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#163110 - 02/17/12 02:47 PM Short season leagues
TNT Tommy Offline

Registered: 01/16/12
Posts: 21
A/S/L: 45/M/Eau Claire, WI
Seems like less people are bowling leagues (see many current threads) In order to get more people league bowling, why dont centers offer more short season leagues (ie 10 weeks instead of 30+) like they do in the summer. Would seem to give someone who likes bowling but not want to commit to 7 months a chance to be part of a league, or a bowler who wants to bowl 2 leagues but his wife wont let him maybe get 1 regulare leage and 1 short league.....

Just thinkin'

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Registered: Fri Aug 27 2004
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A/S/L: Mountain View, CA
#163112 - 02/17/12 03:01 PM Re: Short season leagues [Re: TNT Tommy]
TheDemolitionMan Offline
Virtual League Champion

Registered: 05/05/08
Posts: 2840
A/S/L: 23/Male/California, US
That wouldn't be a bad idea.

However, the incentive isn't the same especially in high pot leagues where the winning team walks out of alley with a grand or twoK+ worth of prize money which more than covers their league expenses and then generates a profit.

The centers can't really provide that benefit and will most likely be able to provide only a little, and may even have to raise league fees.

The Demolition Man
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#163126 - 02/17/12 04:49 PM Re: Short season leagues [Re: TNT Tommy]
Calvin Pistorio Offline
State Champion Contender

Registered: 02/19/07
Posts: 6283
A/S/L: 32/m/maryland
If the center is already filled with normal full season leagues, how do these short season leagues bowl? That's one reason why they are often done only in the summer. My center does run short season leagues through out the year, normally it's a gimmick/merchandise league though. My center is full on first shift leagues pretty much every night of the week with my Saturday mixed league taking up the whole house. Normally they are second shift leagues, meaning they don't start until 9 or after and depending on the number of bowlers on a team means not getting out of the center until at least 11 and many people can't do that since they have to be up early in the mornings. My league started up a short season match play league last month on Thursday nights that started at 9:30 that I would have liked to try to get into. The biggest issue is that I usually have to be up at 4 AM for work the next morning and don't want my Friday to drag by from not having enough sleep.
Calvin's Highs

#163128 - 02/17/12 04:58 PM Re: Short season leagues [Re: TNT Tommy]
Pre-emptive Strike Offline
Bracket Donor

Registered: 04/07/11
Posts: 145
A/S/L: 27/M/NY
Couldn't agree more with your post. I've been saying this for a while now, practically since I've started bowling (1 year ago) and it just makes sense. USBC is so concerned about bringing in new business and I think this is one of the best ways to go about doing this.

I live in the NYC area and I can't tell you how many "casual bowling leagues" are starting up in the nyc area. They bring very low skill players into the game, have a few drinks etc.

From there I took up the game seriously (got my own ball, lessons, joined a summer league etc.) and went from there. I bowl in my casual leagues (non-sanctioned) and practice a ton, but I never wanted to commit to a 36-week league for multiple reasons.

The goal is to bring in new bowlers (like myself); and a shorter league accomplished this. I would have never been into the game if I didn't join a small (7-week Zogsports) league and eventually get into the game.

AMFs and other USBC bowling alleys across the nation should be starting up shorter leagues. It's easier to capture the casual audience who loves to have fun bowling every so often with a shorter league. And the casual bowling audience makes up a substantial portion of a bowling alleys' revenue.

It makes little sense that bowling is one of the most popular and profitable games in the country, yet it's difficult to get people to take it up as a hobby.
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#163139 - 02/17/12 05:58 PM Re: Short season leagues [Re: TNT Tommy]
spillup24 Offline
High Roller

Registered: 10/02/10
Posts: 349
A/S/L: Philadelphia, PA
In my area every alley is filled sunday through friday with a full league season so they wouldn't be able to do a short season. Bowling is very much alive in Philadelphia area. Can never get an open lane unless it is befor 4:00 on weekdays or on Sat nights or sunday mornings.

#163140 - 02/17/12 06:03 PM Re: Short season leagues [Re: TNT Tommy]
looseleftie Offline
Hall of Famer Contender

Registered: 01/31/09
Posts: 885
A/S/L: 50m
I don't know whether it's a predominately AMF thing here, but 40 weeks seems to be around the norm for many leagues... We have our 6 week summer league, but would love a 15 week league personally..Could have 2-3 of these leagues running throughout the year.. We are losing leagues and bowlers slowly but surely, there has been a steady decline in all leagues on all nights, we use to have several second shift leagues on every night, we have almost got rid of these altogether, only a few left. Very sad!

I guess when u bowl long leagues they centres perhaps feel they have signed u up for life almost, and are less inclined to leave possibly??

Worst part is, the staff couldn't give a s#it about it!! They pick up their pay check, and don't seem at all surprised when teams pull out, or individuals leave..

#163142 - 02/17/12 06:09 PM Re: Short season leagues [Re: TNT Tommy]
Hunter Offline
Virtual League Champion

Registered: 12/15/11
Posts: 382
A/S/L: 29/M/Jacksonville, FL
The league I am in is Fall + Spring is split into two, that way if anyone wants to bail or join after winter break they are free to.

This year our Fall season ended with 31 teams, and now even with a team leaving, we had 2 more join and the bowling alley is full at 32 lanes.

It's a good format, and lets casuals pick and choose.
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#163146 - 02/17/12 06:42 PM Re: Short season leagues [Re: TNT Tommy]
tbill Offline
Touring Pro Contender

Registered: 02/16/08
Posts: 693
A/S/L: 42/m/ny
ya, it's funny you mention this, as i have quite a few friends that said they would bowl, but don't want to commit to 36+ weeks to do it.

my thursday leauge is sort of a short season, we bowl 12 weeks, have 6 weeks off [holidays] then do 12 weeks to cap it off. it works out nice, as it seems like two short leauges. we have 12 teams in a 12 lane house and great team retention, had to turn away a few teams that wanted to bowl cause 'we' didn't have the lanes to put them on.

the center i bowl in does 10 week spring and summer stuff, usually scotch doubles, and a no tap league, both of them are a ton of fun as well.

i would think a larger house would have more opportunities to cater to some short leagues, most of them in my area are 12 lanes, but it seems if ya had 40 lanes, you would have more opportunity to fill them all with regular and short leagues.
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#163151 - 02/17/12 07:45 PM Re: Short season leagues [Re: Hunter]
Calvin Pistorio Offline
State Champion Contender

Registered: 02/19/07
Posts: 6283
A/S/L: 32/m/maryland
Originally Posted By: Hunter
The league I am in is Fall + Spring is split into two, that way if anyone wants to bail or join after winter break they are free to.

This year our Fall season ended with 31 teams, and now even with a team leaving, we had 2 more join and the bowling alley is full at 32 lanes.

It's a good format, and lets casuals pick and choose.

Most if not all 30+ week leagues do this, some even have thirds or quarters. Usually there isn't much dropping out or joining at that split but sometimes it does help. This season the first half started with 47 teams but one of those teams quit a few weeks in and we finished the rest of the half with 46. When the first half ended a couple of sets of people were informed by the center that there was two openings in the league without asking the league itself. The BOD did vote to allow the teams to join the first week of the second half but we lost the spare set of lanes that were being used in case something goes wrong on another pair that would take too long to repair. For a while there have been none so that's nothing new at this center. It's one of maybe three centers in the while area that actually packs first shift and sometimes second shift.

Too bad that multiple plans to build a new and bigger center fell apart.
Calvin's Highs

#163188 - 02/18/12 08:29 AM Re: Short season leagues [Re: TNT Tommy]
BOSStull Offline
2x Virtual League Champion

Registered: 10/15/11
Posts: 1257
A/S/L: 63/M /Georgia
I prefer the short leagues. Don't want to commit to 30-40 weeks. Although I get along and like all my team members presently if one had to quit then the replacement bowler would not be a long time commitment. As it is I bowl on the same league 3 times a year 16 or 17 weeks. It works out the same in the long run. Team has had the same 3 members all year but the 4th has been 3 different bowlers. One became ill, one decided he really didn't want to bowl, but the last may be a permanent member. we seem to have the right chemistry to bowl as a team.
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