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#75116 - 01/10/09 01:49 PM Re: Your favorite PBA bowler [Re: Rack Wrecker]
Calvin Pistorio Offline
State Champion Contender

Registered: 02/19/07
Posts: 6283
A/S/L: 32/m/maryland
I think Norm finishes like that so that he can post his shot with no problem and watch the ball. Plus where you are finishes up at the top of the follow through can give you great insight on what you might have done wrong or right. Pete Weber is another one who finishes with his hand up in the air and his fingers usually pointing straight up with the whole hand straight. This is how it was done when they started bowling and apparently it works for them, even though we haven't seen much from Weber recently. Along with some of the others mentioned in Smooth's post, these guys make the game look effortless, with very little if any exaggerated or unneeded movements.
Calvin's Highs

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Registered: Fri Aug 27 2004
Posts: 10100
A/S/L: Mountain View, CA
#75122 - 01/10/09 03:00 PM Re: Your favorite PBA bowler [Re: Calvin Pistorio]
Rack Wrecker Offline
Team USA Contender

Registered: 10/24/08
Posts: 460
A/S/L: 19/M/Cleveland, Ohio
I completely agree with the making the game look effortless and smooth comment. No question about it, those bowlers seem to just fluidly slide through their shot. I personally have left my hand in that poised form from time to time to better note what happened and how it happened but I do prefer to let the arm do its natural discharge still. However, I don't think this makes the bowler any less impressive and considering how every bowler has a certain individuality to their form and their shot (If you analyzed every bowler and picked apart every tiny part of their style and approach I doubt you'd find too many that had the exact same look, if any at all. Somethings are better kept to the books, so to speak, but there will always be something that speaks to that bowler specifically and not all other bowlers will do) I find it amazing that with all the different styles and variations, each bowler can still create the same end result with different setups. I guess its kind of like pitchers in baseball, where there are plenty of different styles and forms with a certain standardized pattern that is outlined in each form, but then varied slightly to match the player individually. Think of all the crazy looking forms that pitchers have compared to one another and think of bowlers doing the same thing. I like to watch people who aren't PBA members bowl just to see the differences in form. Youtube can be both a place to explore this and see some really... well... less than successful forms
You haven't hit the pocket well enough until you've Wrecked the Rack!

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#77713 - 01/29/09 05:50 PM Re: Your favorite PBA bowler [Re: Rack Wrecker]
cowboybrad27 Offline
Bracket Donor

Registered: 01/06/09
Posts: 123
A/S/L: 26/M/Carrollton, TX
I have not watched to many events because I am new to bowling. I DVR every chance I get though. So far my fav is Wes Mallott. I like his style or bowling and he seems to have a sense of humor.
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#77717 - 01/29/09 06:08 PM Re: Your favorite PBA bowler [Re: cowboybrad27]
JedC Offline

Registered: 11/19/08
Posts: 28
A/S/L: 24/m/KY
I'll have to say Eugene McCune since CoachJim said my style reminds him of McCune's. I looked it up on Youtube and was pretty surprised at how similar we are, at least in terms of being horribly off-balance at the line and kinda falling off to the right. The intensity and lane personality were kinda similar too. So until I mail in the application, it'll be McCune. When I do mail it in, I'll change my favorite to me! :P

#77743 - 01/29/09 09:09 PM Re: Your favorite PBA bowler [Re: Rack Wrecker]
Vic44 Offline
Virtual League Champion

Registered: 01/27/09
Posts: 801
A/S/L: 51/ Male/ Colorado Springs CO
My faves still actively bowling:
Chris Barnes
Sean Rash

Alltime Fave:
SIR Earl Anthony (RIP)

Storm Sync, NVD & a worn-out Widow for spares.

Career HG: 300 (3)
Career HS: 772
Career High Avg(09-10) 217.
15-16 Avg: 189

Last year? Not pretty. No high scores worth posting from 15-16. But good times ahead. smile

#77749 - 01/29/09 09:39 PM Re: Your favorite PBA bowler [Re: Vic44]
bowlerdawg Offline

Registered: 01/29/09
Posts: 13
A/S/L: 00/NC
fav for sure is maximum bob
i watched the tournament he won before he turned pro using a urethane ball, and whipped everybody
maybe he should have stayed w/ urethane
just a thought

guy i root for is WRW Jr.
want to see him win some more, and PDW, like to see him win some more majors

i like couch hope he makes a full recovery

i also like the cracken, and tony reyes
ZERO grip pressure and forward thumb pitch
that's where its at

#77765 - 01/30/09 12:53 AM Re: Your favorite PBA bowler [Re: bowlerdawg]
Fgreco Offline
Bracket Donor

Registered: 05/04/05
Posts: 176
A/S/L: 25/Male/Brick, NJ
I would have to say Norm Duke is my favorite.
High Game: 290
High Series: 757
Average: 190

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#77770 - 01/30/09 02:11 AM Re: Your favorite PBA bowler [Re: Fgreco]
Brandon510 Offline

Registered: 08/05/06
Posts: 1990
A/S/L: 28/Male/California/Philippines
1. Tony Reyes (Home town Pro)
2. Parker Bohn III ( been watching him since i was kid)
3. Wes Malott
4. Pete Weber
5. Tommy Jones
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#78108 - 02/01/09 04:46 PM Re: Your favorite PBA bowler [Re: Brandon510]
KleenStriker300 Offline

Registered: 04/30/08
Posts: 16
A/S/L: 40/M/Iowa
I can give you my top 5 anyway:
1. Norm Duke
2. Brian Voss
3. Tommy Jones
4. Walter Ray Williams, Jr.
5. Sean Rash
"Believe me, as a bowler, I know that right about now, your bladder feels like an overstuffed vacuum cleaner bag and your butt is kinda like an about-to-explode bratwurst."
- Ernie McCracken

#78125 - 02/01/09 09:26 PM Re: Your favorite PBA bowler [Re: KleenStriker300]
LostinSpace Offline

Registered: 01/27/09
Posts: 14
A/S/L: m/Bay Area, California
David Ozio

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