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#6510 - 03/20/06 05:24 PM Re: Ball Specs Decisions Announced
Lefty Offline

Registered: 01/30/05
Posts: 2356
A/S/L: 37 / M / Rochester, NY
Originally posted by Bama Slamma:
I know this is probably gonna open up a huge can of worms, but what exactly is the problem with "high scores?"

The problem is that high scores are not indicitive of skill and Execution anymore. I have myself shot very high games and series where I threw the ball terrible. I watch people all the time who average high but aren't all that good of bowlers. They might turn out to be good bowlers if they ever bowled on a shot that actually made them hit their mark, or even look at their mark for that matter. But they don't so you'll never know.

How exactly have they "hurt the credibility" of our sport?

Because the game is to easy. "Perfection" in the game is commonplace now. People don't even clap for 300's anymore because there's nothing special about them. How can the sport have any credibiliy when we don't even honor "honor scores"?

Shouldn't we be able to roll a high game and get a "congratulations" instead of "the lane condition was too easy." Even if the lane condition is "easy," it still takes skill to get the ball to the pocket.

The game is exponentially easier than it was 10 or 20 years ago. It takes significantly less skill to knock down pins on house shots than it did years ago. And even on harder shots, it is still easier with todays bowling balls.

What exactly is the target level for score lowering? Do we want to get it to the point of professionals rolling 140 games on TV?

They actually bowl ono tough shots. Not the toughest in the world, but pretty tough. Most house bowlers would quit if the had to bowl on almost any of their shots. You're not going to make pro's average 140 no matter what you put out there.

The "house bowlers" that average 200+ on a house shot don't often make it on the PBA because the lane conditions are a lot tougher and the pressure is a lot higher.

Having a 200 average used to mean something. Today it really doesn't mean anything. I'd like to say that 220 is what 200 used to be, but even that's not the truth. The sad fact is, you can't tell if someone is a good bowler by their average anymore.

As of now I average about 155-160 on house conditions with today's reactive resin and particle equipment.

Honestly, changing the condition and the equipment probably won't have an effect on your average. What it will do is bring down the people who average 180+. I think that under that the effects will be minimal.

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Registered: Fri Aug 27 2004
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#6511 - 03/21/06 02:26 AM Re: Ball Specs Decisions Announced
SportBowler Joe Offline
Bracket Donor

Registered: 10/26/05
Posts: 154
A/S/L: 63/M/SoCal-RH
Well said Lefty ... I bowl on a sport league on monday nights and a pba league on tuesdays here in so cal, anyway about 4-5 weeks ago a bowler in our sport league had the front 11 and the entire league just stopped to give this guy some respect, it was almost like the clock was turned back to around 1970, anyway he rung a 10 for 299, but anyone who joined this league knows just how accurate you have to be to post that kind of score on these demanding conditions, so he got his well deserved congrats. Had this been one of their other "house shot" scratch leagues others may have never noticed because the quality of a 300/800 on house conditions these days has gone to pot and may never recover.
All the 220+ bowlers who joined our monday sport league are now averaging about 185-195.
Sport 300's (7)
Sport 800's (1)
House 300's (50+)
House 800's (15)

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