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#167255 - 05/25/12 06:06 PM Arsenal combinination of 15 and 16 lb balls
BOSStull Offline
2x Virtual League Champion

Registered: 10/15/11
Posts: 1257
A/S/L: 63/M /Georgia
I was in process of converting from 16lb to 15lb balls when something happened along that journey. I encountered a heavy oil condition that had no friction to help my 15lb balls. There was to much deflection when I got a good line to the pocket unable to strike. I pulled out my 16lb New Standard and it just kept driving with good carry. I had close to the same condition Wednesday so I went with the 16lb New Standard and bowled my first 800 series. But I have been averaging over 220 with my 15lb Buzz since I bought it. My thoughts are about building an arsenal more on the 16lb side to heavy to medium conditions and the 15lb side more from medium heavy my Buzz PE to lighter conditions with 15lb. I have no problem throwing either as long as I start with the selected weight. If I mix it the results are usually not positive. I seem to throw the 15 at a higher speed than the 16lb but actually I can't tell that much difference in weight as I said as long as I start with on or the other. I would like to here opinions one way or the other in mixing weights. Is anyone else using different weights especially depending on lane conditions?
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Registered: Fri Aug 27 2004
Posts: 10100
A/S/L: Mountain View, CA
#167258 - 05/25/12 08:33 PM Re: Arsenal combinination of 15 and 16 lb balls [Re: BOSStull]
10PinGaloot Offline

Registered: 05/19/09
Posts: 2094
A/S/L: 65/m/ Woodburn, OR
Hey BOSS! Well, your average is 50 points higher than mine, so my 2 cents fwiw....

If you "throw the 15 at a higher speed", then you're muscling the shot. But whatever. Where is it written that you can't do that if it works, right?

I throw all 3 weights the same speed, but I rev the lower weights more (using only the wrist), and consequently can go deeper inside with the lower weights. If you're limited to only one release, then you don't have too many options other than to go where the ball and the lane conditions demand.

There is, of course, a limit to the physical abilities of any lighter ball, and if you have the physique for it, then the heavier the better. For myself, I am not able to throw a 16 pounder with the revs that I can apply to a 14 pounder.

But apropos your situation, I would use the best ball for any given condition. If heavy oil requires a very aggressive ball thrown more slowly, then that's the deal. I haven't seen that kind of oil in 3 years, so ..... you're lucky, if you ask me.

"If it ain't workin', you're either throwing the ball wrong or throwing the wrong ball."
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#167259 - 05/25/12 11:52 PM Re: Arsenal combinination of 15 and 16 lb balls [Re: BOSStull]
champ Offline
Virtual League Champion

Registered: 11/30/10
Posts: 2147
A/S/L: 32/M/AZ
I like to throw old urethane, and even some older reactive equipment, just for fun from time to time. Most of that stuff is 16 pounds. When I really like the way something rolls or hits, it works its way in to my league bag for a while, and I then have a mix of 15 and 16 pound equipment. I notice a big difference in throwing the weight, but it doesn't bother me too much. From what I understand, 16 pound equipment may sit into the oil better than lighter equipment, giving a smoother reaction to the oil pattern. And as the galoot said, its a bit easier to rev up lighter equipment. In my mind, each weight has its purose, and when there is a reason to have a tool, it can be exploited to positive effect.
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#167263 - 05/26/12 06:15 AM Re: Arsenal combinination of 15 and 16 lb balls [Re: BOSStull]
Dennis Michael Offline
Virtual League Champion

Registered: 12/11/05
Posts: 9820
A/S/L: M/Barrington, Ill
Aha thumbsup

Last March of '11, I developed tendon strain in my bowling wrist. The Doc told me to stop bowling for the season. Instead, I dropped from 16 to 15, in all of my equipment. I sold all of my 16# balls, and bought all new balls at 15#. I was a proponent of NOT mixing weights.

What I have noticed since is my wrist improved over time. My revs increased, and unfortunately, my speed. Because I was now using my arm from the shoulder more. This was forcing the ball and was not a natural, gravitational swing.

I am leaving many more single pins now, and many more 8 and 9 pins. So, instead of the strike, I get the spare. But, I am convinced that this was the cause of my drop in average by 8 pins in 1 league and 10 in another.

Now, seeing your comment, I do bowl on heavy oil condition and some Sport shot in 1 house. And, I am noticing some deflection. Or, the occasional over drive, (9pins). I thought this was because of the weight drop and my arm muscling. But, you may be onto something that the 16 just hits harder on oil over the 15#, and gets better traction in its roll.

I did read the USBC study that reported very litle measureable difference between the 2 weights. But, that was on the same oil pattern which was close to a house shot. I'd suppose there would be a marked difference on different units of oil, mainly heavier over a THS.

In any event, my 16# balls are gone, and have been replaced.
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#167265 - 05/26/12 09:01 AM Re: Arsenal combinination of 15 and 16 lb balls [Re: BOSStull]
Joe Bowler Offline
2x Virtual League Champion

Registered: 04/09/09
Posts: 3825
A/S/L: 50s/M/MD
I have been rolling 16 lbs since I started bowling years ago. And, it is still comfortable for me. However, recently I was trying to order some equipment with particular specs, and was informed that the inventory of 16 lb balls was limited, not frequently re-stocked, and I might have better success with 15 lbs. Also, I noticed that manufacturers seem to be optimizing performance characteristics (rg, diff, etc.) for 15 lbs. And, there are travel benefits with most airlines having a 50 lb limit. It has me thinking...

In the meantime, I wonder if the phenomenon of rolling a lighter ball faster is not so much from muscling the ball, but actually relaxing more since it is easier to control the swing path of the lighter ball? Perhaps that is another plus of dropping to 15 lbs?
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#167269 - 05/26/12 09:42 AM Re: Arsenal combinination of 15 and 16 lb balls [Re: BOSStull]
cgrimes Offline
High Roller

Registered: 03/25/12
Posts: 333
A/S/L: 11/M/Kansas City, MO
I have a 12 pound ball, a 14 pound ball, and soon, a 15 pound ball. Also, Champ was talking about using old balls. That is something I want to start doing. smile
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#167302 - 05/27/12 08:30 AM Re: Arsenal combinination of 15 and 16 lb balls [Re: BOSStull]
BOSStull Offline
2x Virtual League Champion

Registered: 10/15/11
Posts: 1257
A/S/L: 63/M /Georgia
10 pin I value your 2 cents worth,
I know I said it seems like I am throwing the 15 at a higher rate of speed but I don't really dont know for sure. I guess I should really measure the speed. With either ball I have the same swing. I will let the ball weight drop into a smooth relaxed backswing and finish with the same follow through at the line. It may be during the backswing portion of my delivery the heavier ball may stop earlier in the top of the backswing resulting in slower speed. I have an Panasonic camera that has the ability to shoot 1080 p video so my next practice I am taking it with me and create a few videos with each.

Dennis , I started to do the same with selling my 16lb equipment when acquiring 15lb balls. I already sold my 16lb Yeah Baby. I wasn't using it that much so I let my brother use it. He liked it so much he talked me into selling it to him. It was a good ball for heavy oil with a 800 grit surface. Same core as your Extreme Damage but a heavy diamond particle load coverstock. What a mistake that was selling it. Now I need to replace it. I know where I can get a 16lb Big Bang that should be good on Heavy Oil. If L/M doesn't get back in the market I may be getting it as my next ball. The jury still out on my HS2. My Pro Shop is drilling it for my specs. Since the span was ok he did not have to plug the ball. I will be getting it back next week.

Looks like my arsenal will consist of 2 16lb and 2 15lb and my old 16lb Twister which still has value for my 10 pin spares and can double up for extreme dry conditions if I run across it.

Joe I think you may be right about actually relaxing more since it is easier to control the swing path of the lighter ball. As I said earlier I am thinking the top of my backswing may be higher with the 15lb ball.

But all said I am going to stick with both for now . I think both weights have their place in the way I bowl

thanks for your input again guys

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HG 300,
HS 811


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