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#18187 - 07/31/04 11:39 AM Hitting the wall
33brumichen Offline
Bumper Bowler

Registered: 03/18/04
Posts: 4
A/S/L: 37/male/maryland
I need some motivation. I have a 215 average and I can`t seem to bowl a perfect game . when I get a chance I find a way to lose it. my physical game is petty good but my mental game seems like it needs some help. any suggestions are welcome! help

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Registered: Fri Aug 27 2004
Posts: 10100
A/S/L: Mountain View, CA
#18188 - 07/31/04 04:50 PM Re: Hitting the wall
joel Offline
Touring Pro Contender

Registered: 03/22/01
Posts: 626
A/S/L: morton grove,il
When ever I'm having a good game which lately is
not to often I just take one frame at a time in-
stead of projecting what that score is going to be. Most of the time that is what it takes.
Try it once, with a 215 average I would be willing to fight grizzlys once. bowling joel
strokers do it better with help thumbsup
Joel Lipnitzky

#18189 - 07/31/04 10:01 PM Re: Hitting the wall
Coach04 Offline

Registered: 04/21/04
Posts: 1000
A/S/L: Male/Texas
The mental game is the toughest hurdle, and the one that is probably never really mastered.

There are some great books available to assist with training the mind for mental toughness. We always seem to be our own worst enemy, and when under pressure it really shows up.

Here is the URL for Susie Minshews web site, she has a lot of articles posted there concerning mental toughness and our evil bowling twin...

She is a super coach and well respected in the industry.

#18190 - 08/01/04 04:05 AM Re: Hitting the wall
kleichtm Offline

Registered: 03/20/04
Posts: 29
A/S/L: 20/male/columbus OH
my 2 cents would be to NOT look at the scoreboard... don't think about the score, think about every shot you made and what adjustments to make/ if any... at that average you can repeatetdly hit your mark time after time, so it's all about finding the right spot and then adjusting as you go... if you don't see the scoreboard, the fact that your only a couple strikes away won't hit you as hard (out of sight, somewhat out of mind) good luck with that! -kev

#18191 - 08/02/04 06:31 AM Re: Hitting the wall
Bojangles Offline
League Bowler

Registered: 06/28/04
Posts: 66
My $.02 too.... Maybe you're just plain thinking about it too much. The score I mean. Sounds to me like you've got the routine down pretty well. Letting tention build is the result of trying to make/force things to happen. You know the result of over thinking, or dwelling on a subject, be it bowling or how to overcome a problem at say work or home. Talking to yourself mentally will only cloud your mind as well as your game. Try taking a deep cleansing breath each time you step up the to approach, with the single thought "flow" not relax! The mere thought "relax" could cause a subliminal message to create tention. By the thought process of "flow" you are setting in motion that which you can do so well. Not dwelling on "stop-relax-go", but rather "breathe-flow-begin". By building this ease of self and finesse on each frame, your 300 game should soon follow. Good luck !!!
Now the only healthy way to live, as I see it, is to learn to like all the little every day things.....

#18192 - 08/02/04 04:45 PM Re: Hitting the wall
BowlerFreak Offline
Bracket Donor

Registered: 08/08/03
Posts: 174
A/S/L: 46,female - RH - Northern IL
I used to be a very tense bowler - so bad that it ruined my game. Over the years I have learned to calm myself (partly due to the fact that time has shown "there is always next week.")

I noticed that when I got really nervous it wasn't any fun to go up and bowl when it was my turn. I was almost dreading it. Now I tell myself, "You GET to go up and throw the ball now (instead of HAVING to throw the ball) so go up and enjoy the process - from push away to follow through." Every new frame is a new opportunity. thumbsup This mentality helps me stay aggressive through the shot as well, which tends to be difficult if I am too nervous.

I guess my point it this... I do not make my living bowling. It is supposed to be fun. Stop taking the fun out of it by trying to be so darn perfect! cool
I'd rather be bowling!

#18193 - 08/07/04 10:57 PM Re: Hitting the wall
lanetamer Offline
Bumper Bowler

Registered: 08/06/04
Posts: 2
A/S/L: 45/ m / pa
33Brum............ Took me 20 years to roll my 1st . My average when i did it? 215 ! My advice is the same as I give others: Keep your game simple. Remember you dont have to overpower that 1st shot in the 10th. Keep that elbow against your side. The little things that got you to that point will still work if you apply them. thumbsup

#18194 - 08/12/04 11:02 AM Re: Hitting the wall
joel Offline
Touring Pro Contender

Registered: 03/22/01
Posts: 626
A/S/L: morton grove,il
I am the same as you used to be. I dread going up
and taking my turn as I last season had a bad time
keeping up my average. I was taking the game to
serious and now I see there is a way to stop this.
Thanks, all I have to do is think about the pre
shot routine which is good and treat each shot as
a new experience. bowling joel
strokers do it better with help. thumbsup
Joel Lipnitzky


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