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#112155 - 01/04/10 02:01 AM Ok, I am ingnorant - what is a sweeper?
MNsportsfan Offline
Action Bowler

Registered: 10/02/09
Posts: 204
A/S/L: 38/M/Omaha NE
How do these tournaments work. I have not had a chance to participate in one and hear about them in other posts and stuff. How do they work? Thanks!
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#112164 - 01/04/10 07:52 AM Re: Ok, I am ingnorant - what is a sweeper? [Re: MNsportsfan]
mtg712 Offline
Bracket Donor

Registered: 09/04/09
Posts: 157
A/S/L: 23/m/MI
they are small tournaments. usually single elimination (at least where im at) and are scratch.
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#112166 - 01/04/10 08:26 AM Re: Ok, I am ingnorant - what is a sweeper? [Re: mtg712]
Atochabsh Offline
USBC Bronze Coach

Registered: 02/13/01
Posts: 6567
A/S/L: 50/F/California
Like MTG says they are like mini tournaments that only the league can participate in. Sometimes they run at the same time as league championship for the end of the league.

Not all sweepers are scratch. If there is an championship battle, then that is usually in whatever format your league was in. But other players in the league might bowl a 9 pin no tap sweeper while that occures.

Some leagues have their sweeper in special places. Especially if you live by casinos. Here in Sacramento, we are two hours from Nevada. We have sweepers that go to Reno and Carson City, as well as some of the local indian casinos.

Some leagues do a doubles special, where you pay to get into a doubles competition with whoever you want and then bowl. Anyway, sweepers is what USBC calls a "special event" and if its not 9 pin no tap still eligible for awards. Even 9 pin no tap can be given awards if they can be proven by print out that natural scores occured.


#112178 - 01/04/10 12:22 PM Re: Ok, I am ingnorant - what is a sweeper? [Re: Atochabsh]
Joe Bowler Offline
2x Virtual League Champion

Registered: 04/09/09
Posts: 3825
A/S/L: 50s/M/MD
Around here, sweepers are run like pot games, either 1 game at a time where high game wins, or 3 plus game sets where total pinfall wins with no "finals". Multi-day sweepers are sometimes called beat-the-board tournaments.
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#112193 - 01/04/10 01:44 PM Re: Ok, I am ingnorant - what is a sweeper? [Re: Joe Bowler]
Russ I. Offline
Virtual League Champion

Registered: 07/10/08
Posts: 783
A/S/L: 43/m/wis
Our sweepers are at the end of the season in League. If you make your average for the night you get a piece of that money that was taken out through out the season.
Its alittle added bonus.
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#112203 - 01/04/10 02:52 PM Re: Ok, I am ingnorant - what is a sweeper? [Re: Russ I.]
Return of the Train Offline
Junior Master

Registered: 10/11/09
Posts: 32
A/S/L: 31/M/Chesterfield, MI
I've been on both sides of the coin where I used to run a sweeper years ago. Unfortunately, most of them have been killed off in the Detroit area because they are run by idiots that wanted "their crew" to win or they jacked up the entry fee to compete with a larger tournament association and lost their entries that way.

Sadly, I was the victim of the former when I ran a Friday night sweeper with two people that wanted to do about 2% of the work and got 99.9% of the credit. Not to add that it had the worst handicap system I ever heard of, 70% from 200....with no penalty over 200 (I wanted 80% from 215). The good thing that we did was guaranteed the prize fund no matter how few entries we had and things were going well (averaging around 40 entries per week), until one of the geniuses lied to me about starting a 50/50 drawing and that "magically" turned into a drawing that rewarded someone that missed the cut a spot into match play.

The final straw was when one of the buffoons decided to give his buddies a "few extra pins" unbeknownst to me until I did the sheets the next day. Needless to say, I quit at the end of the season. They somehow carried on to the following year, but it folded about a year after it was started because they weren't paying the house any lineage.

But I would still bowl in sweepers as long that it was run by people that have an idea what they're doing. Heck, I would even run another sweeper if I had the chance. But I would do it by myself without any interference.

Sorry about the rant, lol.
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#112218 - 01/04/10 04:27 PM Re: Ok, I am ingnorant - what is a sweeper? [Re: Return of the Train]
RDubYa Offline
USBC Silver Coach

Registered: 12/05/09
Posts: 180
A/S/L: Florida
At the bowling center in my hometown, there was a Sweeper every Friday and Saturday night. These events had nothing to do with league and were open to anyone who wanted to compete.

These events brought in a lot of revenue for the house and it was a venue to test out your competitive talents.

I have bowled in the end of year league events, but where I came from, in the midwest, Sweepers were just mini tournaments.

#112248 - 01/04/10 09:51 PM Re: Ok, I am ingnorant - what is a sweeper? [Re: RDubYa]
JackZ Offline
Pro of the Year Contender

Registered: 09/23/09
Posts: 744
A/S/L: 59/M/Cleveland, Ohio
I bowled sweepers on Sundays for years. I learned a lot, had fun, competed with some darned good bowlers, and made some good friends. All that for a low price:)
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