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#123066 - 03/21/10 08:16 PM Bowling Tips that can Save Your Game *****
KahKiat Offline
Action Bowler

Registered: 06/22/09
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A/S/L: Male, Singapore
Bowling Tips are for beginner and amateur bowlers comfortable with their bowling style or approach. These Bowling Tips are for fine tuning your game and catching bad habits quickly. Many times simple Bowling Tips can save a bad game from continuing. Click here, for even more help, and Guaranteed results with your bowling game!

Bowling Tips #1: “Why do I throw left of my mark?
1. If you drop your shoulder down or lower it, the bowling ball will go left, if you are right handed.
2. On your approach, walk toward your mark so you don’t have to over reach to hit it.
3.Lifting your head up to look at the pins during the bowling ball release, will pull your ball to the left. Keeping your head down and watch your bowling ball roll over your mark, to be consistent.
4. Breaking your wrist to the left, when releasing the bowling ball toward your mark. A wrist support would stop your wrist from breaking when lifting the bowling ball.
Bowling Tips #2: “What is my mark?” During practice, find an arrow, board, or dot to roll over for strikes and different spare combinations. Of course, remember where your feet are positioned when you use your marks, to be consistent. For example, you are using the 2nd arrow from the right gutter for your strike mark, and you start your approach from the center dot of the approach lane. So, that is where you would stand to "roll" your 1st ball for a strike. After your 1st ball, you will need to adjust for your spares. For more adjustments see Bowling Tips #8.

Also, alot about bowling is keeping your mind focused on what you are trying to do. That is why mental tuffness gives Professional Bowlers the edge. To keep your mental tuffness, checkout what the Professionals know, and many use to stay focused when the pressure is on.

Bowling Tips #3: “Why do I get so many splits?”

1. A bowling ball is thrown not rolled, it will have less drive through the pocket, leaving unpredictable pin action.

2. Not hitting the 1-3 pocket, if right handed or 1-2 pocket, if left handed consistently.

3. Not enough lift on the bowling ball. Lifting your hand up, at the bowling ball release, will give revolutions or lift which produces drive through the pocket.

4. The bowling lanes are too oily or too dry for your bowling ball. Too oily bowling lanes keeps your bowling ball from gripping and driving through the pocket. Too dry bowling lanes makes your ball hook too sharply through the pocket.

Bowling Tips #4: “Why do I keep missing the 10 pin spare?”

Of course if you are left handed it would be the 7 pin.
1. Your bowling ball hooks too much and turns away from the 10 pin. Most bowlers use a plastic bowling ball just for 10 pin spares.
2. If using your strike ball for ten pin spares, roll a straight ball by positioning your thumb at 12 o’clock and aiming your thumb at the 10 pin through the release.
3. Even with a plastic bowling ball, the 10 pin spare is still very challenging at times. So, practice, practice, practice, until you are more comfortable in a bowling game situation.
4. I almost forgot. Relax your wrist so the bowling ball does not hook or curve away from the 10 pin. If you stiffen your wrist and lift up, the bowling ball will probabilly curve.

Bowling Tips #5: “Am I throwing my bowling ball too fast?”

1. Of course we roll the ball. But if your ball is so fast that the pins blow back and do not mix side to side, maybe too much speed and not enough lift or revolutions.
2. Getting a lot of splits on good hits should raise a red flag your doing something wrong.
3. If you are not consistently hitting your mark, you maybe "rushing the line" or running too fast and not in control of your body. Slow your approach down and concentrate on your delivery.

Bowling Tips #6: “Why doesn’t my bowling ball crush the pocket like some of the other bowlers?”

1. Bowling ball revolutions or lift and pocket entry angle. Even high revolution bowlers have problems when they lose their pocket entry angle, causing wash outs and splits.
2. Bowling balls also have a life cycle. After a few years the bowling ball looses the ability to drive through the pocket. Reconditioning the bowling ball or getting a new bowling ball could be the answer. But, many times using a bowling ball cleaner can solve the problem of built up oil and grim on the bowling ball surface.
3. Change the pocket angle. Sometimes a straighter angle rather than a curve (smooth arc) or hook angle will make a difference and increase the pin mix.
4. If your ball is going long or past the pocket, try moving back on the approach with your feet, about an inch or so at a time, from your original position. The opposite is true if you are coming up on the head pin, move forward.

Bowling Tips #7: “Should I throw a straight ball, a hook, or a curve?”

1. Pro Bowlers use a straight approach with a small hook at the end or at the pocket, and a sweeping curve other times. Either straight, hook, or curve can be used depending on the lane conditions and the drive of the bowling ball. That is, what separates the good bowlers. They can recognize the maximum bowling ball drive to use during the game, and adjust it with the changing lane conditions.

Bowing Tips #8: How do I adjust for spares and strikes?

1. It is very important to find a consistent Strike Mark. Now, if you leave the Head Pin or other bowling pins on the left side, just move your feet to the right of your Strike Position on the approach lane. You can roll your ball over your Strike Mark and the bowling ball should go to the left side. Your position on the approach will very on which bowling pins are left. The same is true on the right side, you move to your left. This is the basics to bowling adjustments. Beside moving right or left, you can move forwards and backwards from your mark, too. If you move up, your bowling ball will hit the bowling pins further down the bowling alley. The reverse is true, if you back up your bowling ball will hit the bowling pins earlier. For example, you just missed hitting the Head Pin to the right. To make your bowling ball hit earlier just back up, about an inch or so, and roll at your same mark again. Depending on the bowling style, hook, curve, or straight ball, you have the basics for future adjustments. Remember, as bowling lanes change and get drier, your Strike Mark will change too. Of course to pick up a 10 or 7 pin, you need to stand on the opposite side edge of the bowling approach, the last dot on the left or right for example. Then roll over a different mark, you only use for the 10 or 7 pin pick ups.


Once you have decided on the weight, check out the videos and information about the variety of bowling balls available. Talk to your bowling friends, watch the reaction of the bowling ball from the videos, or from your friends using the bowling ball. If you think it hooks too much for you, or maybe you can't handle it right now, please don't buy it. Wait till you can handle that type of bowling ball. Believe me, it is extremely frustrating paying good money for a bowling ball, you can't control on the bowling alley. I have been there, and I have sold bowling balls at a loss, because of it! This is one selection to play it save on. Do your research, and pick the bowling ball that "fits your game".
Again, practice your adustments, and watch out for changing lane conditions, because one of these Bowling Tips may save your game!

No sound is louder than pinfall of strikes in the alley.

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Registered: Fri Aug 27 2004
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A/S/L: Mountain View, CA
#123067 - 03/21/10 08:18 PM Re: Bowling Tips that can Save Your Game [Re: KahKiat]
KahKiat Offline
Action Bowler

Registered: 06/22/09
Posts: 212
A/S/L: Male, Singapore
Bowling Tips To Improve Your Game

Using Insert Tape : Bowling Tip
The use of insert tape for the thumb hole is very important. Having a good grip on the ball is a necessity to a relaxed swing. Using white textured tape on the gripping side of the hole seems to work best. It gives you something to hold onto without really having to grip tightly. A recommended fit would have your thumb exit the ball smoothly without hanging up or slipping off. This will also allow for a smooth and loose arm swing which helps greatly in repeating shots. If the ball feels like it is slipping, add a piece of tape. If you feel that it is a little snug, remove a piece. This is much easier than altering your grip.

Preparing Your Shoes : Bowling Tip
Brushing the slide portion of your shoe from heel to toe with a wire brush will decrease slide and improve leverage. If less slide is desired, brush side to side.
Getting The Right Hook : Bowling Tip
When getting an over/under reaction. That is too much hook when missing a little right, and not enough hook when missing left. Try using a green scotch bright pad on your ball just enough to remove the shine. This will mellow the reaction and give you a more consistent reaction.

Keeping Your Eye On The Target : Bowling Tip
Keeping your eye on your target from start to finish will eliminate many inconsistencies in the approach. You would be surprised how difficult it is to do three times in a row, let alone a league night or tournament. Remember, start to finish without losing sight of it.

Spare Ball : Bowling Tip
The big hooking balls that we all own these days can make it very difficult to pick up spares. It is always a good idea to have a secondary ball for this. It should be a mild reactive, urethane or plastic ball depending on how straight you would like it to go. Plastic is the most popular amongst the pro's.

Target Practice : Bowling Tip
A swing that is loose and always close to the body while going back and forward is the best way to repeat strong quality shots. While practicing roll ten smooth shots at the ten pin. On the eleventh shot move back to your strike line and roll another just like you were shooting a ten pin. You will find that the ball comes off your hand smoothly right on target. It is a good exercise especially when learning to play an inside line. Give it some time and you will see a difference.

Be Yourself : Bowling Tip
When practicing or bowling a tournament we all have the tendency to stray from our game when things don't feel right or are going poorly. DON'T DO IT. The best
thing to do is to stick with your game and let the chips fall. Work on technique and smoothness. This will usually bring the feel back. If it is practice, this is not a problem. If it is in competition it can be. But remember if you vary from your game and do something different you will have a harder time coming back to your comfort zone. So take your lumps while trying to work it out and it will pay off with a much more stable and reliable game in the future. Stick with it!

Practice Thoughts : Bowling Tip
In order to make consistent shots, you must have a plan. Take the time between shots to analyze exactly what you want to do with your next delivery, whether it be your push-away, your footwork, your timing, your follow-through, etc. Focus on one thing only. Key on it and make your delivery. Once you step on the approach and get set, you should be on your way within a second or two since you are only thinking of one thing. You will most likely find that your mind will want to have several thoughts. Don't give in. One thing at a time. Practice it and you will see improvement in that one area very quickly.

Follow Through The Arm Swing : Bowling Tip
The follow through is just a continuation of the arm swing outwards towards your target as the ball comes off your fingers. A well executed release will give you a good follow through. If the ball is released correctly your arm will unhinge at the elbow and your hand will come up to side of your head.

A Loose Arm Swing : Bowling Tip
The key to a loose arm swing is to keep your grip in the ball relaxed. In order to have a relaxed grip on the ball, your ball has to be drilled and fitted correctly. If your thumb hole feels loose, it will cause you to squeeze the ball and muscle your swing. Inserts in the thumb and finger holes can help give you a more secure fit. If you have a large webbing at the base of your thumb, add extra bevel at the top front edge of the thumb hole for a better fit.

Wheeled Bags and Flying Don't Go Together : Bowling Tip
When flying out of town for a tournament it is a good idea to leave those wheel bags at home. With a full load of balls, it is no match for baggage handler long toss competition. If you feel you must travel with it, box your balls, put your clothes in your wheelie bag and carry it on. Otherwise it is about a 50/50 chance that your bag will not survive the trip.

Ball Maintenance : Bowling Tip
With the proper ball maintenance your new reactive resin or particle ball can live a long life. In general it is a good idea to clean your ball after every session. After 10 to 20 games, the ball should be either re-polished or sanded to the way you are most comfortable with. After 40 to 60 games, it should be resurfaced. The reaction of the ball will stay more consistent this way. It can get a little expensive but it is cheaper than replacing it.

Need a Little More or Less? : Bowling Tip
Spot closer to the foul line to achieve earlier ball roll; spot farther down the lane to delay the ball's hook.

Before League : Bowling Tip
Whenever possible, shoot at the corner pins in practice before a league or tournament session to get a reading on how to play those shots.

Spare Shooting : Bowling Tip
To flatten out a shot when playing a spare, bend your wrist backward, ie., "break" your wrist and think of releasing the ball with the thumb and fingers coming out together. Otherwise, execute normally and maintain natural ball speed.

Need More Ball Speed? : Bowling Tip
Ball speed can be generated by modestly lengthening the swing arc or by putting the ball into the swing a tad earlier to create a more rapid approach tempo.

Good Knee Bend? : Bowling Tip
Think "drop and drive" to encourage a deeper knee bend followed by an authoritative follow-through.

When Under Pressure : Bowling Tip
When under pressure, think of making a good shot, not a great one. Emphasizing perfect Execution is not only asking too much of yourself in such a situation, it is not even necessary.

Can't Carry The Corners? : Bowling Tip
Ever hear "why is everybody carrying but me?" There is a reason for this. There is a very fine line between knocking them all down and not. This is usually a very simple process. If hitting the pocket on a regular basis and carry is less than 40%, try moving your eyes closer to the foul line on the same target line you are using. This will get the ball into an earlier roll which could fix the problem. If this does not seem to work, move your target down the lane a few feet. This will usually give the ball a little more skid and produce more power towards the back of the lane. Remember that carry is not luck, it is produced by being lined up correctly. One person is not luckier than the other. They are just lined up correctly. It's not how many times you hit the pocket, but how.

Knowing The Oiling And Stripping Schedule : Bowling Tip
Know the oiling and stripping schedule of the center to anticipate lane conditions changes. A lane that is freshly cleaned and oiled represents a condition that is
most volatile and will require quick and frequent adjustments as the oil carries down the lane.

Experience Gained From Other Sports : Bowling Tip
Experience gained from other sports can carry over to help your bowling game and vise-versa. For instance, bowlers who also play golf often equate how timing, tempo and fluidity of movement are the keys to generating power in lieu of brute strength.

Before Any Shot : Bowling Tip
Before any shot in competition, give some thought to what you are trying to do. Careless shots are wasted shots even if the results are temporarily okay.

Develop Good Practice Routine : Bowling Tip
Analyze your delivery and think about what you are doing when you practice. Feel your good shots when you make them and imprint it into your mind so that you can repeat them. Use visualization to practice off the lanes and go through the delivery in your mind making perfect shots.

Ball Weight : Bowling Tip
Simple suggestion... Don't go for the heavier ball automatically. Try a lighter ball and work your way up till you find one that is comfortable for you. A ball that is too heavy isn't going to perform as well as one that you can control/hold easily. Leave the weight lifting to the Gym!!! Have fun!!!

Creating An Earlier Roll : Bowling Tip
If you are attempting to stay behind the ball longer to create an earlier roll, try this. Try leading the ring finger through your target line. This will usually delay the motion of coming around the side of the ball.

Keep Your Arm Swing Loose : Bowling Tip
The key to a loose arm swing is keeping your thumb relaxed in the ball. In order to have a relaxed grip in the ball your ball has to be drilled and fitted correctly. If your thumb hole feels loose it will cause you to squeeze the ball and muscle your swing. Inserts in the thumb and finger holes can help give you a more secure fit. If you have a large webbing at the base of your thumb add extra bevel all around the top edge of the thumb hole for a better fit.

Bowling Etiquette : Bowling Tip
° Observe a one lane courtesy rule. Don't step onto your approach until after the person who's using the lane next to you is finished rolling their ball.
° Don't make any loud or sudden noises while others are on the approach. They're most-likely trying to concentrate.
° Don't bring drinks into the approach area [This includes ten feet from the console]. Wet shoes can ruin yours or anyone else’s approach.
° Have a happy heart. It's contagious.
° Don't use profanity, it ruins others' time.

The Release : Bowling Tip
Now, we're into one of the most important factors in building a solid game! The release is extremely important. Many bowlers have such bad fundamental habits but still manage to bowl well because they have a strong release. Having equipment that is perfectly matched to you, is critical. You can have thousands of dollars worth of equipment and have a great approach and armswing and still bowl terrible. The release is about 70% of your game. This is the area of bowling that dictates how your ball is going to react. Some bowlers feel that changing releases is vital to bowling well (Only recommended for the very advanced bowler). Others believe that you use the same release time & time again to build consistency and let equipment help with lane conditions.

Balance Body For Solid Finish : Bowling Tip
On the last step bend your knee to get down lower to the lane and slide your foot straight towards the foul line making sure it doesn't turn. Think of it as sliding into a deep knee bend. Counter balance your body by moving your non-sliding leg sideways to the opposite side of your bowling arm.

Practice, Practice, Practice : Bowling Tip
When practicing, try not to keep score. Just concentrate on your weak areas and fine tune your good ones. There is no reason to go to the lanes and continually try and throw strikes when in the league you missed 6 or 7 spares that you should have made. Maybe you should be practicing that, or something else you're weak at.
No sound is louder than pinfall of strikes in the alley.

#123068 - 03/21/10 08:20 PM Re: Bowling Tips that can Save Your Game [Re: KahKiat]
KahKiat Offline
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More Tips on Bowling Fundamentals

Your concentration on the foul line with a coordinated approach and rhythmic can give you a good result. Therefore it is necessary to practice on your steps because they are very vital to good bowling. It is also natural to move your foot forward when you push the ball outward from the body.

Footwork is one of the fundamentals on which a bowler should concentrate. Without a co-coordinated approach to the foul line the bowler is under a handicap. Perhaps you haven't thought of it this way, but actually, every- thing that happens in bowling depends on what you do on this side of the foul line. If your approach is smooth and rhythmical, your de- livery well-timed and your eyes directed straight forward, chances are that the result will be a good one. Perfect your footwork. You can practice at home. Merely pacing off your steps with a bowling ball in your hand helps a lot.

The bowler using a four-step approach steps forward on his right foot. The five-step player begins on his left foot that is, if he is right-handed, of course. So, after deciding on how many steps to take and where to start, practice the approach with a bowling ball until your footwork and the swing of your arm are perfectly co-coordinated. The ball should come forward for delivery at the exact moment that you slide up to the foul line on your left foot.


The approach begins with the push away (the pushing of the ball outward from the body). The push away itself is the trigger that starts you off with perfect timing. As you aim the ball out toward the pins, your feet should move forward naturally and easily with no conscious effort on your part.

Take your stance on the right side of the approach. Move up to the foul line in a straight line, not in a zigzag or a curving path. Begin with a short, almost a half-step on your right foot, and at the same time push the ball forward and outward in a smooth, easy motion. This co-ordinates the movement of your hands and feet and sends you forward in a smooth glide. At this point, make certain that you are not starting too fast. The short first step usually helps to keep your speed natural, and makes your approach short enough that you do not cross the foul line. As you complete your first step (in a four-step delivery), the ball should begin to drop into its backswing. Hold your left hand outstretched for balance.

Hold the ball easily, but firmly, without pressing. When you take the second step on your left foot, the ball, swinging in its backward arc, just passes the right knee or thereabouts. Your body should be wholly relaxed, with the ball swinging from the end of your arm like a pendulum. Be sure that your feet are pointed forward and that your eyes are directed in the line in which you plan to have the ball travel. Your right arm should swing, as mentioned above, like a pendulum of a clock. It should be close to the body, with your right shoulder serving as a pivot base. Contrary to the belief of many bowlers, it is not wrong for the right shoulder to be dropped a little, since the weight of the ball is entirely on the right arm.

The mistake lies in allowing the right shoulder to be pulled back, which shifts the body into a sidewise position. The third step, taken on the right foot, is a bit longer than the second and is known as the "backswing step," since on this step the backswing reaches its peak. Too high a backswing is one of the cardinal errors of bowling.

The best way to avoid the mistake is to take the swing no higher than your shoulder. In doing so, you develop plenty of momentum for the downswing and can deliver an effective ball with good natural speed. Don't get overeager when you reach the backswing. Remember that your original intention was to build up a smoothly flowing motion. Keep your footwork and the swing of the ball smooth. Your knees should be bent a bit, and your body bent forward from the waist to compensate for the weight of the ball.

Don't only follow the popular beliefs, but you should also know how you move your body and swing them while you steps to bowl. The more you are aware of how to moves and takes steps the better your chance of succeeding in this game.
No sound is louder than pinfall of strikes in the alley.

#155632 - 09/22/11 01:24 PM Re: Bowling Tips that can Save Your Game [Re: KahKiat]
Time-To-Roll Offline
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I just re-read this excellent post by KahKiat.
I would like to add something I feel is very important,
that is knowing your eye dominance. I am right handed but
left eye dominant. I finaly bowled much better yesterday.
For me I need to line up looking 4 boards to the right.
Example to cross 10 I will look at 6 ( 4bds to the right)
This seems to prevent a pull to left. I will not hit 6 but inside of it and lay down on 10.Looking to right with left eye is simply a
compensation for my dominant left eye. Same side right handers
will look about 2 to the right to compensate for a slight pull to the left.
All you need to do is make a tringle with you 2 hands and look at some point across the room with both eyes. Shut your left eye.If the point is gone then you are left eye dominant.

I tried using my right eye and all my shots were pulled to the left! Different bowlers have there own ways to deal with this condition. I suggest you try this one.

#155635 - 09/22/11 03:27 PM Re: Bowling Tips that can Save Your Game [Re: KahKiat]
metguy Offline

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Originally Posted By: KahKiat
Bowling Tips #1: “Why do I throw left of my mark?
1. If you drop your shoulder down or lower it, the bowling ball will go left, if you are right handed.

I decided to check this thread out and "HOLY MOLY" thought this is gonna take a few minutes to read. Got to the first tip and there it was, the reason i pulled three consecutive throws in the middle of my second game tuesday night. It really was too bad because i had a really good game going. Never pulled another one all night which left me scratching my head on why. I thought it was me rushing or lack of focus. I'm trying to get away from dropping my shoulder and have actually done so well i forgot all about it. I'm giving this thread 2 thumbs up, good job. thumbsup thumbsup
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#155642 - 09/22/11 05:41 PM Re: Bowling Tips that can Save Your Game [Re: KahKiat]
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I'm glad I read through this again. Its nice to be reminded of the basics. I use to be very aware of watching the ball roll through my target, and I realized after reading this that I haven't paid attention to that in a while. I have also been popping up at the line for months. Aha, perhaps I've found the answer.
Nowadays, I open bowl practice and go to Nationals every year.

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#155654 - 09/23/11 12:37 AM Re: Bowling Tips that can Save Your Game [Re: KahKiat]
spillup24 Offline
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Originally Posted By: KahKiat

Bowling Tips #1: “Why do I throw left of my mark?
1. If you drop your shoulder down or lower it, the bowling ball will go left, if you are right handed.

Very nice post but I do NOT agree with this one. EVERY bowler that you see drops their shoulder below the other when releasing the ball. Unless I am not reading that tip correctly.

#155686 - 09/23/11 06:50 PM Re: Bowling Tips that can Save Your Game [Re: spillup24]
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A/S/L: female, Port Angeles Wa. right...
I don't understand that one either. Sounds kind of old school?
It's the dropped shoulder that allows you to swing under your chin and close to your ankle.

#155695 - 09/23/11 10:06 PM Re: Bowling Tips that can Save Your Game [Re: Time-To-Roll]
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#165647 - 04/10/12 07:11 AM Re: Bowling Tips that can Save Your Game [Re: KahKiat]
dainescott Offline
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Glad to find this out, sometimes I feel a need to get back to basics. Thanks heaven I found this!

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