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#115605 - 01/27/10 08:51 PM Ability to handle more than one type of bowling
Ryan Lepore

In Massachusetts, we mainly have candlepins. But also more than 50ish alleys of ten pins. And about 3 or 4 duckpin bowling alleys too. I bowl on 3 leagues for those 3 types of bowling. I bowl the duckpins in Billerica. Candlepins in Woburn, and Cambridge. And the ten pins in Cambridge, and Malden. And I can handle all these types of bowling. I am actually gifted in bowling. And I was never lousy at bowling in my whole life. There were several people that I know that were questioning me about that. Saying to me that "How can I handle all those 3 types of bowling on my own?" Some of them also said to me that "If I do that, I could never be able to be good at any of them, and it would ruin my ability to score high in them." Mainly, I've been bowling the ten pins individually mostly. Because since I've been bowling on a summer league at Town Line Ten Pin in Malden, the alley lets me only pay a $2.50 discount a string. And I'm also a member of the USBC. That price for me is cheap, and a really good buy. My bowling in ten pins is improving now. And I'm right now up to a 160 average in my winter league. It was a new record that I broke. And not only that, but I'm making much less gutter balls now. But I haven't been scoring high enough in candlepins, or duckpins. Because I haven't been practicing a lot in them. Like ten pins. I actually can't afford to pay for all of those types of bowling for my individual practice. Because of the bad economy right now. Right now, I can only do the ten pins, because it's a $2.50 discount for me.

I think anybody could handle more than one type of bowling. If you're not good in one of them, that's because you haven't been doing any multiple practicing in them.

When I bowl, I use my left hand. My left hand is in my family. In candlepins, and duckpins, I slide on my right foot. But in ten pins, I also bowl with my left hand, but I slide on my left foot. I always have, since I bowled my very first string in ten pins. It works for me. I tried to slide on my right foot once. But I ended up getting the ball in the gutter. Some people, including my uncle opposed me sliding on my left foot in ten pins. But I totally disagreed with them. Years ago, I saw a man who bowled on the Candlepin Challenge TV competition on CN8. And he bowled with his left hand, and slid on his left foot too. And I was not against that.

Some people may be afraid of bowling a different type of bowling. Either they think they would never be good at it. Or it could be too stressful for them. The president of my Tuesday Night Ten Pin Bowling League at Lanes & Games in Cambridge doesn't like candlepins. Because he thinks they're sissy. But that's being prejudice. And I'm for all types of bowling. Including 9 pin skittles.

I grew up with candlepins, and I remember bowling them the very first time with my old babysitter when I was 7. I started to bowl the ten pins when I was 22. And I remember making my very first strike in my first string. But I started releasing the ball like in rubberband duckpins with my palm facing down. But now I face my palm up now. And I started bowling the duckpins when I was 31 back in 2004. And I also made my very first strike in my very first string in that too. That was at Collin's Bowladrome in Billerica. I can also make a strike in all these 3 types of bowling. I even one the money pool five times in duckpins at my duckpin league when you make the strike while the red colored pin is in the head pin in the set. I can also make more than 1 strike in a row in duckpins, and candlepins sometimes. And I can also do it in ten pins too.

My future, is to also try to bowl 5-pins, and rubberband duckpins in Canada someday. And I think I can handle those too. Because you use the same exact ball in duckpins. But in rubberband duckpins, you roll the ball with your palm facing down. I even bowled the duckpins in Billerica with that rubberband duckpin bowling technique last summer. And I was easily making a lot of strike with it. The strikes occured like it was gentle, and easy. But the ball rolls slowly when you do that. When you roll it like that, that ball spins towards you while it's rolling toward the pins simultaneously, and then the spinning motion of the ball switches the opposite direction at the pins when the ball reaches the middle of the lane.

I would also like to bowl the Kegel 9 pins someday, if I ever could fly to Europe, or Australia someday. But right now I don't know how I will get use to its balls. Because the balls only has 2 holes in them, and if I can be able to make a good target at the middle of the pin set. But I probably will. Since I have bowling talent now.

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#115626 - 01/27/10 11:25 PM Re: Ability to handle more than one type of bowling [Re: ]
MikeHL Offline
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I can understand what the other people you know are saying about being unable to handle more than one flavor of bowling in their lives. I'm from western MA and bowled candlepins until I was 21, which was 1999. Averaged 112 at the Kenmore Bowladrome underneath Fenway Park the last year I did it...which was NOT easy to do. That house was a graveyard where walled-up averages went to die. (I'd averaged in the 110-112 range my last 2 years of juniors before I went off to college, but I wasn't actually that good -- it was a byproduct of an easy house condition.)

Back then, the few times I ever bowled tenpin, doing so would screw up my candlepin technique for about a week. I now live in the Midwest and just took up tenpin a few months ago after not being on any kind of bowling lanes at all for 10 years. Averaging 165 in one league and 160 in another. I'm going home for a few days near the end of March. If I bowl candlepin while I'm visiting, it'll probably screw up my tenpin technique, even w/it being as [email protected] as it is.
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#115640 - 01/28/10 12:33 AM Re: Ability to handle more than one type of bowling [Re: MikeHL]
Dr. Seuss Offline
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Yes it is quite possible to be good at multiple disiplines of bowling. I spent over 20 years bowling candlepin and was carrying 120+ average. Due to switching shifts at work and not wantng to travel to bowl candlepins I have switched to ten pin. I am currently carrying a 185 average in a league. The last time i bowled candlepins, which was after a one year period of not rolling a candlepin ball, it took me 2 games to get the rythem back and I was able to throw a couple of games in the 130's.

About twice a year I end up bowling duckpins in CT, and have no problem averaging 130+ for 3 games. I believe that duckpins is the most friendly type of bowling to crossover to from either tenpins or candlepins. You can roll the ball with a tenpin style release and be accurate or you can use a standard candlepin release, provide you can get a comfortable grip on the larger ball.

I got to try rubberband duckpins in Montreal last year, the house was called the Rosebowl and it was a 72 lane house half rubberband ducks and half tenpin. All of the lanes were side by side with no posts interupting the flow across the house. Quite the impressive sight. The reverse hand release is not as easy as the videos on youtube make it seem. It is quite difficult to roll it straight. The other unique thing about the game is that the lanes have a slight bevel to them, sort of like a gutter that has been stretched out.

I was talking to an employee up there about the game and he showed me ho the lane was bevelled. He rolled a ball down at the ten pin at a slow speed, it broke all the way to the other side of the lane to the othe rgutter and it was back to the middle before the ball ran out of lane. As a guess the center of the lane might be an eighth to a quarter on an inch lower than the boards at the gutters.

If you get a chance to try rubberband ducks it is a blast just for the uniqueness of it.

I do not think someone could excel at tenpins and candlepin at the same time, but there is no reason one could not average 170+ in tenpins and carry a 110+ average in candlepins, provided that the candlepin house was realitively easy to score at. As I mentioned earlier mixing either one of those disiplines with duckpins should be an easier crossover.
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#115669 - 01/28/10 08:37 AM Re: Ability to handle more than one type of bowling [Re: Dr. Seuss]
Ryan Lepore

Yes. I remember seeing Kenmore Bowladrome. But I never went in there. But it's gone now. I watched an ad for a duckpin commercial on YouTube that's in West Haven, Connecticut. And someone on this video said if you practice a lot in the small bowl bowling, there might be a chance you can score high in ten pins. But if you do it vice versa, you won't. But I will still try to practice more in candlepins, and duckpins someday. If I do have the money to afford it.


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