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#142900 - 01/02/11 03:44 PM Help?
joetemp Offline
Bumper Bowler

Registered: 12/11/09
Posts: 6
A/S/L: 19/M/ny;ny;us
Hi, these past few weeks i've gotten really inconsistent with my shots. Heres a recent video of me. Im meeting with a coach this week but I just wanted some input from you guys. I suspect it has something to do with that i tend to throw my right shoulder forward. Any drills that can help me? Thanks!!

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Registered: Fri Aug 27 2004
Posts: 10100
A/S/L: Mountain View, CA
#142903 - 01/02/11 05:07 PM Re: Help? [Re: joetemp]
10PinGaloot Offline

Registered: 05/19/09
Posts: 2094
A/S/L: 65/m/ Woodburn, OR
I'm guessing you average about the same as me - a high sub-200.

Your footwork and swing look consistent and good to me, especially on the back-swing. The only thing I can say is that if you were to lean just a smidge to the right, the ball would swing under your nose, making it easier to aim. As it is, you seem to swing it out coming down from the backswing - sometimes and sometimes not, meaning that while the rest of your approach is the same, the final release is different, and so the ball goes to the right. Then sometimes you try to correct for that by putting more fingers (lift) on the ball, and it goes too far left.

"If it ain't workin', you're either throwing the ball wrong or throwing the wrong ball."
"Follow the oil!"
"Dry lanes ain't worth a shot!"
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#142934 - 01/03/11 03:35 AM Re: Help? [Re: joetemp]
CoachJim Offline
USBC Silver Coach

Registered: 09/19/06
Posts: 4665
A/S/L: Reston, Virginia USA
I need a video from the ball side, from head to toe, from start to finish to see everything I need to see, but from what I can see, it looks as though you are bending from the waist and not getting your butt down into the slide. This bad back angle points the ball down into the lane and doesn't allow the ball to land smoothly onto the lane. Think of it like this, the ball follows the angle of your chest, if your chest is pointing down at the point of release, then the ball will head down into the lane, if your chest is pointed toward the pins, the ball will land smoothly onto the lane.

Why is it bad to have your chest pointed down? Because the ball will bounce upon hitting the lane and sit up on top of the oil and hydroplane and not grab the lane properly, where if it hits smooth, it will sit down into the oil and make better contact with the lane and give you a better read of the ball's reaction.

How to do it? 1. Let the ball fall from the top of the back swing, as the ball falls, sit down into the slide, this will get your butt down and keep your chest up and pointed toward the pins.


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