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#178462 - 05/03/13 08:33 AM Motiv Tank with MOtion Hole Video
mattyg3535 Offline
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Registered: 06/09/09
Posts: 121
A/S/L: 34/M/cocoa. Fl


Tester: MattyG
Speed: Med (14.5 to 15.5 on camera)
Rev Rate: 300+
Axis Rotation: Med to low (30*-40*)
Axis Tilt: Med to high (12*-20*)

P.A.P.: 4 1/2 right, 1/8 up

Drilling layout: "MO"tion Hole with 1 1/4" hole 4" deep

Surface: 2,000 O.O.B.

Patterns: 43' modified Stone Street pattern and 38' THS

I was never on for Urethane. My rev rate and speed never made for
a good match. Sure I could play "safe" but 5 pins were embarrassing to
have to pick up all the time. I had previously owned the Natural and Natural Pearl. They did what Urethane did. Go 20' then roll out to the pocket. I decided to try something different with the Tank. I was looking for a way to increase length (not using surface) while increasing the amount of flare down lane. I decide to try out this "MO"tion Hole that everyone was talking about. The ball had great specs to start with because it had very little top weight and a pin that would be pretty close to center of grip if I place the pin over my ring finger. I did have to cheat the hole over about 3/4 of a inch though. I would have rolled over it if not. Glad I did the "tape test" before.
I was really please with how the ball hit on the burn before adding the hole. I though it actually got more length than previous urethane releases. It had almost a small entry level reactive ball reaction. I decided to commit to trying out the "MO"tion hole even though I really liked the reaction as-is. I was NOT disappointed. I got to throw it on a 43' pattern where the oil volume is pretty high. The ball was so-so. It rolled just like eve other urethane ball. Had to play that typical closed up angle or almost point it to the pocket. The one stand out was how hard it hit. Instead of deflecting it really drove through the pins. I was very impressed but still on the fence. Later that week I got to try it out on a freshly oiled 38' THS. This house is famous for it's walled up pattern. Low rev dream and high rev nightmare. You know what I mean! Tried the Tank out where you would think [straight up 5]. I was actually going high BUT not until it came of the end of the pattern. Weird?? So I gave it a little room. Went 7 at the arrows to 5. Came in a little high but again it was down lane when it moved. Went 8 to 5 and the ball was just amazing. It crushed the pocket so hard. It was smooth and predictable but I had that special ability that only urethane equipment can give. I knew, before the ball hit the arrows, that it was a strike. It is an amazing ball to say the least. I was able to play outside that GREAT WALL and still have hard hitting power!!!

The Tank is not for everyone (unless you want a bad ass spare ball). It will be a great Tool for learning how to close up angles for some, the answer to controlling rev rate for others. But the thing that makes it special is how hard it hits going through the pins even after you think it is rolled out. It can be you best ball if you are looking to really control the lane instead of cover boards. I would recommend the Tank to all bowlers looking for a ball actually practice with. You can learn a lot from the Urethane ball motion. As a "strike" ball it really can be an asset to those high rev rate people that need help/control.
I use mine as my primary spare ball. A little hand position change and a touch more speed makes the Tank look like a bullet. But keeping it in my bag will always give me the sense of security. When there is no look or super bad carry I can always pull out the Tank and fire it up the outside. I have no doubt this ball will come into play more than a few times.

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Registered: Fri Aug 27 2004
Posts: 10100
A/S/L: Mountain View, CA
#178635 - 05/16/13 08:07 AM Re: Motiv Tank with MOtion Hole Video [Re: mattyg3535]
mattyg3535 Offline
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Registered: 06/09/09
Posts: 121
A/S/L: 34/M/cocoa. Fl

Got a couple of chances to use this ball on THS after a few games of league. The Tank [with the MOtion hole] plays more like a smaller reactive ball than a Urethane. It actually retains energy until the breakpoint and then makes a quick move. When the other bowlers saw the reaction, no one believed it was Urethane. Unlike other manufacture's Urethane releases, the Tank is truly unique. All the consistency of Urethane without rolling out at the arrows. Can see this as being a real option for Rev Dom players or very dry lane conditions without the feeling of sacrificing corner pins to just keep the ball in play.

#178638 - 05/16/13 10:14 AM Re: Motiv Tank with MOtion Hole Video [Re: mattyg3535]
56bird Offline
Pro of the Year Contender

Registered: 01/06/13
Posts: 706
A/S/L: 47 Male, Malta NY
Nice video Sir. Looks like the Tank is a nice piece, and I know from experience the MOtion Hole layout is something special. Posted a vid with my MOholed Reign Supreme MOtion Hole ball reaction. On some of the shots you can really see the unique way the ball cuts through the pocket with seemingly no deflection (others deflect normally, it depends a lot on the bowler). My first real-world experience with the ball was on Chameleon, was nice to at least ALMOST be able to get left and wheel with the "big boys" (guys who have 100+ higher rpm than I do).
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#178639 - 05/16/13 10:34 AM Re: Motiv Tank with MOtion Hole Video [Re: mattyg3535]
sk8shorty01 Offline
Virtual League Champion x2

Registered: 01/05/09
Posts: 5166
A/S/L: 30/M/Merritt Island, FL
I have my Super Natural laid out to do a MOtion hole so I am definitely going to enjoy messing around with that.

I want to take some footage before the hole, then do a medium sized hole and take more footage, then go all the way to the 1-1/4" hole and do more footage. Get a good amount of ball reaction footage as well as get some footage that can compare the difference of a ball with and without the MOtion hole.

Matt, great work on that Tank video!

P.S. We should work together one of these days on a video (as long as its Storm I am able too lol)!
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#178640 - 05/16/13 12:17 PM Re: Motiv Tank with MOtion Hole Video [Re: sk8shorty01]
56bird Offline
Pro of the Year Contender

Registered: 01/06/13
Posts: 706
A/S/L: 47 Male, Malta NY
Good plan, Sk8. I wanted to do the same but didn't have a camera along on the day I was able to get with my driller. I planned to go in steps too, but the 3/4" hole gave me such a nice reaction, I couldn't bring myself to mess with it any further (and the ball was already pretty light at that point!)

Bowlers seem to have different results... I was warned that the ball would end up really "long" and require a lot of surface, yet I find it perfect at 4000 abralon <shrugs>. Matt seems to really like the urethane w/MOhole, others didn't like it so much.

Make sure when you video, try and zoom in fairly close on the pins so the ball path through the pins can be seen, I think it's really unique.

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Code Red, Code Black, Roto Grip Hustle POW, White Dot in the bag.


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