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#192598 - 10/28/15 01:16 PM A Revelation of Sorts *****
Mkirchie Offline
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Except for two weeks this season, I've struggled to get consistent results especially in the second game. Other weeks I muddled through and still averaged around 215 for those weeks. Last week, I only shot 583 having left splits in 4 of 5 consecutive shots to end the 2nd game and start the 3rd game. After that, I moved deeper with a breakpoint further inside to around 10 and finished that last game with more success (no more splits/better carry). Based on my ball jumping either high or going light and thinking that it was due to my physical game being off, I wasn't sure about how moving in would work so I was surprised. After my 1st shot of moving in, my teammate and I were talking and he told me that a bowler on the other team made a comment about my breakpoint being too far outside. Also, my teammate said that he has had trouble this season unless he keeps his breakpoint around 10. I was also told that a lot of bowlers are having issues this season too, including employees who have said that they're using the same brand oil with the same pattern (Kegel Stone Street, more on this later.) Also, there has only been 1 300 and 1 299 since August 1st in a center where around 25 300's were shot the previous year.

This had me thinking, so I figured that I need to keep my breakpoint no further out than 9. I went to practice after work on Monday and played a much more direct line than I usually do standing on 22 and targeting 11 at the arrows with a breakpoint at 9. My concern was that I would leave flat 10's the whole time. That did not happen, I only left one and was hitting the pocket and carrying well once I got used to playing that line. Upon leaving, I asked about the pattern (which for some reason I have never done at a center I've bowled at for years) and they told me 42ft and that it is posted on the website. That's when I found out that the pattern is the Kegel Stone Street pattern.

According to the -31 rule, I should exit the pattern at board 11 at 42 ft. But, I've also seen comments on other forums where Mo Pinel apparently said that you should take the last board with the most forward oil on the pattern and subtract 3 for your breakpoint, this puts the breakpoint at 9 exactly where I had mine and had success. Mo also apparently said that the -31 rule for exiting the pattern is not accurate and I've also seen other people comment that the -31 rule is only useful for sport patterns, which means that -31 is useless for Stone Street. Additionally, there was no way I was exiting the pattern on board 11 if I was targeting 11 at the arrows and had a breakpoint of 9.

Also, looking at the graph of the pattern, I see why having my ball's breakpoint further out causes problems. With the breakpoint further out towards the gutter, I was exiting the the pattern where it is low volume and flat. I believe that from now on I should keep my breakpoint around 9 to start out and adjust in from there. Any thoughts on this, I've somehow bowled well most of the time on a simple THS pattern playing it incorrectly so I'm wondering if this sounds reasonable.

Current Average - 225

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Registered: Fri Aug 27 2004
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#192605 - 10/29/15 05:27 AM Re: A Revelation of Sorts [Re: Mkirchie]
Joe Bowler Offline
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There are a couple of good reasons for moving the breakpoint in. One, if good shots are not hitting the pocket. Two, if too much entry angle is resulting in 8 or 9 pin leaves, or designer splits.

The interesting thing about Stone Street is it is very flat outside with under 10 units, then slopes quickly to around 80 units. There is so much more oil inside, it is possible to make a 5 board feet and 5 board target parallel adjustment inside and not see the ball make it back to the pocket. This is a great recipe for over-under reaction.

Somewhere in between is usually your best area and angle for maximum pocket and carry percentage. But, it may require some experimenting. Sounds like you are on the right track to finding it.
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