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#61044 - 07/08/08 12:09 AM Thumb Hole Tightness
Chubbs Offline
Team USA Contender

Registered: 04/24/08
Posts: 494
A/S/L: 30/M/Niceville, FL
I'm sure this topic has been addressed before, so my apologies if this is in fact a repeat thread.

I have serious grabbing issues, and while I think I'm making progress I know I'm not going to continue to improve unless I can fix it. I've been bowling for about a year now, but I'm still totally confused about how to get my thumbhole fit right. I know they should be tight enough that the ball holds your hand instead of the other way around. When the hole is too loose, I grab because it feels like the balls going to fly off. When it's tight I grab it because it feels like there's no way this thing is going to come off without flying halfway down the lane. Anybody have any remedies for this? I've been fiddling with tape in the holes to attempt to get the fit right, and at times I think I'm getting better. It's still an issue though, and I'm wondering if there's anything else I should be trying. I've seen ads for Ron C's Magic Carpet, and wondered if that would be worth trying. Anybody had good experiences with it? Thanks for the help!
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Registered: Fri Aug 27 2004
Posts: 10100
A/S/L: Mountain View, CA
#61046 - 07/08/08 12:39 AM Re: Thumb Hole Tightness [Re: Chubbs]
Dennis Michael Offline
Virtual League Champion

Registered: 12/11/05
Posts: 9680
A/S/L: M/Barrington, Ill
Add Black bowlers tape to the back of your thumb hole as you need it.
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#61049 - 07/08/08 01:13 AM Re: Thumb Hole Tightness [Re: Chubbs]
Gonzalo Offline

Registered: 04/10/08
Posts: 20
A/S/L: 50/M/Asuncion; Paraguay
I have tried Ron Clifton's "Magic Carpet" and it has helped me. I used to drop the ball, despite using tape, since I generally relax well the thumb. Ron C's carpet is nothing but a thicker tape, made with a kind of carpet that produces a much tighter feeling, while allowing the ball to slip softly from your thumb, due to the holes in the carpet that facilitate air flow. Good luck.

#61051 - 07/08/08 01:43 AM Re: Thumb Hole Tightness [Re: Gonzalo]
Jay R. Offline

Registered: 05/03/08
Posts: 1300
A/S/L: 21/M/Tacoma, WA
Ron C's Magic Carpet is really good at getting a snug thumb hole, and I recommend using black or white tape(whichever you prefer) in the thumb hole as well, for swelling/shrinking purposes. I don't know what it is about the carpet, it does what tape does but a lot better.

#61064 - 07/08/08 07:25 AM Re: Thumb Hole Tightness [Re: Jay R.]
Tim Gerard Offline
Virtual League Champion

Registered: 09/29/05
Posts: 2314
A/S/L: m/ Michigan
Ron C's Magic Carpet tape does work pretty well. The tape goes in the thumb hole positioned so that the tape comes in contact with the back of your thumb. The material allows for a snug fit, buts its soft and pliable enough that the ball comes off your thumb easily. Thats all the tape you will need.

Or you could have a mold of your thumb made, but you first need to have a thumb hole you are comfortable with. My Pro Shop did this for me. I had a ball that "felt" great and my thumb fit nicely. They made a mold of that thumb hole and use it in every ball I purchased since. Now every one of my balls have the exact same thumb hole, same fit. Best thing I ever did.
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#61071 - 07/08/08 08:31 AM Re: Thumb Hole Tightness [Re: Tim Gerard]
Dennis Michael Offline
Virtual League Champion

Registered: 12/11/05
Posts: 9680
A/S/L: M/Barrington, Ill
I guess I am lucky, or have a good driller. I have never had any problem with my thumb. No calluses, no strain. I don't use tape. Only 1 piece in my spare ball because I tend to rotate that and not keep my hand flat. It helps.
LM - Black Diamond 15#
Lord Field - Exodus Pearl 15#
Legends - L/M New Terminator 15#
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#61075 - 07/08/08 09:16 AM Re: Thumb Hole Tightness [Re: Dennis Michael]
Lefty Offline

Registered: 01/30/05
Posts: 2356
A/S/L: 37 / M / Rochester, NY
I adjust tape almost every time I bowl. Sometimes I have to add tape at the beginning of the night and take a piece out later. Sometimes I have to take a piece or pieces out at the beginning. Your thumb changes sizes all the time and the fit should be pretty exact. You should expect to have to change tape in and out to keep your thumb fitting well.

#61086 - 07/08/08 12:18 PM Re: Thumb Hole Tightness [Re: Lefty]
J_w73 Offline

Registered: 05/08/08
Posts: 1032
A/S/L: 37/M/Northern CA
you can use the loop part of a velcro strip.. you can get them at the 99 cent store.. They have stickum on the back and do pretty much the same thing as the magic carpet I think..maybe a little rougher depending on the loop.. if you can find the shorter loop velcro that might be even better ..
or go look at foam for the inside of shoes. You have to add your own double stick tape to this but it provided a very snug fit but still comes off of your had at release.. the foam is thick so you may have to open up your thumb a bit with sandpaper ..
shoe moleskin works also but it isn't as soft..
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#61094 - 07/08/08 12:57 PM Re: Thumb Hole Tightness [Re: J_w73]
CoachJim Offline
USBC Silver Coach

Registered: 09/19/06
Posts: 4665
A/S/L: Reston, Virginia USA
Cubbs, you may need to go forward with your thumb pitch if the hole is tight and you are still slipping.

Magic Carpet is specifically made for bowling and is not the same thing as velcro. Magic Carpet is also directional, you can put it in so the loops feel rough or smooth, and it doesn't leave tape glue in the hole.


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