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#38292 - 01/09/07 10:28 PM Re: PBA Experience Leagues [Re: Atochabsh]
Lefty Offline

Registered: 01/30/05
Posts: 2356
A/S/L: 37 / M / Rochester, NY
Erin has a point, but I still think it's about your expectations when you go in. I think I had a very similar reaction to what she had for the first sport league I bowled in. I really felt like I was bowling in a phone booth. Then you want to control your sing, slow down, and do all these other things because you're afraid of missing.

My biggest problem was that I was embarrased to miss like I was missing, and instead of working on why I was missing the way I was missing, I was trying to compensate so I didn't look as bad.

The difference today is, I'm not embarrased to shoot a 150 game on a sport pattern. I've seen some pretty good bowlers do it. When things go bad, they go really bad and there's no hiding it.

So if you go in with the expectation of getting a better understanding of what you need to work on, your head is in the right place. If you go in with the expectation that you're going to do really well, you're going to be let down.

The fact of the matter is, you're going to make shots that get results that are absolutely terrible, and you need to expect this. You will probably break for 3 or 4 more than once. You will have games where you only have a strike or two. Spares will also be harder because you can't hook the whole lane to get to the stuff on the opposite side. But if you stay relaxed and pay attention to what's going on, you will also make good shots. And when you do make a good shot, you'll know it because you'll get rewarded.

Again, I think it's all about expectations..

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Registered: Fri Aug 27 2004
Posts: 10100
A/S/L: Mountain View, CA
#38297 - 01/09/07 11:10 PM Re: PBA Experience Leagues [Re: Atochabsh]
SportBowler Joe Offline
Bracket Donor

Registered: 10/26/05
Posts: 154
A/S/L: 63/M/SoCal-RH

I've been bowling in Sport leagues for 6+ years, probably on 60-70 different patterns and I don't believe there harmful to your game unless you let it get to you. Granted they can be very frustrating and seem impossible at times and there has been more than a few patterns I'm still scratchin' my head on, but I still think a good 200-220 house bowler can figure them out with the right attitude and coaching, could be 190-200 on most sport patterns. However not all sport patterns are created equal as most of us know. This is why we need a rating system for these patterns as shown in Bowling This Month. If you look at the top sport bowling averages in the country you'll see they range from 220-225, but what pattern? Certainly not the pattern Erin was bowling on or several that I've bowled on. No one in our league averaged over 195 on a lot of these, even all of our regional players in the league. I would like to know what pattern these top sport bowlers were bowling on. So IMO it just depends on WHICH Sport pattern is laid out, someday soon we'll have a rating system in place and then hopfully Sport bowling will get more popular.

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#38302 - 01/10/07 12:09 AM Re: PBA Experience Leagues [Re: SportBowler Joe]
Jdhaze Offline
Action Bowler

Registered: 10/12/05
Posts: 235
A/S/L: 35/M/NH
One of the things that makes sport shots and pba patterns much harder is not how they play fresh, but how they break down. I found in last years sport shot league that many of the patterns started out playing like a THS. Some of them like the longer patterns became easier after 2 games, some like the shorter patterns became a lot harder by the 3rd game.

In order to get something out of a league like this, you need to be able to repeat shots to some degree and go strait at your spares. Imho Joe house bowler who slaps on a mega wrist brace, stands left and throws right with max revs and tilt, is wasting his time and will be completely fustrated. So many people last year did that the first night and watched the ball slide into the ditch. One of my teamates tried to play the same line he uses on the THS shot the whole summer, averaged 130 and was miserable.

I went in last year with a 175 house average, though our house has a tough shot, I finished the SS league with a 166 and was very happy with that. Here is what I did to make the most of it.

1. Check your expectations at the door, like said these patterns are hard and you will not do as well.

2. Make sure you have equipment that is suitable for flatter patterns. If you have a lot of skid/snap equipment, your going to have a lot of trouble. I used an old Monster Bruiser, drilled as a medium arcing ball most of the year. It was very smooth and predictable. For the heavier patterns I used a Scorchin Inferno, also drilled for a smooth arc type reaction. For the shorter and light oil patterns, I used a pearl reactive drilled for a controlable arcing back end, not a skid/snap.

3. Try to get on a team with some good bowlers who can help you out. I used to show up early and ask to practice with some of the better bowlers in the league. I made some good friends and also got a good bowling education to go along with it.

4. Play the lanes as strait as possible. For the heavier patterns most of the time I was playing off the corner strait at the pocket. Watch how other people are playing the patterns, unlike house shots, there will usually be 2 or 3 lines everyone is playing.

5. You will have to learn how to adjust to flatter pattens Vrs THS. If you play up 10 and come up short, you dont want to do a typical 2-1 move. You need to move your target and your feet the same amount untill you get to the pocket. When the lanes break down you need to make bigger moves than 2-1, usuually I would have to move 3-3 or 5-5.

The one mistake I made a lot was moving or adjusting after bad shots. There was only 3 people on a team and we bowled 3 games. Esp on the heavier patterns, I could play the same line all night long and do fine. I found myself a lot of time adjusting, then going back to my original line and doing better. This is why I think if you cant repeat shots within reason, your going to be lost the whole time.

Imho im glad I joined the league, if nothing else my spare shooting has improved greatly. That skill alone has allowed me to do well in regular leagues and tournaments. I think if you use conservative equipment, stay away from swinging the ball too much, and keep an open mind it can be a fun and fruitful time.

good luck


#38305 - 01/10/07 01:36 AM Re: PBA Experience Leagues [Re: SportBowler Joe]
Atochabsh Offline
USBC Bronze Coach

Registered: 02/13/01
Posts: 6567
A/S/L: 50/F/California
but I still think a good 200-220 house bowler can figure them out with the right attitude and coaching,

Here I disagree. First of all, there is NO coaching in a sport league unless it is a specifially tutoured and guided experience. Unless you have much higher skilled teammates you will be on your own and in competition, only a different playing field. Competition will still be there. As for the attitude, it will only get you so far. Attitude will not tell you what part of the lane to play, how fast to throw the ball, how much to swing it or not, or how much rotation to impart on the ball. Attitude will not tell you if you missed by 1/2 a board or backed out of the shot just enough to let it hook up too early.

Attitude will let you get through such a league with your mental game still with you. But it will not help you that much, IMO.

Nomorehouseshots, ....I do appreciate your knowledge and skill level, but you are no longer coming frome the view point of a 185 house bowler. If you can remember back far enough when you were aveargeing 185 (you might have been 17), would you have been prepared to take on such a condition all by yourself? And there's a far cry from the 200 to 220 house bowler also. Its a huge jump to get your skill level from 200 to 220, on a house shot. Most never make it even with hard work, diligence and coaching.


#38308 - 01/10/07 07:54 AM Re: PBA Experience Leagues [Re: Atochabsh]
Lefty Offline

Registered: 01/30/05
Posts: 2356
A/S/L: 37 / M / Rochester, NY

but I still think a good 200-220 house bowler can figure them out with the right attitude and coaching, could be 190-200 on most sport patterns. However not all sport patterns are created equal as most of us know.

I've yet to see a sport pattern play that easy. Around here, you're lucky to get one person who hits 200, and that's out of a group of some pretty good bowlers. But then again they put out pretty hard patterns and change it every 8 weeks.

#38309 - 01/10/07 09:26 AM Re: PBA Experience Leagues [Re: Lefty]
Tim Gerard Offline
Virtual League Champion

Registered: 09/29/05
Posts: 2314
A/S/L: m/ Michigan
The sport patterns I have played on certainly humbled me, and the other bowlers on the league. But that was the fun part of it for me. I loved the challenge of trying to figure out the patterns that were laid out for us, and just when you felt comfortable enough with a certain pattern, they would change it. (after 3 wks.) Sure we would have an occasional bowler shoot over 200, I think I had a couple, but for the most part it was a struggle. We had a couple of guys join late because of vacations , since this was a summer league, and were bragging about their high house shots. One guy says " I carry a 210 average , so I should be able to average that here. No big deal."
I just kinda chuckled to myself when he went out and shot a 130 something on the scorpion pattern. I was pleased walking out of there after the league was done with a 173 avg. I also know it made me a better bowler.
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