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#69099 - 10/21/08 05:55 PM Re: Fall/Winter Leagues 2008 [Re: Dennis Michael]
Calvin Pistorio Offline
State Champion Contender

Registered: 02/19/07
Posts: 6283
A/S/L: 32/m/maryland
I don't hold my breath while bowling, I just wait and let the air clear and when teammates walk into the center eating Taco Bell, you know its going to be that kind of night.
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Registered: Fri Aug 27 2004
Posts: 10100
A/S/L: Mountain View, CA
#69147 - 10/22/08 10:18 AM Re: Fall/Winter Leagues 2008 [Re: Calvin Pistorio]
eastwest Offline
High Roller

Registered: 03/15/07
Posts: 306
A/S/L: No. VA
Sorry guys and gals, that was uhhh... my um, leather chair...?
Cell Pearl 15#
Hammer Toxic 15#
White Dot 15#
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#69150 - 10/22/08 10:38 AM Re: Fall/Winter Leagues 2008 [Re: eastwest]
Dennis Michael Offline
Virtual League Champion

Registered: 12/11/05
Posts: 9780
A/S/L: M/Barrington, Ill
So so night, just couldn't get things strung together. I think I had 12 ten pins. Many of which stopped strings, or sat in the middle. Good thing, is I only missed 1 all night. I only had 3 opens, 1 in each game. Spares saved the night. That dreaded 3-6 split raised it's ugly head again. I have tried different angles on this spare repeatedly. Somehow, my training of hitting every pin with the ball is working against me. I did pick it up by standing left, and aiming at a pocket hit.

I bowled 190 something, low 200, and another 190. But, I was second in King of the hill with handicap. Bought gas on the way home with the winnings.

Seems the lower bowlers had a field day with the oil pattern favoring a straighter bowler. Hi games in the scratch pot for the night were 220 to 240. But, hi games in the handicap pots were all over 270. Lots of cap being added to a decent game.

Team won 5 of 7. I bowled my opponent even.

Edited by Dennis Michael (10/22/08 10:40 AM)
LM - Black Diamond 15#
Lord Field - Exodus Pearl 15#
Legends - L/M New Terminator 15#
Legends - L/M Xtreme Damage 15# Strong pearl

#69152 - 10/22/08 11:30 AM Re: Fall/Winter Leagues 2008 [Re: eastwest]
howiegroove Offline
Action Bowler

Registered: 08/16/08
Posts: 272
A/S/L: 28/M/Orlando, FL
Last night was great. I threw an inside line for the first time all season and it worked great. The first game I shot a 191 with only one open. I had alot of spares and was getting a ton of weak 10 pins, but I made some very small adjustments.

The second game I shot a 263. I started with 7 straight. I started to get nervous and threw the ball just a hair high in the 8th to leave the 4/9. I threw a perfect field goal and struck all the way to the last ball and threw a hard 10.

Last game was similar to the first but w/ more strikes and shot a 203.

My series was a 657 and I matched my opponent quite well. All in all, we took 5 out of 7 for the night.

15# Ebonite NVD
15# Hammer Hot Sauce
15# Track Uprising
15# Track Kinetic Pearl
15# Hammer Emerald Vibe
15# Roto-Grip Clear (spares)

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#69163 - 10/22/08 01:12 PM Re: Fall/Winter Leagues 2008 [Re: howiegroove]
Joey Offline
Junior Coach

Registered: 01/09/08
Posts: 43
A/S/L: 33,M,Monticello, MN
Finally cracked 600 for the year...Yay!....I thought I would try and dig out my old Faball 3d offset and giver her a whirl...just for giggles...I had this thought that it would handle how the lanes are set up and give me a more consistent shot...

I rolled a 191, 204, and a 223, for a 618. it is a little better than what i had posted the last three weeks (averaged 580-590's)...not out of this world better...but it boosted the confidence from shadow balls right through all three games...and is probably why I did better...just felt like old times if anybody gets what i am talking about...

Edited by Joey (10/22/08 01:13 PM)
Currently throw: MoRich Awesome Hook- 16#

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#69165 - 10/22/08 01:17 PM Re: Fall/Winter Leagues 2008 [Re: Joey]
Russ I. Offline
Virtual League Champion

Registered: 07/10/08
Posts: 783
A/S/L: 43/m/wis
I had a great night again but during practice I stuck. Luckily, my hand came out of the ball quick enough that I could get both of my hands down or I would of landed face first on the lane. I had all fours on the lane. Got up walked back and said "Yep theres oil on the lane".
That's only happened one other time and I ended up in the gutter.
Average anywhere from 214-196 depending on 10 pins
High Game 300(1/19/2010 High Series 754-(2008)
Arsenal: Aura Paranormal,Shout, Brutal Nightmare
PAP 4 7/8" x 0

#69188 - 10/22/08 08:53 PM Re: Fall/Winter Leagues 2008 [Re: General Pounder]
Cryssen Offline
League Bowler

Registered: 09/05/08
Posts: 97
A/S/L: 29/M/Louisville, KY, USA
League Folded, I'm starting a different league tomorrow night with the Secretary and three others from our league. We'll see how it goes. Scores from that house have been 10-20 pins higher than others in our area. I'll have to get used to the approach, as I don't get as much slide there.
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HSS: 732

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#69191 - 10/22/08 10:54 PM Re: Fall/Winter Leagues 2008 [Re: Cryssen]
Richie V. Offline
Virtual League Secretary,
Virtual League Champion x4

Registered: 02/21/08
Posts: 4668
A/S/L: 52/M/Brockton, MA
My Week 8 bowling (BowlSK)

A 513 set tonight, but not because I could get strikes. My spare game, surprisingly, was what kept me in it tonight, as I made all but 2 of the spares that weren't either splits or washouts. Had a couple of doubles in the second game, but that was it. Team got swept, as we faced a team that had 2 of the 3 highest average bowlers in the league, and they both had good nights.

Arsenal (all 15 lb.)
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Career Highs
Avg.: 197 (Summer 2008)
Book: 186
Series: 707
Game: 288

Brunswick Mixed - Avg: 171 HS: 573 HG: 233
Composite avg. (w/ Sun. night sub): 174

The Tenth Board: My bowling blog
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#69195 - 10/23/08 12:32 AM Re: Fall/Winter Leagues 2008 [Re: Richie V.]
Dennis Michael Offline
Virtual League Champion

Registered: 12/11/05
Posts: 9780
A/S/L: M/Barrington, Ill
I had one of my balls redrilled. Bowled with it today, and had some good success. I was really looking forward to using it tonight. Well, it didn't work. A medium ball on heavy oil just doesn't work, and I shouldn't have tried to make it work.

A wasted first game of 147. The ball never finished, regardless of what I tried to do. I should have changed immediately.

Second game, I made the change to my Terminator. I was sorry I didn't start with it. Shot 254. Then I finished with 244.

Why didn't I use this ball at the start?

We won all games, and I somehow, won the king of the hill, and the second and third pot games. Even my first game won agaist an opponent. Good night in the pots.

Edited by Dennis Michael (10/23/08 12:33 AM)
LM - Black Diamond 15#
Lord Field - Exodus Pearl 15#
Legends - L/M New Terminator 15#
Legends - L/M Xtreme Damage 15# Strong pearl

#69196 - 10/23/08 12:32 AM Re: Fall/Winter Leagues 2008 [Re: Richie V.]
Wes Jizmak Offline

Registered: 09/10/08
Posts: 28
A/S/L: 34/m/fl
Week 8.

Started slow, Bad reads, Missed 2 spares,
second game was hot and clean game,
In the tenth frame, First ball stike, and no ball return.
Both lanes balls were stuck. All balls came back but mine,
Until I see someone carrying my ball out of the backshop.

My Cell was decimated, Deep Grooves all over the ball,
It was so bad, I couldnt finish with it, or use it period.

Played 3rd game, with my Roto-grip Rush,
Played more direct and inside and it worked well in
the carrydown.

The pro-shop owner and The House manager were both there,
And They said they would set me up with another ball.

The Cell I had was a a pro-cg And had the CG kicked way out.
But It was very stable for me, and I had not yet had an over/under reaction from it, as It read the lanes very well,
and was very forgiving when I missed my mark.

Game 1 178
Game 2 245
Game 3 214

series 637

That is (Was) my cell.
My only hope is the replacement ball is the same.

Weapons of choice:
16# Ebonite Mission
16# Roto-grip Cell
16# Track Assassin
16# Danger Zone.

09-10 winter Season (Finished 4th overall)

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