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#33802 - 09/18/06 02:09 PM Hdcp Tourney questions
Chris Cenotti Offline
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Registered: 03/24/06
Posts: 154
A/S/L: 25/M/Northern California
I bowled in a local hdcp 6-gamer on Saturday. I was excited because my book avg is 146 from last winter, but i've been consistently bowling around 180 with all the work I put in this summer and I have the potential to avg around 200 for small stretches. so I figured I'd have a pretty good shot at at least cashing since the tournament paid 1 in 3.

Well long story short I averaged about 40 pins above my book average...and was nowhere near contention. Out of about 30 bowlers I was in 15th going into the last game, and ended up closer to 20th. And through some bad luck was matched up against the same 3 bowlers in all my brackets, all of whom where in the top 5 of the tournament and needless to say beat me on all brackets.

So I'm not sure what to think. Sure I could have bowled better, I was average (based on my last month or so avg), and I missed a few spares here and there again. But on the other hand...I was 40 pins above my book average, that seems like a lot considering the last 6-gamer (different person running it) the winner was only about 20 above his 180 average. Basic math would tell me that most people in the tournament should be hitting their average, a few above and a few below.

Was this just a statistical anamoly where *at least* 70% of the people were above average for the night? Maybe the condtions were just really easy (and I was having a off night to only hit average)? One guy I was watching did throw an 835 scratch for the first 3 games. I'm not sure I want to bowl another tournament for a while if I need to bowl 70 pins above average to have a shot.

Add that to the fact that we couldn't find replacements for our 2 missing bowlers and had to miss the state-wide jubilee tournament (which was free because the league dues paid for our team) and I had a pretty frustrating bowling weekend.


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Registered: Fri Aug 27 2004
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#33804 - 09/18/06 03:34 PM Re: Hdcp Tourney questions [Re: Chris Cenotti]
Atochabsh Offline
USBC Bronze Coach

Registered: 02/13/01
Posts: 6567
A/S/L: 50/F/California
Welcome to handicap tournaments. This is ALWAYS the case. Give or take a couple dozen pins.

Every bowler when they start advancing will have a year where their current skill level outscores their book average. That's the year most enter as many handicap tournaments as possible. You are not the only one in that position. But if you continue to do well, bowling way over your book average, the tournament committee may deside to re rate you. So if you are booking at 140 but bowling at a 180 pace they may just decide to bring you into the tournament at 165. They can do that. Usually only winners and high placers are re rated. If you didn't come into the money they don't pay too much attention. Now if you see one person continually winning this handicap tournament ask the committe if they had considered re rating him/her. If they won't do it, and you don't feel like you have a fair enough chance, then don't enter.

And then you have the sandbaggers. The ones that intentionally keep their book averages low so that they can participate in handicap tournaments either locally or not. This year, our association had a hearing and rerated 4 people based on their tournament averages.

But don't get too disheartened. Each tournament is won sometimes by someone bowling way over their head and sometimes not. Just depends. Like you noticed, last month it was won by someone who bowled 20 pins over average, not 50. If there's a lot of people entered, then there's bound to be someone that just gets the night of their life. And with brackets, remember you have to come out of the shoot fighting hard to win that first game. That weeds out the weakest bowlers that day,so of course your chances of getting pitted against hot bowlers the next two steps will happen.

Try not to take it too hard. Try again, its good experience.



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