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#184404 - 01/21/14 04:28 PM Need help staying behind the ball
FruitFly Offline
Action Bowler

Registered: 03/23/11
Posts: 262
A/S/L: 29/M/Kiel, Germany
Hey guys,

first of all some things about me:
I bowl only one league and its not a very hard one, but I am still struggeling as of late.
I don't care much about the mighty revs and am more interested in playing the outside part of the lane.
Here in northern germany I do not have access to quality coaching, which is very sad.

Now to something completely different wink
I went bowling today and took some videos, since the house was pretty empty.
It's obvious, that there are a lot of things, that need work.
Such as my late timing and overly long last step before the slide.

All that, for me, is a thing to work on another day.

Right now I really need your help in staying behind (and more under) the ball.
My fear is, that it's cause by something else that needs correction. Something I am not aware interacts with this problem.

If you have any idea I really would appreciate your comments and if possible some training suggestions to correct this problem.

Thanks in advance

Here are the videos, that legitimize me posting in the video section

Edited by FruitFly (01/21/14 04:31 PM)

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Registered: Fri Aug 27 2004
Posts: 10100
A/S/L: Mountain View, CA
#184409 - 01/21/14 05:20 PM Re: Need help staying behind the ball [Re: FruitFly]
AmpleSound Offline
Virtual League Champion

Registered: 10/17/07
Posts: 1225
A/S/L: 34/M/CO
Hey fruitfly, the first thing I notice and is probably the culprit in most everyone trying to get better at bowling... Timing, and with that your approach, you have a stutter step in there. Your steps must be fluid, not forced. Some like the foul line trick, some don't... Start from the foul line your back to the pins and walk towards the sitting area. Have someone mark your fourth or fifth step (however many you take in your approach). Go an extra six inches further from wherever your preferred step landed. Try that and then adjust from there.

Unfortunately there is no easy fix without your timing being correct.

Edited by AmpleSound (01/21/14 05:23 PM)
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#184412 - 01/21/14 06:56 PM Re: Need help staying behind the ball [Re: FruitFly]
VFF57 Offline

Registered: 09/26/08
Posts: 1636
A/S/L: 50's/M/NJ
Right now I really need your help in staying behind (and more under) the ball.

What helped me is focusing on the position of my hand at follow-thru. Once I got the feel and was able to control the reflex of turning with the ball it all came together. You can put white tape on the back of your hand while trying to finish palm-up. If you see the tape at follow-thru/release consider that bad. Keep practicing and once you get the feel of a palm up release it will just fall in to place and you can refine releases from there.
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#184430 - 01/22/14 07:45 AM Re: Need help staying behind the ball [Re: VFF57]
FruitFly Offline
Action Bowler

Registered: 03/23/11
Posts: 262
A/S/L: 29/M/Kiel, Germany
Thanks Ample, my timing sucks, I know.
The problem is, that my "power step" since the beginning of my bowling career was my longest step.
I always had a very round approach with no acceleration whatsoever. So fluidity meant very low ball speed for me.
The current stutter step is me trying to get to a shorter power step.

The startingpoint trick was used by me and I start around that area. It's quite a good trick, but I tend to tense up a lot, which chages my steps a bit.

Great idea, thanks.
I love using props. Will definitely try this one on the next training day.

#184494 - 01/23/14 05:26 PM Re: Need help staying behind the ball [Re: FruitFly]
spr3wr Offline
USBC Bronze Level Coach

Registered: 08/19/06
Posts: 557

USBC Bronze level Coach
Ritger'S level 1 coach
High game 300 X 2
High series 810
Current ave. 213

#184501 - 01/23/14 11:53 PM Re: Need help staying behind the ball [Re: spr3wr]
FruitFly Offline
Action Bowler

Registered: 03/23/11
Posts: 262
A/S/L: 29/M/Kiel, Germany

#184524 - 01/24/14 12:57 PM Re: Need help staying behind the ball [Re: FruitFly]
Richard Symms Offline
Bumper Bowler

Registered: 05/23/13
Posts: 1
A/S/L: 71/M/Washington
I learned to change and improve my step by watching my feet over and over till it became second nature. Don't worry about the score just your steps and learning to be balanced at the delivery. Use your balance arm and leg properly.

#184687 - 01/28/14 10:37 PM Re: Need help staying behind the ball [Re: FruitFly]
swingset Offline
League Bowler

Registered: 02/13/12
Posts: 50
A/S/L: 42, Male, Granville Ohio
I think an easy way to remove that awkward stutter step is to take a fluid, conscious "tightrope" step with your right foot on the third step (make it land directly in front of your left foot). It kind of gets over there out of the way, but not quite enough and the stutter step is impeding it.

That can also open up two other mechanical advantages...opening your shoulders and allowing a more fluid backswing, and thus (as you're aiming for) a more natural feeling position behind the ball.

If you start your approach with your right shoulder back a few degrees (pull the ball in towards your waist a touch in your stance), this sets up that open shoulder motion. If you take a pronounced 3rd step in front of the left foot, you'll be perfectly aligned for a free swing down lane.

Then, with your arm more free, visualize keeping in the inside of your elbow pointed towards the pins as you come through on your release...this forces the hand to stay behind the ball.

Some coaches suggest pointing your index finger down the lane from under the ball and bring it through on release...also forcing the hand behind/under the ball, but this is a cupping/rev motion and may not feel natural to you.

You have great balance at the line and a pretty smooth swing, which is 9/10ths of the battle.

BTW, loved bowling when I was in Germany! My extended family is from Heidelberg and took me bowling whenever I visited.

#184697 - 01/29/14 09:21 AM Re: Need help staying behind the ball [Re: FruitFly]
FruitFly Offline
Action Bowler

Registered: 03/23/11
Posts: 262
A/S/L: 29/M/Kiel, Germany
Thanks, these are quite elaborate tips.
I'll try to them as soon as possible.
It's so hard to get better at this point without good hands on coaching frown


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