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#176166 - 02/13/13 08:46 AM PBA approved product Motiv Trash Frenzy
mattyg3535 Offline
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Motiv Thrash Frenzy Review

Drilling Layout: 75 X 4 3/4 X 25
2000 box surface
Rev Rate: 300+
Speed: Around 15 on the monitors
Axis Rotation: 30 to 45 degrees
Axis Tilt: 15 to 25 degrees

Intention: Looking to take advantage of the Skid/Flip nature of the ball. Wanted length and an aggressive backend move when playing outside line during league and a quick pop when playing closer to the headpin in tournament conditions.

Lane Conditions: Kegel Stone Street and 38' "walled up house shot"

I was looking for a long pin to cg to start but I only got a 3.4". Had to do the best with what I got. I wanted a 5 1/5" pin to pap but that would put the cg in my finger. Didn't want to destroy the core to make it legal. As far as the reaction, I thought that the ball was not as Skid/Flip as some of the other brands but for a Motiv ball, they are on the right track. Length was never a problem but it didn't just see dry and just boomerang. With the other brands you can just aim the ball to the right and it does what it does off the spot. I used that method and was not happy. I soon figured out that I had to try and play the ball more like I was trying to get it to ROLL of the end of the pattern, then it came to life! It has a super late/sharp reaction. I realize that this most people are unable to alter their release to get a ball to move sharp off the spot so that is defiantly an advantage to the Thrash Frenzy.
Something I often wonder [in league] is how people with less hand have so much room. It always seems as if I am plagued with over/under reaction and others (NO HAND) can have the whole lane. The Thrash Frenzy made those over/under conditions just go away. The more the over/under gets the more the TF shines. On the fresh THS I was able to play right along side those who seem to dominate that area. I was able to miss a little into the dry and the length of the ball helped the over reaction. If I tugged the ball, the move off the breakpoint was so sharp it didn't need much room to rev up and carry all 10 pins in the pit. I was really easy to play the THS though. I didn't have to pull any tricks out of the bag or play extreme angles to make it to the pocket flush. Normally I find myself moving after almost every shot to avoid a random reaction down lane. The Thrash Frenzy was my cure to all the craziness!
On the sport shot I am normally around 9 at the arrows. That was just not going to happen withe the Thrash Frenzy. I was actually able to play closer to 5-6 at the breakpoint with confidence. If I were to get out there with another ball it usually doesn't recover. Mind you, I use my Motiv Raptor Talon on this pattern as a league shot. I am 9-10 at the breakpoint. The Thrash Frenzy gave me enough length in the dry to clear the oil pattern and make a good "hard" move to the pocket. I did't see the skid/flip motion. It was more a delayed, fast, continuous motion. Not bad. Just not skid/flip. I found myself limited in the area I could play. I was stuck between 9-14 at the arrows (where most house bowlers play anyway). Anything beyond that and the Thrash Frenzy just didn't have enough core to leave me anything but the 2-8-10. Seeing how the cover is so clean, I don't know why you would have to move out of that area though. So is was a wash as far as I am concerned.

Conclusion: Higher rev players will have a great time playing in an area of the lane they haven't seen in a long time. It is a great ball in the fact you don't have to sacrifice ball reaction just to play where 90% of the house plays. The other 90% will love the length of this ball and how well it moves in the back end. Great ball to transition to when you aren't as comfortable hooking the whole lane when they get dry. Although not as skid/flip as some other brands, Motiv's attempt is a much better reaction for most bowlers looking for such. It will keep you out of trouble while your playing around the track.

Likes: Again, Motiv makes some of the best looking overstocks on the market! The length is amazing while still having a "real" core to go through the pins hard.

Dislikes: The NAME. How many people call this ball the "Trash" instead of Thrash by mistake? Isn't Thrash and Frenzy kind of the same word? The ball wasn't amazing on the really burnt up lanes. Still needs more oil than other brands to maintain it's "skid/flip" motion.

BowlerX Staff Member

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#176170 - 02/13/13 09:49 AM Re: PBA approved product Motiv Trash Frenzy [Re: mattyg3535]
Joe Bowler Offline
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Registered: 04/09/09
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Great video and analysis, MattyG. Your commentary is really helpful in deciding whether this ball fits a bowler's arsenal.
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#176192 - 02/14/13 08:34 AM Re: PBA approved product Motiv Trash Frenzy [Re: Joe Bowler]
mattyg3535 Offline
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Registered: 06/09/09
Posts: 121
A/S/L: 34/M/cocoa. Fl
Thanks Joe. I feel as if most videos tend to look the same. Strike after strike. You decide to buy a ball and it doesn't strike (because it is not the ball for that condition) and you feel ripped off. I will always try to show what the balls limits are and an idea of when and who should use it in the written review. Glad you liked it!

#176198 - 02/14/13 09:40 AM Re: PBA approved product Motiv Trash Frenzy [Re: Joe Bowler]
56bird Offline
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Originally Posted By: Joe Bowler
Great video and analysis, MattyG. Your commentary is really helpful in deciding whether this ball fits a bowler's arsenal.
QFT. I've seen your videos before, really cool to find out you're on board here.

I especially appreciate your vids because your rev rate is "relatable" to me. I enjoy a reaction video by a bowler with 425-600 or 200 rpm as much as the next guy but it doesn't help me much. I think you have a few more rpm than me and a more correct release but at least it's in the ballpark.

Keep up the good work, sir.
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