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#200289 - 09/12/21 03:46 AM Re: Looking for New Balls After 5 year Layoff [Re: djp1080]
82Boat69 Offline
Pro of the Year Contender

Registered: 06/24/16
Posts: 776
A/S/L: 73/M/California
Buying bowling balls only gets more complicated. At your age, you will not get stronger, more athletic or more coordinated, so you need to get smarter and work hard on whatever technique you already have.

To match equipment to your game and center, you'll need to know your PAP, ball-speed, rev-rate, axis-tilt, axis-rotation and the length/width of your THS, plus the ratio of oil in the middle to oil on the outside.

Lacking the above knowledge, whatever you have is either your best guess or the best guess of whomever drilled your balls, from 5 years ago.

If you read the USBC white paper on ball motion, 2 facts jump out; Fact one, lane condition and ball surface contribute 90%+ to your ball's motion. How your ball is drilled, accounts for 10% or less of your ball's motion.

So, as you eyeball new equipment, ask yourself, what price glory? How much are you willing to spend to gain 10% or less in ball reaction?

Prior to the pandemic, I spent about 2 years and 2 grand to answer the questions I've put to you, for myself. Even with all the answers in my bag, my average continues to wane.

I recently bought a 14 pound Hustle and a 14 pound Rubicon UC2. The Hustle is drilled 90 x 1-3/4 x 45 (low flare) for when the lanes are dry. The UC2 is drilled 50 x 5 x 50 and I use it for everything else.

I bowl on a 40 foot pattern, with about 350 RPM's, around 13 MPH at the pins.

My advice, whatever you decide, keep it simple and stay away from high-end balls, they're just a waste of money. By the way, that was also the conclusion that USBC came to when they did their ball-motion study.

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Registered: Fri Aug 27 2004
Posts: 10100
A/S/L: Mountain View, CA
#200290 - 09/12/21 02:37 PM Re: Looking for New Balls After 5 year Layoff [Re: 82Boat69]
djp1080 Offline
Regional Pro Contender

Registered: 04/20/13
Posts: 506
A/S/L: 74/m/IL
Hey Boat,
Got to practice this Summer with several guys each week. Worked on some things to try and improve my game. Essentially it was to work on making spares more consistently.
I found a method to hit the 7 and 10-pins much more consistently. What it came down to was to get the ball close to each of the pins without dumping it into the ditch. So I tried to find a line that put the ball a little to the right of the 7-pin and another line that put the ball a little to the left of the 10-pin. Took into consideration was the width of the pins themselves and half the width of the ball.
So I target for board 33 for my Mix spare ball for the 7-pin and board 5 for the 10-pin. Works great!
Then I considered there about 17 boards from the head pin to each of these two pins and about 5.67 boards from each pin next to it (e.g., 1-3-6-10 and 1-2-4-7). I made notes to myself about where to stand for the 2 and 3-pins and making washout shots.
I used lines of 4 board ball moves for each 15 feet down the lane for the most outside pins and reduced that for the more inside spare shots being 1 or 2 board ball moves at the center. Works good.
Another thing I've committed myself to is a four step approach as opposed to my traditional five step approach. My timing is more consistent and ball speed seems to be a bit higher with more leverage.
I'm enjoying the results.
Question: Which Hustle did you get? How is your UC2 working for you?
My best regards...

#200291 - 09/12/21 03:29 PM Re: Looking for New Balls After 5 year Layoff [Re: djp1080]
82Boat69 Offline
Pro of the Year Contender

Registered: 06/24/16
Posts: 776
A/S/L: 73/M/California
I bought a Hustle RAP. I used a low-flare layout because I never use urethane. I watch guys trying to use urethane but if you don't have a lot of hand, most are disappointed. There's a Mo Pinel youtube video where he says only those who can throw 450 RPM's can use urethane. I agree. I can get near 400 if I really try, but even then, urethane rolls out and when it goes through the nose, it's ugly. Middle hits are also weak 10's for sure. Even Yesper and Butturff leave weak 7's.

I only have 6 spare shots. Eight if I want to try and pick up the
4-10 or 6-7.

If you like to throw straight at spares, just use the 20 board and move your feet.

If you like to hook into spares, try second arrow and just move your feet.

I use 2.5 board moves with my feet. Many use 3 boards.

Personally, I use the 7 board and hook all my spare shots from there.

The UC2 works great on a 40' THS. I only have 350 revolutions and not much speed, so I need to spread my flare out over 45-50 feet. By using a 5" pin to PAP and opening up the VAL angle, my ball doesn't flare-out. I get good continuation without having my ball get jumpy right before the pins.

On fresh oil, being rev-dominant for my speed is easy, but when the lanes break-down, I might end up standing 40 throwing 20. Even then, the UC2 finishes strong.

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