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#197597 - 05/31/17 11:56 AM The NORD factor
W9JAB Offline
Action Bowler

Registered: 01/07/14
Posts: 272
A/S/L: 66/m/Il.
The NORD factor,
First and foremost I want to say this is NOT to slam or belittle Nord!
I’m truly impressed that he dose as well as he dose with his no hand “claw machine” release. thumbsup

But let’s get to the hart of the matter, today’s equipment and oil.
The following from some recent posts……..
* Look at old videos. From Ned Day's straight up, to Don Carter's shove, to Billy Welu's big hook, each could make the ball do something and it was all his skill
* Today, bowlers buy a hook in the box.
* lane oil have limited the bowler to just accuracy.
* today's technology allows a ball to break so late.
* manufactured tech-strikes, to help those less skilled

This got me thinking of the plastic ball torments’ held a few years back,
Everyone got the same ball, the differences were the weight and surface finish.

I don’t remember what the oil pattern was, but I do recall Pete Webber, bemoaning that his hand was sore because he had to put a lot of hand into the shot, and comparing it to the modern ball were the hand effort was less.

Also I knew bowlers back in the late 60’s that could hook the “new” plastic balls rather well, one guy I knew laid it down on the five and it would hook at the dry into the pocket.
I could never figure out how he did it, but at the time I had a hard rubber ball, and knew nothing about putting any spin/twist on the ball.

So today game is Techno-Strikes, wild cores, and hip ball drillers allow bowlers like NORD (sorry) to get a ball designed just for his release and lane conditions.

Bottom line has it got to the guy with the most Techno-savvy wins? thumbsdown
Your thoughts.

Edited by W9JAB (05/31/17 11:59 AM)
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Registered: Fri Aug 27 2004
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#197598 - 05/31/17 01:13 PM Re: The NORD factor [Re: W9JAB]
82Boat69 Offline
Pro of the Year Contender

Registered: 06/24/16
Posts: 722
A/S/L: 71/M/California
As an older player, I think being tech savvy gives me an edge. I throw balls much more in-tune with my game, so even though I'm only throwing 14 pounds, I don't lose as much at the pins.

In reality, it's a number of little things that add up. Here are a few;

1. I've learned to keep my arm relaxed, which gives me more speed and more RPM's with less effort.

2. Based on number 1, I can throw more aggressive equipment, allowing me to carry more tech-strikes in addition to my good hits.

3. Based on 1 and 2, I can shoot inside-lines, that others can't. As lanes break down, my scores don't break down too.

4. I experiment with new and old equipment because I can afford to. Not everyone can. Experiments help me avoid drilling balls that won't work.

5. I actually maintain an arsenal, not just own one. I keep all my balls clean and rarely have problems with oil soaking or sweating.

6. I talk with the lane guy so I know what's 'really' out there. This keeps me from 'thinking' that something exists that doesn't. I feel sorry for those who 'think' the lanes are different, when they aren't. They make adjustments based on bogus conditions that only exist in their heads.

7. Of all the variables that can make my shots fail to carry, I look at my ball second to last and the lanes last. Variables in my 70 year old body are the primary reason I throw bad shot. 'Age-errors'.

8. I still practice spares. As I age, the pins I leave need more attention. I'm becoming a really good 10 pin shooter.

9. I watch the women to find out the best way to proceed knowing my physical strength is waning. Watching the women on the PWBA warm up has shown me what I need to do. It really works.

10. I still practice lines that I may never use. Just in case.

*11. If I can find a way to get some speed 2-handed, I'd sure like to do that :-)

#197599 - 05/31/17 04:09 PM Re: The NORD factor [Re: W9JAB]
W9JAB Offline
Action Bowler

Registered: 01/07/14
Posts: 272
A/S/L: 66/m/Il.
I watch the women to find out the best way to proceed knowing my physical strength is waning. Watching the women on the PWBA warm up has shown me what I need to do. It really works.

I use that trick as well.
L/T 48
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#197601 - 05/31/17 04:43 PM Re: The NORD factor [Re: W9JAB]
Mkirchie Offline
Hall of Famer Contender

Registered: 01/14/07
Posts: 883
A/S/L: 39/M/New Jersey
I think that it depends on how you want to define tech savvy. Just buying the latest big ball and finding one line on a fresh shot with it is not what I consider tech savvy. To me, tech savvy is knowing when to use the right technology on the right part of the lane to maximize results. Boat mentioned maintaining an arsenal, I'm going to add knowing your arsenal. For example, if you know where to play with ball B when you know what ball A is doing. It's about knowing how the ball will perform when you make an adjustment. It is tough to do these things if they physical game is inconsistent. To me, the physical game and the technology side do feed off of each other.

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