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#6913 - 11/08/05 03:05 PM Your Thoughts
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I posted this question in the bowlers lounge and see now that its more fit in this section.

I'm on a mixed leauge where we have 2 women and 2 men but all the league requires is that you have at least 1 female on the team. We are in our 9th week and I wanted to get peoples thoughts about something that has happened on our league.
The other male on my team lost his job and couldnt afford to bowl with us anymore so he had to drop off the team. He was a 168 bowler and I'm a 198 bowler at this time. The women on my team have 125 and 138 averages. It was left up to me to try to find a replacement for the guy and it didnt matter what the average or [censored] of the person was. The team captain is the 138 female and she asked my thoughts about what we should do. To fully make you understand whats going on I'll have to go back 9 weeks to the beginning of the season.
I had bowled with this same team last year and we finished about midway up the list out of 20 teams. The ladys had decided last year that they wasnt going to bowl the following year (This season) so I showed up looking to sub on the leage regardless. When I walked through the door the league secretary said "Man am I glad to see you and I have just the team for you to join." I told him I wasnt looking to join a team but wanted to sub so that I could get my 20 games in to bowl tournaments. He went on to tell me that my old team was still going to bowl this year but one of the ladys on the team had gotten her husband to bowl in my place. I said that was fine and to give me some time to think about joining the league. While I was going around talking to people the man from my old team came up to me and asked me to bowl. I told him "I thought Bea had gotten her husband to bowl so I was just looking to sub. He said no she was only getting him to bowl because the secratery told her that he couldnt get in touch with you. Come to find out the secretary was wanting me to join his was 3rd high average holder last year and I guess he thought I could help his team win. So I told the secretary I was going to bowl with my old team and I could tell by the look on his face that he didnt like that.
So back to today....As I said the man had to drop off the team so the captain asked what I thought we should do. I told her if she could help me pay the vacant spot by taking turns with me paying the empty spot I would find someone else. In the mean time I would get a sub to take his spot. I am a 200+ bowler and bowl on scratch leagues but this mixed league is just practice for me. I had asked one of my team mates from the scratch league to bowl on my mixed team until I can find someone to fill the spot. Well the night he showed up he shot 757 and with my 6 something we won all 4 games. All through that night the league secretary kept comeing up to me asking if my friend was going to join my team. I kept telling him no that he's just subbing. The secretary went on to tell me that I should take the spot as vacant and use the franchise money to cover the vacant spot because thats what its there for. I told him no that I would pay double each night and use a sub for the rest of the year before I'd do that. The next week I had my friend sub again and this time he shot 735 and I shot 650 and again we won all 4 games. The ladys on my team asked my friend to bowl with us full time and he said he couldnt because he couldnt afford it being that he was already bowling 3 nights a week. Well this past week was a possision round and I asked the secretary if I could have a sub the week before. He said yes that I could because its only the first quarter and wont effect anything. So I had my friend come back out to sub again. This time when I walked in the bowling alley they called a captains meeting. In my heart I knew what it was all about. I had a feeling that people wasnt going to like the fact that I had my friend bowling on my team. I didnt go to the meeting because I wasnt a captain but when the captain came back she asked me to guess what it was about. I told her and she said I was right. They wanted to get a vote on raising the handicap. The handicap was already voted in at the first of the year for 100% of 210. Now they have voted to change it to 100% of 250. My captain was the only one not to raise her hand. The choice was made because of one mans average of 250 and 2 700 weeks. We went on and bowled but I was not happy about the change at all. In fact it got into my head so bad that I didnt bowl as good that night. My friend didnt bowl as good either and we lost all 4 games. I'm not upset about the losing but what I am upset about is that its a handicap league who thinks they can change the handicap through the year to benifit them. This is the way I see it.....My friend is not a 250 bowler but more like a 210 bowler. When they raised the handicap up they gave him 2 pins when he had 0 before the change. Now that he didnt shoot his average the other night his average will drop. Will they call him a sandbagger now and wanna lower the handicap back down? Also could his color have anything to do with it? I say this because there's another man who is white on the league who has his PBA lisence to go PRO and shot 750 the same week my friend shot 757. The same man carrys a 200+ average and has another 200 bowler on his team but they have been losing and are close to the bottom. This same team finished high last year in second spot but nothing was said about that. They made a point in the meeting to call out my friends name and say he's the reason and they feel with him on my team no one will have a chance to win. The league Pres. came up to me that night and asked how we was doing. I said you're about the 5th person in the last 30min to come up and ask that. I told him we was doing poorly and losing. He asked why and I told him we was laying low so that the rest of the league can have a chance. He said "I've been bowling on this league for the last 5 years and my team has won the last 3. If one thing i've learned over that time its not to take any prisoners." I didnt know what that meant but I said "I guess since we beat your winning team 2 weeks ago over 150 pins I can guess you voted to add 40 pins to your handicap." He just walked away. Now I will not bowl on this league next year and thats a fact. This is what I did to fix the problem. I asked my friend if I paid every other week would he join the team and he said "After tonight and I see how they are then yes I'll join the team."
I guess I wanna get some input to see how others feel about this. Does anyone know if this is even leagle to change the handicap up and down to benifit everyone else but my team? The way I see it is like this. Changing the handicap did help the other team last week and they won 4 games. Whats going to happen this week when my friends handicap goes from 2 sticks to 20 sticks and over the next couple weeks it turns into 40 sticks because he's a 210 bowler? I'll tell you.....We'll start winning again and then they'll wanna change the handicap back down to 100% of 210. (Keep in mind we bowled 2 weeks before I got my friend to sub and we was already winning with out him.) When they vote to make the change again they'll be looking for 2 more people on my team because I'll pack up and walk out and my friend will go with me.

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