poconos PA
Yeah but the absent can not help your team win. Some nights you need all 4 people above their average to win. The only time I'd deal with an absent is if the other team had one too, cancels each other out...sort of.
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#7316 - 07/25/06 09:11 PM Re: What a ****** league experience (so far)
Atochabsh Offline
USBC Bronze Coach

Registered: 02/13/01
Posts: 6567
A/S/L: 50/F/California
We still don't bring in subs, at least for our team. What gets me is all the subs that just pop in with no book, no sanction card. We have one sub in one of our leagues that's averaging 47 the first time she bowled. Needless to say she did better the next time. I think she averaged 87. But her handicap was on 47. Glad we were not the team she bowled against. Its a pain in the you know what, to figure out the average, then the handicap then the differnce between the teams and then the results. I expect to do this the first couple weeks of a league, but hate to do it 8 , 10 weeks into a summer league or 25 weeks into a winter league.

Only good part about subs is that you might get a regular league bowler for next season.


#7317 - 07/29/06 03:20 AM Re: What a ****** league experience (so far)
BSchaff Offline
League Bowler

Registered: 09/21/05
Posts: 61
A/S/L: 23/M/Florida
Well I have to say I haven't had a league bowler commit major felonies are get serious jail time... that's crazy Tyveil!!

I bowl with 3 people I know and really enjoy and we're having a great time this season... we are all getting better and we'll be keeping this team together for next season. I agree with all who have said that league bowling is a much better experience when done with those who you know and are friends with. I am finding that out now and will most definitely keep it in mind in the future. I could have added a better bowler but people do not like him so I said there wasn't a spot for him and I feel like I've made the right decision.

Assuming none of my people go to jail for murder, we should win the league smile Great bowling all.
12/25/05, 11:09 PM... the time I dropped two C-notes on the lanes for the first time.

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