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#113950 - 01/15/10 09:07 PM Re: New practice video [Re: 10PinGaloot]
JBB817 Offline
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Thanks so much for your comments guys. They've been really helpful and I'm definitely going to work on relaxing my armswing which seems to be the big problem right now.

Originally Posted By: Amateur
To get the swing plane straighter, maybe try pushing away more to the inside than you are now. Good or bad, I can't help but notice that to me it looks like your movement and the way you place the ball into the swing is similar to Sean Rash(up to the first step).

Thanks Amateur, I'll try changing my push away to be a bit further inside to see if that gets my arm over my head instead of behind my back. Also, Rash is good, I think he has a great physical game, maybe not so much mental though. I never really realized until you pointed it out, but I can see the similarity.

Originally Posted By: spectral
i think it looks pretty good. Maybe try and land the ball a bit smoother but apart from that it looks really nice.

i think your style has a bit of fagan in it

Originally Posted By: Vini
yeah I would agree with Spectral about the landing.
If you accept my humble advice.

Spectral and Vini, I do still have a problem with grabbing the ball at the bottom of the swing so that sort of messes with my release. As you can see, some of my shots the ball gets lofted a bit out, and some it drops right down into the ground. Projecting the ball out onto the lane instead of into it is something I need to work on, thanks for picking that out! Now my real goal would be to be as smooth and free as Fagan, haha.

Originally Posted By: sk8shorty01
The biggest thing I noticed is that you are pulling the ball up into the back swing. I can tell because each shot the swing is at a different height even though the balls starting point is the same.

Your game is improving quite rapidly, you look much better than a year ago. Just remember there is always ways to improve and based on what I can see I think your area that would help you improve is in allowing the back swing to swing, not be pulled.

Otherwise some great progress, keep it up!

Thanks for the compliment Sk8, I've been bowling a lot this year at school. Mostly it was for fun, and I picked up a lot of bad habits along the way when I wasn't focusing. So my bowling New Year's resolution is to focus on actually practicing when I go out to practice, instead of just shooting some open games and gaining nothing out of it. I also can tell that I still muscle my armswing, and definitely am going to work on freeing it up. I always can tell when I didn't pull the ball up/down at the top because I have a heart attack that the ball will drop straight down onto my head, haha.

Originally Posted By: SpareMe
Originally Posted By: JBB817
First step is WAY too far right

You mean way too far left, of course.

On both the backswing and the forward swing, the hand should be falling as the ball falls, so that you feel no pressure on the hand (positive or negative) at any point during the swing...

In your case, you might lose a little height, but will gain consistency.

Yeah, woops. It was late when I posted so I wasn't thinking straight. I just always hear about "walking the tightrope" and I sort of walk something more like a giant squiggle... I agree that I need to work on my armswing and free it up some more. I can really tell when I've completely muscled a shot and when I've been closer to a free swing. I just need to keep working towards relaxing my arm.
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