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#193343 - 01/22/16 05:20 PM Adapting to lane changes
bowlingmole Offline
Bumper Bowler

Registered: 01/22/16
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Hello, I am a relative newbie to bowling, (Third Year), and I am having a bit of trouble reading the lanes. Certainly to be expected, but I need someone to explain several things. Last night during shadow bowling I quickly got a grasp on the conditions and locked in on my board and position. I was bowling against a field of right handed bowlers with one exception. The first game went perfect and I was hitting flush pocket with incredible results. My ball was coming back with little oil on it at that point. Towards the end of the game my ball was edging further high but I was still getting high flush with good results. Then came game two. My ball was now hitting straight through the nose to Brooklyn and was returning with more oil on it. I adjusted my feet right two boards and got the same result. I adjusted my sight over further left several boards, same results. By the time I was in game three I was throwing it way out further on the left but nothing was working. My ball needed wiping like mad every return. I finally returned my foot position further left against convention, eased up on my swing a bit, slowed down and moved my target further to the right, quite shallow. I was able to eke out a paltry 165 but at least it was working slightly better. What I need to know is what was going on with the oil? Were the righties pushing it left into my track or further down past the hook section? How was I to compensate? Ending up sighting further inward to the right and moving my feet position further left is so counter to what you are taught. Thanks

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#193346 - 01/23/16 11:10 PM Re: Adapting to lane changes [Re: bowlingmole]
spr3wr Offline
USBC Bronze Level Coach

Registered: 08/19/06
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As bowlers we need to stay ahead of the transition.

A 2 and 1 move was not enough at the time you made that move. At the time the ball was going through the nose you should of made at least a 5-6 (feet)and 2-3 (target) move. Moving 1-2 with the feet is good when your still in the pocket or a little high. I'm guessing you kept moving in deeper until you found oil. Then the ball didn't react back to the pocket. Moving the feet back to the left or moving the target inwards or a stronger ball is the correct moves.

Unless you starred around the 3rd arrow then moved deeper, I don't think the righties effected your shot But if you and the righties were crossing it would of dried up the heads which would create less hook for you.
In the 3rd game easing up on your swing made your ball roll cleaner down the lane not hooking as early, Good. That should be your 1st move next time.[u][/u]
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#193369 - 01/25/16 10:44 AM Re: Adapting to lane changes [Re: bowlingmole]
6_ball_man Offline
2X Virtual League Champion

Registered: 10/19/07
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A/S/L: 60/m/downtown churchville
Originally Posted By: bowlingmole

Then came game two. My ball was now hitting straight through the nose to Brooklyn and was returning with more oil on it. I adjusted my feet right two boards and got the same result. I adjusted my sight over further left several boards,

You are a southpaw, right? This is an issue. If you move your feet 2 boards you need to move your eyes 1 board to keep your break point down lane on the same board. You were having some success, so that would indicate you had the break point nailed and want to keep it on that board. If you do not "move you eyes" when you move your feet, you effectively push the break point farther outside. On house conditions, that means showing your ball more dry, and it overreacts and hooks even more! You moved your eyes LEFT pushing your break point even FARTHER out!! This alone could explain your difficulties. Remember to move your eyes 1/2 as much as you move your feet - in the same direction, once you think you know the correct break point.

Once the ball is goin' cross and/or full on the face, probably a bigger move is indicated...maybe a 4+2 [probably]

YMMV - mine certainly does.
Good luck and report back on your results. I am interested!

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