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#137055 - 10/10/10 04:07 PM First practice in 5 months
cgeorg Offline

Registered: 10/12/07
Posts: 3567
A/S/L: Pittsburgh, Pa
Haven't bowled outside of league since last year's winter league. Problems of late have been release consistency, getting enough axis rotation, and inconsistent swing path/ball direction. In league later this day, I was able to get a little nicer to the ball, which helped with direction and axis rotation a bit, but I still feel unhappy with most of my shots.

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Registered: Fri Aug 27 2004
Posts: 10100
A/S/L: Mountain View, CA
#137057 - 10/10/10 07:49 PM Re: First practice in 5 months [Re: cgeorg]
Raydee Offline
Bracket Donor

Registered: 02/21/07
Posts: 120
I wish my shots looked like yours. I can't seem to stay behind my ball like you do.

#137059 - 10/10/10 08:58 PM Re: First practice in 5 months [Re: cgeorg]
B-Hammer Offline

Registered: 04/19/09
Posts: 1818
A/S/L: 30/M/Bellingham WA
How do you go about correcting faults in your swing? Do you just throw shots and try to find the "feeling" of a good shot, or is there a method to the madness?

I would like to make my own practice sessions more effective, right now it's start with what I normally do for a while and then experiment and see if anything works better. Figure there has to be a better way to practice.

#137063 - 10/10/10 09:15 PM Re: First practice in 5 months [Re: cgeorg]
spr3wr Offline
USBC Bronze Level Coach

Registered: 08/19/06
Posts: 557
I liked your 3rd shot the best.It was smooth off your hand & your trail leg foot stayed in contact with the approach until the ball was half way down the lanes, which means no grabbing/muscling at the release point. Shot 4 was good also, shots 1&2 too much air time from the trail leg.
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#137065 - 10/10/10 09:42 PM Re: First practice in 5 months [Re: cgeorg]
cgeorg Offline

Registered: 10/12/07
Posts: 3567
A/S/L: Pittsburgh, Pa
Raydee, thanks

Foul line and 1 or 2 step drills are good are for practicing a free swing. Regarding direction, any drills from Slowinski for the swing slot and torso rotation are good. Finally, when you have achieved a free swing, you can change the final path of the ball by changing your pushaway placement, going to the left or right of your normal pushaway.

Thanks for the input. There was definitely grabbing in all of the shots. The fact that some of them looked like they don't is a testament to my lack of consistency right now - I can't even do my bad habits the same each time! I will do some Slowinski swing drills next time I make it to the lanes for practice.
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That my boy... that's pro quality.

#137067 - 10/10/10 10:31 PM Re: First practice in 5 months [Re: cgeorg]
CoachJim Offline
USBC Silver Coach

Registered: 09/19/06
Posts: 4665
A/S/L: Reston, Virginia USA
Try cocking the wrist more as the ball drops from the top of the back swing. This will put your hand in a better position, just make sure you uncock the wrist through the release and let the ball roll off your hand.

You don't look too bad really I would like to see you keep your balance arm up until the ball hits the pins. Keeping the balance arm up will help fight the urge to pull the ball down from the top of the back swing and rip on it.

Try to practice more, I think your pieces will fall into place on their own if you work at it.


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