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#197496 - 05/15/17 01:19 PM Re: Loving the sport patterns [Re: Dennis Michael]
champ Offline
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Originally Posted By: Dennis Michael
And, can only bowl on a house shot.

I know in my heart, he will not be bowling at 97 like Ed.

I've long thought that if the house shot did anything to hurt bowling, it was to get everyone so used to scoring well, they can't enjoy bowling when the lanes are challenging. I think after a bowler gets to s certain average, they only like to strike; they aren't really interested in the challenge of discovery.

Probably the top 10% don't care. They love the challenge, they love the game, and they're so good they can figure it out and score anyway,

The bottom 30% may not even notice.

But that leaves about 60% of us in the middle. A lot of bowlers in that middle average range think of this game a lot like basketball. "There's the hoop, all I have to do is get it in." What makes bowling great is that there is so much more to it than that. And we need to learn to appreciate that, and even enjoy it every time we're on the lanes.
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#197497 - 05/15/17 01:53 PM Re: Loving the sport patterns [Re: SteveH]
Dennis Michael Offline
Virtual League Champion

Registered: 12/11/05
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I used to see a one-time USA bowling coach, Cliff Tarpley, and his wife, former Woman Bowler of the Year, Patti Ann. Cliff is full of old stories of the PBA beginnings, same with USBC. Let's just say, Cliff is loaded with stories. Most, coming as he shows you a metal ring holding his 69, 300 game rings.

Anyhow, a couple of younger hot shots, with their inflated 220 averages came up to him with a challenge once. Cliff, in his 80's, accepted the challenge on one condition. The oil had to be gutter to gutter and foul line to pin deck. He even gave me the wager money to hold.

Of course, the challengers backed off. But, I know Cliff was serious, and would have shown them a thing or two. Plus, made a few sheckles.
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#197520 - 05/20/17 11:03 AM Re: Loving the sport patterns [Re: SteveH]
SteveH Offline
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Registered: 12/09/12
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The conditions can negate any ball, and any bowler. Some around here are starting to see how you can improve your bowling by being on tougher shots. Summer league house shot I climbed to a 220 average. Besides not being hurt, it feels easy now that I've had to focus on the tough stuff. No way do I stay at this average, but fun to be here for now
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#197521 - 05/21/17 08:13 AM Re: Loving the sport patterns [Re: SteveH]
Joe Bowler Offline
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Sport patterns are the Rubik's cube of bowling, only harder to solve.
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#197523 - 05/22/17 06:31 PM Re: Loving the sport patterns [Re: SteveH]
rrb6699 (RayRay) Offline
Virtual League Champion

Registered: 06/07/13
Posts: 505
A/S/L: Single/male/FL
bowled in a sport shot sweeper last Friday. got my a#$ handed to me. only took 519 to make the cut and 623 top qualifier. I was glad I didn't make it in a way. I looked at the pattern before I decided on equipment and laneplay. left lane 47' and 22.6ml. right lane 36' 22.4ml. .

I couldn't have made any worse decisions , on my equipment choice and lane strategy. on top of that I seemed to refuse to execute properly.

I missed the cut by 8 pins but would have had to make up 100 pins without any look at all. if they counted the first half of each game I managed a 200 pace in frames 1 - 5. but lost any hint of being a shotmaker to finish each game.

it was one of those days I needed to execute the fundamentals but had much difficulty doing so.

it made me think of wondering how to plan out a decent strategy on these difficult patterns. if everyone who has been successful on difficult patterns can share their approach to jumping on the best line and how to find it quickly so you are not always playing catch up.

I think think I have mapped out a better approach next time so I can compete better which I'll share here after a few others.

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#197524 - 05/22/17 09:33 PM Re: Loving the sport patterns [Re: rrb6699 (RayRay)]
goobee Offline
High Roller

Registered: 02/25/15
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A/S/L: 58/M/Sunny California
Not counting Nationals, I've bowled a number of sport shot tourneys. The first few were real dogs, I could not get anything going. It wasn't until I stopped fighting the lanes and straightened my line that I started making some headway. Shallow inside or outside angled into the pocket using weak balls is what has worked for me with some success. Enough to low cash but I'm working on it.

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#197525 - 05/23/17 03:28 AM Re: Loving the sport patterns [Re: rrb6699 (RayRay)]
82Boat69 Offline
Team USA Contender

Registered: 06/24/16
Posts: 424
A/S/L: 69/M/California
Don't drink too heavily or stay up too late. If you've gone there to bowl, leave the entertainment for another time.

It helps to get your mind right before you bowl, that you may have to grind-out every game. This will help you from being taken out by your own frustration. Too many have a single bad game and then can't conceive they can make up for it later. Spares may become more important than strikes.

Relax! Sport patterns don't require speed. They require accuracy. aim small, miss small. You're not going to open-up a sport pattern. So, keep your ball in play by hitting the pocket the best you can. Avoid hitting the nose or throwing wide and leaving washouts. The pattern may get easier later, but don't depend on it.

Avoid poor pin count. 'Bucket' combinations and 3-6-10's or 3-6-9-10's really add up if you leave them too often.

Don't use equipment that's too jumpy. If you're targeting close, you don't want equipment that will take off when it comes off the pattern. Better to hang a weak 10 than a 4-9 or 4-6 combination.

If you don't know how to play inside, learn before you go. Where I bowl, we can arrange to have a pair of lanes set up with the 'Open' shot so a person can get a feel for what to expect. If you can arrange something like that, do so. If not, ask anyway.

Pace yourself. Don't get caught up in the misery around you. If those you're bowling with are bowling poorly, getting off the lanes will be more important than extending the misery. Don't get caught up in their efforts to get off the lanes and go drinking and gambling.

There aren't any single 'big' items that will guarantee success. Instead, there are many little things that if you take care of will keep you from taking yourself out of the game.

Don't get there and be surprised by how tough the shot is. Instead, prepare beforehand for that tough condition. Have a plan and do your best to execute it.

If you start stringing strikes and people begin to gather behind you and a guy is setting up a camera, keep your head :-)

Good luck!
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#197526 - 05/23/17 01:32 PM Re: Loving the sport patterns [Re: SteveH]
champ Offline
Virtual League Champion

Registered: 11/30/10
Posts: 2092
A/S/L: 29/M/AZ
People tend to think opposite of what they need on sport patterns.

Short patterns tend to have more oil up front, and (obviously) a lot of backend. Your earliest/smoothest ball is usually best on short, usually playing straight and outside. You want the ball to roll early and going sideways.

On longer patterns, typically you have less oil up front, and little backend reaction. You don't want a lot of surface which is going to tear up the front of the pattern very quickly. You do want something that wants to be angular on the backend so you can create the proper amount of angle with less backend to do it with. Shiny-ish and asymmetric have been good to me on long oil, usually playing straight up 12-14 since I'm speed dominant.
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