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#71201 - 11/21/08 12:35 PM Re: Fall/Winter Leagues 2008 [Re: Dennis Michael]
saabbowler Offline
Bracket Donor

Registered: 03/12/05
Posts: 129
A/S/L: 30/Male/St. Louis, MO
I'm back again. Last week was miserable. I don't even remember the scores, but I do remember several gutterballs. I figured out the problem, it was my mechanics. On my backswing, I was pulling the ball behind me, causing my ball to go right at the release. Not good when you are playing the outside part of the lane. Tuesday night, I focused on that, and I didn't throw a single gutterball. Bowled a decent series (for me), a 177-161-203. Second game, I had several ringing 10 pins, and left them too. Third game, I broke out the Track Slash, moved further inside, and went for the infamous Imperial light strike. Hopefully tonight I can carry over the good work.
Dennis Hyman

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HGS: 258
HSS: 695

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Registered: Fri Aug 27 2004
Posts: 10100
A/S/L: Mountain View, CA
#71220 - 11/22/08 09:03 AM Re: Fall/Winter Leagues 2008 [Re: saabbowler]
tbill Offline
Touring Pro Contender

Registered: 02/16/08
Posts: 693
A/S/L: 42/m/ny
had another good outing thursday, shot a 172, 176 and a 198.

198 game should have been way better, but splits got the best of me. started the game with 5 in a row, then left a horrible split, followed by another horrible split, then a really lost focus on the next frame with a 7 pin count between two shots, then managed a spare, then tossed two strikes in the 10th followed by a lousy 4 pin count fill ball.

good night overall though.
167 avg
248 high game (12/14/09)
616 high series (12/14/09)
working on all of them......

track 930T [15]

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#71227 - 11/22/08 12:38 PM Re: Fall/Winter Leagues 2008 [Re: tbill]
Silent Mike Offline
Hall of Famer Contender

Registered: 12/27/05
Posts: 998
A/S/L: 39/M/Poconos PA
Another outing where I subbed another so-so night and man am I horrible on 10 pins.

I rolled 195-182-235=612. We had a high rev guy on the other team play very deep and completely changed our shot and his by the middle of the 2nd game. I searched for 2 games then decided to move way left and play the lanes like he did. I had a 4 bagger for that 182 2nd game(pathetic) then had a nice game going into the 10th of the 3rd game where I left a 10 pin and wiffed. My plastic balls feels like I'm trying to knock over a pin with a BB. I think Im going to go back to using my strike ball and a broken wrist to pick them up until I regain my control. I must be 5 for 15 on ten pins as of late, completely unacceptable.

I guess the positives would be it's still a 600 series, we split points after getting beat the first 2 games and the leg feels pretty good.
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#71252 - 11/22/08 10:11 PM Re: Fall/Winter Leagues 2008 [Re: Silent Mike]
Calvin Pistorio Offline
State Champion Contender

Registered: 02/19/07
Posts: 6283
A/S/L: 32/m/maryland
Another Saturday in the books and another weird series. Tonight I had some footing issues to start the night. I was sliding too much and changed my soles during practice a couple times and refuse to go to the next sole I could try as I knew it wouldn't slide and I would be worried about taking a dive as opposed to just sliding too much. I was staying clean beside for one frame despite the issues. I finally realized I still had a heel with more brake and it worked. I punched out from the ninth for a 199.

The second game started out good but I had three single pin opens and punched out from the ninth again for a 194. The third game was the downfall of the night. I start out with a multiple pin open, strike and then nail my ankle for a gutter ball and somehow pick the spare up on a not so good spare attempt. I then started to having some more footing issues, mainly on the right lane. I set myself up in the eighth and ninth to punch out again for another 190something but a bad first shot and a completely bad spare attempt put me in the mid 150s for a mid 550 series. I had 8 opens, 6 of them a single pin spare and at least half of those were 6 pins, one open was a split and the other was the 1-2-4 that I lined up wrong. We were swept for the first time this season.
Calvin's Highs

#71257 - 11/22/08 10:44 PM Re: Fall/Winter Leagues 2008 [Re: Calvin Pistorio]
pbateson Offline
Action Bowler

Registered: 12/10/06
Posts: 235
A/S/L: Everett, WA, USA
Yesterday night, not bad I bowled with high series.

179-209-187 = 575

In 2nd game, I had 2 opens, and the 3rd game, I bowled 2 strikes, 1 open, 2 strikes, 1 split, 2 strikes, 1 open, 2 strikes, and 1 open.

Broke my old series of 547 and now is 575. I didnt bowled shy of 600 series in 11 years (Since I started to bowl in 1997).

Back to 500 series since 10/11/08.

#71259 - 11/23/08 12:51 AM Re: Fall/Winter Leagues 2008 [Re: pbateson]
Brandon510 Offline

Registered: 08/05/06
Posts: 1990
A/S/L: 28/Male/California/Philippines
Great Bowling. Almost got your self a 600 series. Just a couple more spare conversion then you would of had it.
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#71297 - 11/23/08 07:00 PM Re: Fall/Winter Leagues 2008 [Re: Brandon510]
Scott Gannon Offline
Hall of Famer Contender

Registered: 10/30/06
Posts: 967
A/S/L: 51/M/California
A little late, from Thursday, had two very tough games. Shot 490 (147, 150, 193). If I had been throwing the ball all night instead of babying it I would have done much better. As a team we took one of four but have been just 1-11 over the last 3 weeks.
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#71318 - 11/23/08 10:35 PM Re: Fall/Winter Leagues 2008 [Re: Scott Gannon]
Tim Gerard Offline
Virtual League Champion

Registered: 09/29/05
Posts: 2314
A/S/L: m/ Michigan
Nice going Paul,
You are really starting to post some good scores.

Hang in there..just a little slump that you will come out of soon enough.
In the bag...all 15#

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#71358 - 11/24/08 12:05 PM Re: Fall/Winter Leagues 2008 [Re: Scott Gannon]
eastwest Offline
High Roller

Registered: 03/15/07
Posts: 306
A/S/L: No. VA
Originally Posted By: Scott Gannon
A little late, from Thursday, had two very tough games. Shot 490 (147, 150, 193). If I had been throwing the ball all night instead of babying it I would have done much better. As a team we took one of four but have been just 1-11 over the last 3 weeks.

Sounds like my team and I. I've been in a little slump, but I'm not completely lost. Our team's gone 1-11 the past 3 weeks, just like yours. I'm looking to fix my footwork and keep my upper body under better control, which'll result in more consistent striking. My teammates are bowling horrifically bad games the past month or so, because I don't think they care much about the league any more. Oh well, I'll be continuing on with my league play through May and then joining a summer league on top of some ABT tourneys along the way.
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#71364 - 11/24/08 01:39 PM Re: Fall/Winter Leagues 2008 [Re: eastwest]
Tim Gerard Offline
Virtual League Champion

Registered: 09/29/05
Posts: 2314
A/S/L: m/ Michigan
We had two O-for nights in a row, with the whole team just going in the tank. Now thats a pretty good slump.
Granted we had to give 70+ pins both nights , but thats no excuse. Although there was grumbling up and down the lanes that that balls were just not reacting as usual. Lanes seemed extra greasy. Balls were sliding, and just were not coming back at all, which in my case, was causing me to force it resulting in some pretty lousy leaves. I have to nip that in the bud before I'm back to really [censored] up my timing and mechanics again.
In the bag...all 15#

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