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#184584 - 01/26/14 08:22 AM Add Bowling Revs By Adding Lag
spr3wr Offline
USBC Bronze Level Coach

Registered: 08/19/06
Posts: 438
From bowlingball . com
Add Bowling Revs By Adding Lag

If you are a player with less revs than most “Power” players, but more than “Stroker” type players and you want to add revs to your game, then add swing lag.

Just as we hear about the golf swing, instructors recommend adding lag in the downswing to increase distance. The key is in the retaining of wrist lag so the unhinging of the wrists just prior to impact with the golf ball will add distance.

In bowling, we can add power (more revs) by adding lag in the forward swing.

Adding lag in the forward swing requires a couple of arm and hand action moves so you get into position to uncoil your wrist as your thumb exits the bowling ball producing an increase in your rev-rate.

The first point to focus is the beginning of the downswing. The 1st 12 inches of the downswing should begin by allowing gravity to smoothly let the ball drop into the downswing from the top of your backswing without using arm or hand force.

The next move is to pull your bowling ball forward toward your shoulder, which will cause your bowling elbow to break slightly, while your bowling hand scoops under the bottom of the ball. This happens while swinging the ball in a forward motion into release zone at the bottom of your forward swing cycle.

Scooping the bowling ball gets your hand under the ball. The elbow bends slightly to accommodate your wrist scooping under the ball.

Your wrist will then be fully loaded to uncoil at the moment your thumb exits the ball. As your wrist uncoils, your fingers apply a snapping action, as you continue to follow through. The result is increased ball revolutions and increased overall power.

Two handed bowlers use this technique to the maximum extent and thereby gain maximum revs.

Adding lag in the bowling swing means to scoop your ball by cupping your wrist on the downswing and allowing your elbow to bend so your hand can get under the bowling ball.

When you release the lag, your wrist unhinges quickly as your thumb leaves the ball. So you can apply decisive finger action on the ball which is what creates increased revs.

Caution must be taken to practice this difficult maneuver. It is advised to learn to add bowling lag while using the services of an experienced bowling instructor to prevent injury and to learn a proper technique.

Becoming a power player is not for everyone. There are as many, or more, successful players today using fewer revs than do power players. The modern bowling ball technology allows players using adequate revs to be formidable in competition.

If you want to add revs to your game, add some bowling lag.
USBC Bronze level Coach
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#184597 - 01/26/14 03:17 PM Re: Add Bowling Revs By Adding Lag [Re: spr3wr]
rrb6699 (RayRay) Offline
Virtual League Champion

Registered: 06/07/13
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A/S/L: Single/male/FL
ive added lag a different way. I also use this technique when my game is off or im having timing issues. I wait an extra step before starting my swing. the out-of-phase timing causes my 4th step out of 5 to hesitate slightly before I start - or can start my slide.

the ball counters my weight and acts like a slingshot effect increasing my armswing speed and ball revs. its not for everyone but has gotten me out of aome jams where I felt my day needed something to change.

to me it feels like you feel in a one step drill, only you are using a full aporoach. in fact it was the only way I found to get that same one-step feel in a full approach.

if you try it let me know what you think.

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#187905 - 07/26/14 07:57 AM Re: Add Bowling Revs By Adding Lag [Re: spr3wr]
BOSStull Offline
2x Virtual League Champion

Registered: 10/15/11
Posts: 763
A/S/L: 58/M /Georgia
Originally Posted By: spr3wr
From bowlingball . com
Add Bowling Revs By Adding Lag

If you are a player with less revs than most “Power” players, but more than “Stroker” type players and you want to add revs to your game, then add swing lag.

spr3wr , do you have any PICS or videos on adding lag?


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