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#110738 - 12/20/09 09:55 AM Re: Cranker is sick of swimming upstream. [Re: desertdog71]
Dennis Michael Offline
Virtual League Champion

Registered: 12/11/05
Posts: 9738
A/S/L: M/Barrington, Ill
DD, you have some advantages in your game. You get plenty of revs and timing looks good. There some things that you may have to change to get what you are looking for. And, I wonder if they would be of benefit?

First, you are pretty erect through your approach and slide. This will aid your visual targeting and consistency. Deeper knee bend will benefit you from putting additional strain on your knee. But, you may lose sight of your target from a lower eye position.

Second, you move your wrist a lot in the swing. Replay the vids, and you will see your wrist is on the side at the bottom of the backswing, directly behind at the top of the swing, then rotates back to the side in the down swing.

Picture 1 definitely shows your hand behind the ball, while Picture 2 shows early rotation in the down swing. Your advantage is that you are tall and that allows you to lift up through the ball, giving you the revs.

The lower stance would require you to release the ball closer to the floor, keep your fingers behind the ball longer, and compress the turn/lift to just at the release, rather than the early turn.

These are not easy transitions.

My take is if you have had success, and are not in pain, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Picture 1.png

Picture 2.png

Edited by Dennis Michael (12/20/09 10:10 AM)
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#110773 - 12/20/09 05:18 PM Re: Cranker is sick of swimming upstream. [Re: desertdog71]
trekguy Offline
Virtual League Champion

Registered: 11/28/08
Posts: 783
A/S/L: 56/M/Mn
Originally Posted By: desertdog71

I know how to crank the ball, I have been doing it for 25 years. Right now I have a problem that needs to be fixed in my mechanics, and I want to diversify my release options. How can you make a blanket statement about what line to play having never bowled on those lanes, with my equipment on that day? I know how to line up, and find a playable shot, but I want more options. Cranking the ball doesn't work ALL the time.

I too learned how to crank the ball many years ago, when all we had to work with was plastic, rubber, and a little top weight. When I came back to the game a couple of years ago, I got myself a new ball, and discovered that the equipment and lane conditions are not the same as in the old days. My shot was similar to your's... quick feet, low backswing, hit up hard... although my timing was later than your's, and my ball speed was less, with more hook. So, I understand what you're saying, I think. I found that, given a lane condition with decent oil, I could score OK. I averaged 213 last year on an easy condition. But even then, I just didn't think my carry was as good as some of the others, who were rolling an "easier"... ie "fluffier" shot. No fair, I thought! Then, when I would bowl on another day, other than regular league night, on a much drier condition, I completely stunk. Outside? No way. Normal 2nd or 3rd arrow? No way... hook up too hard, and too early. Ramp up the speed? Nope, ramping up the speed just caused me to ramp up the revs, as well. Move way in? Worse yet. Like you, major over/under reaction, and IF I did hit the pocket... 10 pin... every time.

So, I did some reading. Turns out that the old hit-up release doesn't work so well with the new cores and coverstock on the conditions that are out there. When you crank on it, you kinda take the new technology out of the equation. The coverstock will still grab the lane, but the new-fangled cores aren't allowed to work like they can/should.

So, I changed. No more hit-up cranker for me. Now, my shot is a long, smooth swing, with the load/unload wrist snap. It's been a bear to change... so different from before. But, it's coming along pretty good. Carry is better, and there are many more options as far as lines to the pocket, because one you get it down, it's just a matter of increasing or decreasing the amount of axis rotation by a little to get the reaction that you want/need.

Watch some Chris Barnes videos... probably one of the best example to see how it's done.

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#110774 - 12/20/09 05:36 PM Re: Cranker is sick of swimming upstream. [Re: trekguy]
Dennis Michael Offline
Virtual League Champion

Registered: 12/11/05
Posts: 9738
A/S/L: M/Barrington, Ill
trekguy said, "it's just a matter of increasing or decreasing the amount of axis rotation by a little to get the reaction that you want/need."

This is so true, and a difficult thing for older bowlers to change to. Your muscle memory is so ingrained that your arm just doesn't do what you want it to do. I nticed this just this morning at practice. If I released at 25*, I would leave 10 pins. Just a slight change to 30* eliminated it. I was able to see the rotation immediately off my hand and call a 10 pin or a strike.

First time I ever recognized this. But it was hard to repeat as planned.
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