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#198619 - 12/07/17 02:23 PM Mental help suggestions
RGR Offline
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Registered: 06/11/16
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Just want to thank dip1080 for ball suggestions, Now as you know I have been working hard on my bowling, and now starting to reap some benefits, average has gone up from 175 to 191. The last 3 weeks have been all over 600, which is good for me, with 7 games in a row of over 200, so 8 of the last 9 over 200. I guess what goes through my mind is what happens when lets say next week I could not hit those 10 pins if they were 2 feet in front of me. Should I go out and practise some more right away or back off for a few days and maybe reboot myself and maybe just take it in stride. Right now I'm feeling pretty good about my bowling, just figuring it might come crashing down one day. How does everyone else cope? Or do I put to much pressure on myself.

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Registered: Fri Aug 27 2004
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#198620 - 12/07/17 06:33 PM Re: Mental help suggestions [Re: RGR]
djp1080 Offline
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Registered: 04/20/13
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First off, thanks. Sounds like you're trending in the right direction. I wish I could say the same for myself.
In past years I'd say that the 10-pin was a difficult shot. I guess you should evaluate how you're going about picking up that pesky pin if it's standing there alone. Probably your best bet is to toss a straight ball at it.
There are a couple of things to keep in mind. #1 On about what board does the 10-pin sit? and #2 On about what board do you lay your ball down at the foul line?
Answers that I've determined: #1 The 10-pin sits on board 3 at about 63 feet from the foul line. #2 I lay my ball down about 11 boards to the right of my slide foot and I try to walk straight up the boards. It probably would benefit me if I could get the ball closer to my slide foot at the release.
If you're comfortable with picking a board at the arrows or the dots to hit the 10-pin, now it's up to you to determine where you should line up. You might be better off finding a target farther down the lane and if your center has range markers on boards 15 and 10, you can use those to help you greatly! Target about board 7 or 8 down at 43 feet down the lane and you're 10-pin misses will likely become spares.
Hope this helps...

#198621 - 12/08/17 12:13 AM Re: Mental help suggestions [Re: RGR]
Dylan585 Offline
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Registered: 03/18/14
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So something I did when I was practicing for junior gold a few years ago was go to the bowling alley and ask to be next to the loudest group in there and I just threw spares... By doing this you learn to clear your head and just throw your shot... The issue comes when you try and guide your spare shots and the more you miss the more you try to aim the shot and the more you miss... So my recommendation is go bowl next to rowdy open bowlers and just focus on clearing your mind... Its one thing to be able to pick them in a quiet calm practice but that's not a real world scenario
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#198622 - 12/08/17 12:57 AM Re: Mental help suggestions [Re: RGR]
champ Offline
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Registered: 11/30/10
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Everyone is different, so you'll find what works best for you. Me personally...I'm a rebooter. If I'm bowling poorly, or doing something specific poorly, I take some time off. I get bowling completely off my mind. Nowadays, I only practice when I'm really enjoying bowling.
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#198623 - 12/08/17 11:22 AM Re: Mental help suggestions [Re: RGR]
Dennis Michael Online   jestera
Virtual League Champion

Registered: 12/11/05
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A/S/L: M/Barrington, Ill
When you practice... practice with a purpose!! Scores don't matter. So, don't watch them.

I often reset the rack on a spare if that is not what I am practicing.

Learn to roll on different lines by moving inside or outside of your normal. And, practice with every ball to become totally familiar with each.

I have the ability to purchase TIME on the lane rather then games. In this manner, I can set up specific spare shots and just practice them.

If that cannot be done, I shoot at the 10 on my first ball, leaving the pocket for my second ball.

When working on timing, release or other non-ball result things, I replay every shot in my head immediately after I threw it. And, train yourself to do this every shot in league as well.

An old timer once told me to close my eyes in the approach and feel your arm and hand. With confidence, it can be done.

Good luck.

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#198624 - 12/08/17 12:37 PM Re: Mental help suggestions [Re: RGR]
mmalsed Offline
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All of the above.

I do like to compete with myself while practicing so I will make up games.

I will bowl a game of 10pin, but I'll make it that I have to hit ONLY the 10, then hit the 6. Challenge myself there.

I will bowl a game of dice - I take a six sided die. I'll roll it before each frame. 1=7pin, 2=4pin, 3=2pin, 4=3pin, 5=6pin, and 6=10pin and then I get a point for each time that I nail THAT pin.

And as Dennis mentioned - and I'll kind of expand - don't throw your ball and then just leave it. WATCH it. Take some notes. Replay the shot - notice where it went.

Honestly, with practice, your goal should be repetition, and observation. Whatever you do, repeat and observe.
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